Jeff Conaway Dead — Why Did Dr. Drew Pinsky Tell Two Stories?

Okay — TV  and motion picture actor Jeff  Conaway was treated for drug addiction on TV by a doctor named Drew Pinsky. 

Dr. Pinsky seems to be a little screwed up in the head –especially when reporting on the condition of his TV patient Jeff Conaway after he paid a visit to the comatose actor at the hospital in Encino, California.  He said one thing before Jeff died and now he’s saying somthing completely different after the 60 year-old actor’s death from a drug overdose.

Dr. Pinsky, who previously tried to help Conaway– while also gaining  TV fame for himself — fight addictions to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol on “Celebrity Rehab”  visited the ailing 60-year-old actor Friday evening.

“Just visited Jeff Conaway,” he tweeted.  “He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia. Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead.”  <——This was either a total lie or this guy is the dumbest and lying-est doctor on the face of the earth.  I can’t give him any credibility because he sold out to be “TV famous” and as soon as a doctor does that I dismiss them.  Same goes for Dr. “Facelift” Steven Feder who hawks that stupid junk face cream Stem Cell Therapy — a total rip-off that has nothing to do with stem cells.  Also, Deepak Chopra is an idiot who does more harm than good — he’s a circus barker who managed to get famous with a book that makes no sense whatsoever.   Anyway…..

Pinsky clarified previous reports that Conaway was in a coma, saying that the actor is in an induced coma on a propofol drip. UNTRUE!

We now know that Jeff Conaway arrived at the hospital ALREADY IN A COMA FROM DRUGS!

Okay, so now the guy is dead and the wanna-be TV star Dr. Drew Pinsky again puts his ugly “Hollywood makeover”  mug in front of the cameras and says this:

“Jeff was a severe, severe opiate addict with chronic pain, one of the most serious and dangerous combination of problems you could possibly interact with, and one I see all the time,” said Pinsky. He continued, “and we live in a time when opioids and opiate pain medication is so available and so readily passed out that for somebody like Jeff, who was a severe drug addict, he never seemed to be able to get away from it. The pain seemed to keep motivating him back to the opiates and I told him for years that it was going to kill him.”

Pinsky explained, “I just want people to remember opiate addiction is a deadly disease. It kills people all the time. We are dealing with a fatal illness, more likely to kill you than the vast, vast, vast majority of cancers. That is the fact, and I have lost a patient today. And frankly I’m sick of it, I’m tired of it, it makes me angry almost more than anything else.” < — What really makes Dr, Pinsky mad is that one of his TV patients died of a drug overdose after he made an official statement that Conaway DID NOT overdose but was being treated for pneumonia.  Note that there is no mention of pneumonia or drug-induced coma in the after-death comments.  I am not buying the “chronic pain” thing either. 

My next question would be, “Where did Jeff get all the prescriptions for these narcotic painkillers?”

Mark my words — whenever a doctor goes on TV as an on-air doctor, it usually means they are hawking some cockamamie product or some diet or some other useless crap.  A REAL doctor gets real satisfaction from helping real people in real situations.  If this guy wanted to be a TV star he should have gone to acting school and passed on the medical school thing.    SOMETHING IS FISHY ABOUT ALL OF THIS!!!!!

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