Lindsey Piscitell — And Other Undignified New Yorkers Owe Glenn Beck An Apology.

Glenn Beck, love him or hate him, has the right to sit in a city park and watch a movie just like everyone else.  We are supposed to live in a civilized society, but a few assholes and dickturds had to show their, look-at-me-I’m-a-hip-New York-liberal-stupidity,  by heckling Beck while he sat in Bryant Park watching an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps” with his wife Tania and their children.

Before anything happened, this is what the oh-so- sophisticated New Yorker Lindsey Piscitell tweeted to her fellow misfit follwers.  “Fucking #asshole @glennbeck is siting next to me at Bryant park movie night #getthefuckoutofmycity”  — Since Lindsey was this classy, I am going to treat her the same way — I will do what I do best — use foul language where I think it is appropriate. 

According to ASH CAN MAGAZINE, Piscitell’s mini bio reads like  this.   Lindsay (sic) Piscitell is a twenty-something New Yorker/San Franciscan/Nomad who likes to think of herself as a member of the creative underclass. In between panic attacks and espresso-fueled internet benders she likes to write short stories and also sometimes poetry.  — More info provided by  Da Mata

In other words, and in my opinion, she’s a nobody with no talent.  You can take that to the bank.  I read one of her poems about a blue gas light — it was something a 4th  grade kid would write that you find hanging on some grandmother’s refrigerator.

Anyway, before we get back to the aforementioned misfit, Beck, 47, said cinema-goers turned on him during Monday’s screening .” One person, he said, shouted “We hate conservatives here” and another yelled “We’re in New York and we hate Republicans.”   NOTE THE WORD “HATE”

Isn’t that charming?  Isn’t that the sophisticated behavior one expects from a New York crowd of sophisticated film buffs?  You know what that sounds like to me — Manhattan’s version of rednecks.  But it comes as no surprise.  The only difference between a Bumfuck redneck and a New York fuktard, is that the fuktards know how to twitter.  Of course nobody cares — but they do it like crazy.

To top it off, one angry person purposefully kicked a cup of wine onto the back of his wife, Tania,  and others snapped photos of him and his family, said Beck.

He likened the attack to a public lynching.  <— Don’t be a martyr Glenn.  C’mon!

“‘I swear to you, I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there’s tree here. You could just lynch me.’ And I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have,” Beck said on his radio show.

Beck decided against leaving, but said the crowd — “some of the most hateful people” he has ever seen — began to applaud as he exited at the end of the film.

“I have a right to watch a movie and enjoy a movie with my family in the park,” he said.

He certainly does have a right to watch a movie.  Can you imagine a bunch of CONSERVATIVE New Yorkers doing something like that to Keith Olbermann or Bill Maher?  IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!   Maybe in Bumfuck Boondocks where you could understand the lack of sophistication, but in New York???  

I can’t say the word “MISFIT” enough because that’s what they are — misfits.  Ill-bred, ill mannered, childish, stupid, dopey and unsophisticated urban Yahoos.

On his website, Beck wrote that he doesn’t “expect a warm welcome in New York City,” but what bothered him was the “cowardly behavior of the crowd.”

But it wasn’t just cowardly, Glenn.  It was the ill-mannered and spiteful actions of frustrated and unaccomplished kids with delusions of sophistication and childish minds. 

Think of the sprinkling of pseudo-sophisticates in New York who might go to an outdoor screening of a classic film along with normal people — what do you think you’re going to get.  If you don’t know, I will tell you. 

You will get a bunch of well-meaning people who want to enjoy a night out, but you will also get a bunch of NYU and/or hipster types (probably with a 2.2 GPA) who should have been sent to bed without dinner and without getting to watch The Daily Show. You get dummies with no discernible frame of reference outside of The Colbert Report.  You get a bunch of sickening idiots with no social filters all drinking something cheap like Yellow Tail Shiraz — thinking that it’s  a sophisticated wine. 

Ohhhhhhhh how I can just picture the type — the sickening, cloying, dumb misfits with no social awareness — the boorish self-imagined, elite nothings — the wanna-be’s.  

They are nothings who will never be anything. 

These are the idiotic kids who tell you they like to sit down on rainy days and “watch a good old flick” but then they can’t name the actors or the directors or they switch to the cartoon network in five minutes because they don’t know who Charles Boyer is and they can’t watch anything in black and white. 

I know young people like this — trust me.   I have to hang out with a few of them and they make me SICK.

On Beck’s television show, he continued, “You would think there would be some common decency, especially among the culturally superior here in New York.”

WRONG, GLENN!   There is nothing culturally superior about New Yorkers.  In every city you have your decent and well-mannered people and you have your stupid slobs. 

According to one source, Lindsay (sic) Piscitell, was sitting behind the Becks at Bryant Park,  and she shared her version of events with New York Magazine. She said it was his security detail that seemed to be “unnecessarily prickly with the crowd, scolding myself and my friends for acrobatics and other harmless activities taking place well before the movie started.”

Why did you have to do childish acrobatics at a movie screening Lindsey?  Why couldn’t you grow the fuck up and just behave like a dignified lady instead of a reveling carnival freak?   Maybe the security was “prickly because there were a bunch of drunk assholes causing trouble — and you were one of them.  

Maybe you suck as a poet and you suck as a writer so you hate the world?  Maybe you’re a “nomad” because you really don’t belong…. ANYWHERE?

Folks, I just know that I am sooooooooo right about this that it’s killing me.

As for the wine?

“It was my friend that spilled the glass of wine,” said Piscitell, adding apologies were immediately made. “And I can assure you that it was a complete accident. A happy one, to be sure, but nonetheless a complete and utter accident”

With that last “happy accident”  Lindsey revealed, in my opinion, that the wine tossing was not an accident.  The mere fact that she had to get that little dig into her quote, proves to me that Lindsay Piscitell is a misfit and there was probably too much cheap Yellow Tail wine, no brains or manners, and very little dignity  — and ZERO class.  ZERO.

On behalf of all New Yorkers I believe that Lindsey Piscitell and any other ill-bred moron who behaved like a pirate on a rum binge, owes Glenn Beck and his family, a public apology.  New York overall owes Glenn beck an apology. 

Today Lindsey might be a hero to her “its cool to fuck over Glenn Beck” friends who don’t have a clue about anything but their iPhone.   But tomorrow, and for years to come, those hecklers will have to live with the misfit gene that they carry.  It never goes away.  It will hold them back for the rest of their lives.  They will mock me and my blog of course,  but that will not change anything about them.  They will be misfits for the rest of their lives.   That makes me happy — and I hope that someday I can twitter this —   “Fucking   @Lindsey Piscitell #asshole is siting next to me at Bryant park movie night #getthefuckoutofmycity” 

76 thoughts on “Lindsey Piscitell — And Other Undignified New Yorkers Owe Glenn Beck An Apology.

  1. Thank you for posting such a thoughtful reply. Lindsey Piscitell and her type are a menace to a free but respectful society.

  2. It’s clear that the wine spill was no accident. It’s equally clear that this woman and her friends have no class, no manners, no decency.

    I would like to know why they didn’t just move. Once her group identified Glenn Beck and his family sitting in front of them, why didn’t they just move? He was obviously there first. Oh wait, I answered that question already…this woman and her friends have no class, no manners, no decency.

  3. Stumbled across this and have to say –it was the best thing I read on this topic. You have talent and you put it to good use. Didn’t see your final line coming from a mile away and it gave me goosebumps! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you, Summerblue. I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you especially for taking the time to comment.


  5. Hey,

    It’s Glenn. I must say that NOBODY deserves to be treated the way I did, so I must announce that I am retiring from media, as I have invited nothing but hate and vitriol toward myself and my family thanks to my television show which is filled with hate and vitriol of its own. I guess what they say is true, “treat others the way you expect to be treated.” I guess I shouldn’t have treated my viewers as if they only have a third-grade reading level and I wouldn’t have gotten harassed in a public venue.

  6. Folks, this fake “Glenn Beck” typifies the letters I get from misfits. Read fake Glenn’s letter carefully and note that it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s delusional.


  7. Very well said. Despite what people think of Glenn Beck (I happen to like him), there is no reason for this type of behavior…and they say Jersey Girls are bad…HA….I have more class in my pinky then this insignificant person has in her entire “elite” body!.

  8. Debbie — you hit the nail on the head. No disrespect to you or all Jersey girls no matter what State they call home, but even Snooki on an all-day bender would know to have more manners than this menace. You do have more class in your pinky — and you know why — because you are aware of bad behavior. They say that’s the sign.


  9. Anyone who can publish the above rant about “civilized” without realizing they are doing the same thing they are decrying has an almost comical lack of self-awareness.

    “Ohhhhhhhh how I can just picture the type — the sickening, cloying, dumb misfits with no social awareness — the boorish elite nothings — the wanna-be’s. The nothings who will never be anything.”

    Really? Should you really be pointing fingers?

  10. Fake Glenn has obviously never watched real Glenn’s TV program. Fake Glenn relies on biased, second hand information for his opinion, although I bet the second hand information also comes second hand … third hand? … from someone who has also never watched Glenn’s TV program and that information came second … third … fourth hand ….? Well, you get the drift. Libertards, look around you. Are you standing in a room full of useful idiots? (hint, that would be you and your friends). Look it up. See what it means.

  11. Yes, Ann — Fake Glenn is too busy pretending to read The Finacial Times and drinking an apple-tini — like I said, a misfit.


  12. You people are insane Haters. You probably won’t even post this like on Darj.exspress.but here goes-this is a made up story to plug Glenns new gig.Lemmings! The pictures tell the truth, nothing happened.Faux isn’t even covering this.So let us all attack the cute, happy young girl.We true Americans!We love our ignorant ,hate spewing liar and will attack and harass anyone who tells it like it really is.

  13. Hey, John — it’s my opinion — and you’re not a psychiatrist. Trust me, I am a little too self aware. Now, if you want to analyze people, you’ll need 4 years of college, four years of med school, two to three years of internship, an indeterminate amount of years doing a residency in psychiatry — and you can’t drink any Yellow Tail wine throughout that whole span of time — self aware — what an idiot!

  14. Damien, I totally agree with you about the fact that this woman and her friends have now published this wonderful account of how they conduct themselves in public. And the fun part? Well, that comes when they actually try to apply for a serious job. It’s funny how those H.R./Personnel people have learned to use Twitter, Facebook and Google to check out potential employees. Just imagine how eager banks, think tanks, or major corporations will be to hire someone who could possible bring all this great attention to their company. Negative attention, but attention all the same.

  15. The comment from Alex is so dumb that I almost didn’t respond to it. The “Cute happy young girl,” is an ill-mannered sound-bite grub. Also, I am a French speaking person and I often wonder if people who love to use the “faux news” thing realize that the x in faux is silent — ergo it sounds like “foe” — it means fake. But when you say it aloud, it’s “Foe News — there’s no joke there. I think that a lot of people think it’s pronounced “Fawks News” — that would be the level of suspected dumbness. Also I DETEST the word “haters” — ooooooooooh how I hate that word! Lastly — you don’t know what my politics might be, do you? I could be a screaming liberal but still I am infuriated by dumb rugrats like that troupe who did do what Beck said they did — it happened — face it. Now go home and watch The Daily Show and believe that Jon Stewart’s writers are selling you real news. SUCKER!

  16. I love when liberals say that conservatives spout hate. They do not. They spout their opinions about the injustices of the present administration but they do not spout hate. Well, maybe Ann Coulter does, but I have listened to Beck for many hours and he does not hate. He is a Christian with a good heart who was out with his wife and DAUGHTER. So these 20 something punks enjoyed terrorizing a man out with his family? Disgusting. And stupid.. Lindsey didn’t think Beck would figure this all out about her? Stupid girl.

  17. Yes, Taquoshi, when no talent and terminally unqualified-to-do-anything Lindsey, sits down for a REAL job interview, the PD conducting the interview will tweet to the CIO — ”Fucking #asshole@Lindsey Piscitell is siting at my desk tryingto get a job. So I’m gonna tell her to #getthefuckoutofmyoffice“


  18. ALH — being a good Christian is a bad thing in our current culture of stupidity and bad manners. You know, I am no great conservative, but I abhor bad manners. I did not vote for President Obama, but I respect him as my President and I would be honored to meet him. I would never say anything to insult or deride him in public or in private. That’s why I have manners and that’s why I look down on people who don’t. Actually, it’s more like I can’t understand the concept of bad manners unless I’m in a 1st grade classroom of Hun children. As far as Ann Coulter goes, I think she is a deep thinker — she is so much more slick and glib and knowing than her liberal counterparts. I have NEVER seen her slip up. You don’t have to be a conservative to notice those qualities.

    thank you for your comment, ALH —

  19. Well, at least it was only wine, which can be washed out, and not something more dangerous and fatal, which for people like Mr. Beck feel she has every right to carry on her person.

  20. To Mary,

    I would most respectfully like to point out since Ms. Piscitell is clearly anti-Beck, she would not be very likely to be carrying a Saturday night special. New York City is one of the toughest areas to get a gun permit.

    However, that does not mean she wouldn’t stoop to violence, particularly as one of the screen grabbed tweets suggested that Mr. Beck be “kicked in the mouth”. At that point, it would be assault and battery. And after the police found the tweets, they would probably add, “with intent to harm.” That would result in some time in New York’s finest accommodations for those who break the law.

    Those of us who do have concealed carry permits know that we never, EVER want to have a sight picture of a living, breathing human being unless it is a kill or be killed situation. There are no “do overs” once the trigger has been squeezed.

  21. Love your commentary!
    How can some of these fools question the validity when the proof is in the package! Her tweets are a ridiculous point to her guilt.
    This girl obviously lacks intelligence. What kills me is that Glenn has not done anything to any of them. So he has fans (me included in the happy bunch) and he is ‘controversial’….so what? Big deal! To me the effort to close mouth by his opposition makes what he has to say all the more riveting.
    God bless Glenn, and we’ll pray for the rest, too. It will be us holding those faux intellectuals together when it all comes crumbling down.

  22. I feel VERY sad and SORRY for this misguided female who is most likely on the receiving end of all who work to give her free help, guidence, assistance, housing, food, and medical help, however it has become very obvious she will need mental assistance as she does not demonstrate the ability to be caring, conciderate or moral for ANYONE other than her own desires, PLEASE keep a watch on this rouge female who will go further to hurt, damage, or kill anyone who is not like her, I pray for her and her future victims, I pray they survive. GOD bless all who do the right thing and GOD bless LINDSAY Pisctitell — And Other Undignified New Yorkers YOU Owe Glenn Beck, his family and good New Yorkers An Apology.

  23. ….I only listed one of her tweets — you should have seen the others before she yanked the account offline. She tweeted The Daily Show that she had spilled wine on Glenn Beck and did they think that would make her famous? She’s a NOTHING. An ill-mannered, no-talent, grubby, mooching, NOBODY!

  24. Dan, she’s a dolt. She’s a nothing. She is what Victor Frankenstein would have created had he had a Blackberry — she hates the world because she’s a frustrated and failed artiste — in a few years she’ll hit Los Angeles and try her gig there — when the apple-tini crowd starts to shun her — when they’re tired of picking up the check for the poet.


  25. There is something to be said about a “Liberal Dictatorship”. You either think like us or you are the enemy….

    Sad but scary true!

  26. How freakin backwards are these hippies? They think disgusting perverts like Anthony Weiner are great and attack decent people and their families. Way to hang tough G.B.!

  27. Can you really not tell the difference between your anger and Lindsey’s? Two sides of the same coin. Zero difference. You are making rude fun of yourself, and you don’t even get the joke. And that’s the “self aware” issue.

    Finally, what in your collective heads here allows you to think that when you call liberals names (read above for plenty) it is OK, but when a liberal calls someone you identify with a name they are rude? What about this Damien piece isn’t just a rude bunch of writing and name calling, EXACTLY like what it says it is trying to speak out against? Can you really not see it? Are people so entrenched in their self-absorbed sides of the argument that they can’t even see incivility when it’s on “their” side?

  28. Howdy,
    I’m just a dumb ol trucker. I gave up haulin food to New York, The Rotten Apple, 20 years ago because of the hatreds, prejudice and rudeness of the natives.
    All this reminds me of what my dad told me 50 years ago, “Mr Webster made a mistake when he defined a city as a ‘center of civilization’, I can’t imagine anything more uncivilized than a city.”
    Y’all take care in that wilderness called New York, I’ll stay out here in redneck country where folks get along.

  29. John, yes people are as you can clearly see and we are stuck where we are. Like the old saying stick and stones… the only difference here is that people went and took the next step bullying.

    When you infringe on someone’s very right to enjoy a good time in the park – this is where you draw the line.

    Things went beyond name calling.

  30. Being a native NYer, what happened to Beck and his family made me sick, I kept thinking about the pigs who come here and ruin this city pretending to be the NY elite artists. Yeah, right, elite. Not ever as they play act as artists. That said, I read this article 3 times, and it was so good and you totally nailed it. Thank you for your voice of sanity and class

  31. Great article Damien. I don’t know why, but I was stunned by the incident. This sort of behavior is never acceptable, but I’ve come to expect it from such people. While they constantly scream for ‘tolerance,’ and ‘respect,’ never do they show either of those things to anyone that disagrees with them on any issue.

    And then they toss words such as xenophobe, racist, hater, etc., as if to say, ‘I’m right, you’re wrong because I just labeled you with such a word, and that somehow makes it official and permits them to kick a glass of wine on you, or worse sometimes.

    I think Glenn should be saluted for not pressing charges against the wine thrower, because that isn’t free speech, that’s assault and battery.

    Interestingly enough, they attack a man like Glenn Beck, and he is one of the few voices of reason that is trying to save our freedoms on a daily basis by virtue of exposing the attacks against those freedoms. Stay strong Glenn, and God bless you.

  32. Sanity AND class? I am humbled, JeAni, but do I deserve such praise? Hey, you know what? I do 🙂

    thank you

  33. Thank you, David APP

    You hit the nail on the head. In my mind I am putting together a picture of Lindsey and her gang and what I am seeing is a bunch of kids saying, “Look at us! Watch us misbehave!”

  34. This chick is an idiot and has delusions of grandeur. Did she really believe people would fall for her innocent little explanation of what went down.. including the wine spill?

    Hey Lindsay… try googling your name now. Good luck finding a job.. cause the only place you’re going to be is on unemployment line.

    Get back to your Panic Attacks and writing that poetry of yours…

  35. This JeAni must be drinking too much cheap Yellow Tail or else she has been abducted by Bigfoot — NOTE TO MY READERS. If you are invited to dinner, never bring a bottle of Yellow Tail — it’s junk and most people know it. It’s not even good for barbecues.


  36. Damien,

    Truly loved your essay. You have heart, and it’s obviously in the right place. Thanks so much for sticking up for someone who has been wronged.

    I worry that the attacks on Palin and Bachman, following years of Natzi-posters of Bush, and then Madison and now this all point to the fact that the left is growing emboldened about dehumanizing us conservatives. Like, “they’re not like us, so do what you want to them.” I don’t believe Obama has helped, because he seems to make it okay to make fun of conservatives, but that’s just IMHO.

    If you could do me one tiny favor: Could you kind of watch the remarks about rednecks and Arkansas? I live, by choice, in Joplin, MO, just above the Arkansas state line. (You may have heard of Joplin — we’ve been in the news lately.) And I just want to say that the people in this part of the country are smart, educated, and kind, even the left insults us constantly. I know you were just joking, but if you could not make jokes about us heartland people, it’d be cool.

    Thanks again for your great essay. Hope everybody discovers your fine blog now. I know I’ll be back. Jen

  37. Damien,
    Just got a link to your blog and wanted you to know I enjoyed this article! You are right, that person showed how classless she and her friends are, and actually lied after bragging online what they had done to Glenn and his family.

  38. Lindsey Piscetell says she is ONLY intolerant of intolerance! Apparently, to many contemporary “Liberals”, anyone with ideas/value different from their own is a hateful bigot and therefore not deserving of civility. Of course they are more than happy to show tolerance towards people with whom they agree. Nice trick, isn’t it?

  39. Damien, thank you for an awesome response… Good points, enrix…I can only imagine the reception Lindsey would have given me, a black woman, wearing a t-shirt with a conservative message if I sat in that park next to her. The Bryant Park incident was bullying, with the added insult of denial by the perpetrator and silent approval from the people nearby who could have said something and chose not to do so. What’s that quote — something about all that is needed for evil to flourish…? Were there any good people in that crowd? I’m working very hard to take Glenn’s message of love to heart.

  40. sorry enirx, didn’t mean to misspell your name!
    just wanted to add that I guess Glenn’s message of love really has softened my heart; I’m actually feeling a bit sad for Miss P.

  41. I should have clarified about the redneck thing. I didn’t mean that people from Arkansas are rednecks, but rather that your average run of the mill person, not a oh-so-high and mighty New Yorker, would assume that a person from the sticks would behave that way. In other words, Lindsey, in her imaginary ellite world, is really the hillbilly of lore. My apologies.


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