Sherrifs Department Warning About Lost Child or Person on the Road and Rape — HOAX

Did you get the following WARNING on your Facebook page today?  Did one of your MORON facebook friends send this to you or post it to your wall?  Here it is below.sherwarn

Sheriffs Department Warning!
This is from the County Sheriffs Department, please read this message very carefully:
This message is for any lady who goes to work, college or school or even Driving or walking the streets alone. If you find a young person crying on the road, who shows you their address and is asking you to take them to that Address, take that child to the POLICE STATION!!
No matter what you do, DON’T go to that address. This is a new way for gang members (MS13) to rape women. 
Please forward this message to all ladies & guys so that they can inform their sisters & friends and family. Please don’t feel shy to forward this message. Our 1 message may save a life. 
Published by CNN & FOX NEWS (Please circulate).. 

If you got this from a typically moronic Facebook “share” idiot, you should drop that person and yourself from Facebook because this is the kind of stupid bullshit that gets spread around by morons on Facebook.  Why do I sound so angry?  BECAUSE THIS IS NOT TRUE!  IT’S A LIE!  SIMPLETONS ON FACEBOOK spread this dumb shit and you fall for it because you just as dumb as the person who sent it to you.  When is this stupidity going to stop?

“This is another example of the simple-minded face of Facebook,” said Dr. Avooms Statter MD PhD, of the Garside Institute for Social Media Psychology in Copenhagen.

“For years I have worked alongside the Finnish psychiatrist Dr. Tootsie Sherwood, and her work with those of limited mind who are the fasteset growing part of social media.  Of course it took the sub-intellect, or a those with very low intelligence, a few years to catch up with the real computer generation, but when people with IQ’s in the 70 and below range started to get he hang of using a computer, they created a league of their own — and it’s a growing population wherein stories and fables and childlike inspirational memes are spread.

“In this case, the “share” on Facebook warns the innocent victim to be wary of lost children looking for a way back home.  Naturally, in the simple minds of those who share this false story, they see themselves as the lost child.  The project their simple and kindly nature onto a fictional character that has been invented for them by pranksters of high or normal intellect who plant these invented stories on the internet so as to bait the sub-intellect and capture his attention.

“Many people of very low intelligence like to imagine that they are firemen or policemen.   The sales of things like police radios and scanners from Radio Shack are highest amonst those with low IQs, and marketing of these gadgets is targeted at those of limited mind.  In the case of this Facebook “share” the unintelligent Facebooker gets a chance to play Policeman with people on his Facebook account and perhaps beyond.  Of course the story is not true, but it gives the feeble-minded person something about which they can feel important.”

Okay, so this is not to say that you should ignore a lost child, but the best thing to do when you find one is to call the police.  I would venture to think that taking the kid in your car to a police station would be the WRONG thing to do.  Everbody has a cell phone — call the police and stop being a moron and sharing stuff about lost kids setting you up for a rape.

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