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A Yale Diploma is Now Worthless – CEO’s Don’t Want Yale Graduates.

yale2“You see students protesting about something, but the vast majority of them have no idea what they’re protesting.  They don’t understand the meaning of free speech.  They’re babies who climbed out of a high chair and are throwing their spaghetti at the wall.  

“Somebody told them about a letter from someone named Christakis and they start hooting and hollering like drunk hullbillies.  The truth is that even the dumbest hillbillies have more sense than these stupid brats who want nothing more than Facebook likes and Twitter retweets.  They want a day off to celebrate their sub-mediocrity.   They’re idiots being circled by vultures  of lifetime non-achievement.    Sadly, they’re parents and a lot of old-money scholarships are paying a whole lot of money to give them the opportunity to show just how idiotic and stupid they really are. ”  [Damien LeGallienne – 11.12.2015]

NEW HAVEN, CT:  If you think your Ivy League degree from Yale will be your exclusive ticket to a job in the upper echelons of the financial or business world – think again.    Many of the the top firms are watching what’s been going on with radical students at Yale, and they don’t like what they see.

As recently as this morning – 11/12/2105 – three top banking institutions and nearly a dozen Wall Street legal and financial firms have devalued the worth of a Yale diploma.  What was once a valuable sheepskin is now a detriment.   Today’s job climate changes as fast as the wind direction and it seems like the people who hire other people don’t like to hire anyone who might annoy them.

“I think we’re seeing the sudden and drastic fall of Yale as a highly valued institute of higher learning.  The prestige of attending that University has been greatly diminished  — and it happened virtually overnight,”  said Dr. Dineesh Patel, an expert in Human Resource Development and a Hiring Consultant for many of the Forbes 500 companies.

It is  Dr. Patel’s opinion that a Yale degree has suddenly lost it’s luster at a delicate time where Millennials and the subsequent generation will be vigorously competing for the top entry level positions at the major companies.

yale1Dr. Patel contends that most of the top 500 industries traded in the USA and Europe, actually watch what’s happening at Yale and that social media makes it very hard for “troublesome” individuals to hide from the people who hire them in the future.  In other words, if you’re looking for a job, keep your face and opinions off of social media and don’t boast about your Yale degree.  It’s not worth all that much now.

“We’re seeing a lot of activism, but none of it is rooted in why a person values a Yale education.  That is to say, none of the unrest at Yale can be traced to any academic or scholarly efforts.  It’s viewed by high ranking executives as childish and somewhat violent behavior rooted in nothing more than the desire to do less, accomplish less and to be less.  It’s a pretend game of calling out racism where, if it does exist,  does not have an influence on anyone’s academic achievement.   Nobody will want to hire these students.  

“In plain English, nobody wants to invest in a troublemaker.  It sounds rather basic and unsophisticated, but a Yale diploma used to be a VIP card.  In the past week it’s been reduced to nothing because people at the top — executives in their 40s and 50s – who are already sick of Millennial behavior, don’t need much of a push to deny them access to their world for any reason.  

“The people in power today did not protest on campus in the 1980s.  That kind of thing was rare.  Older executives who went to college in the 1960s and 70s tend to be the ones who didn’t involve themselves in sit-ins and love-ins and drugs.  They studied and achieved.   It’s actually very basic.  The more scholarly you act and achieve in college, the more successful you are likely to become.   Having been a good and solid student and looking for a job after college is like having a posh British accent and looking for work in a Shakespearean theater company.   You’re going to be taken seriously.

“It sounds Orwellian but, names and faces are remembered.  Every top company has someone who monitors social media, and every day a lot of young students are denied an entry level job or summer internship at a law firm or banking firm simply because their name pops up on a poorly privatized Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account wherein they say something that annoys people who work in the higher tiers of the business world.   Sometimes a student’s name appears amid something troublesome  by doing an ordinary Google search.   You’d be surprised how many applications and resumes get tossed in the shredder because they don’t make it past that very first vetting process.  In the world of hiring and firing, having been a troublemaker on campus, regardless of your grades or the quality of the school, is almost as bad as having a criminal record. 

“And it doesn’t even have to come down to the corporate vetting process or any hiring mode  of that nature.  Sometimes it’s just a sweeping exclusion.   Sometimes an entire school gets the proverbial scarlet letter.

“Yale graduates are being heavily targeted now.  In fact, I got a phone call today from a well-known CEO who told me in no uncertain terms that he would not consider ANY candidates or interns from Yale. They are not being considered for employment at his company if their resumes happen to cross my desk.   It’s a terrible thing.  I might pass them on to other employers, but Human Resource trends are pretty much solid barometers.  If one top firm  doesn’t want you, the odds are that nobody who really matters does either. 

“We’re talking about big money people who are prepared to invest perhaps millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours into one young person’s burgeoning career.   They’re not going to waste it on somebody who shows poor judgement and  trouble-making or trouble seeking behavior.   It wouldn’t make sense.

“Simply put, nobody in the world of big business wants to hire a rebel without a cause.    Yale has been demoted by just about every CEO with whom I do business.   It’s no longer a prestigious place.  It’s not the only school in the cross hairs of top firms right now, but the prestige of Yale has dropped so, so low, and so quickly, that it’s hard to imagine anyone from that school being considered over equally qualified candidates who attended less prestigious schools.  The old guard has fallen.  Business is business I guess.  That’s the message I have been getting loud and clear.”

Identity Of Man Who Stole Penguins Puck From Child REVEALED.

kid8-year-old Tray Dobson couldn’t have been happier.    He had just had dinner at his favorite pizza parlor — Cheese Geyser  — with his family and the rest of his evening would be spent at a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game.  It doesn’t get any better than that….or does it?

kid1During the game, the former Penguin coach, Dan Bylsma reached up over the glass to toss the young lad a puck.   No sooner had the puck floated towards Tray’s open hand, when a fat and sloppy slob jumped up from his seat and stole the puck from the little boy.

More pics of theft here — Dave’s  Conversation with Hockey thief,

This kind of thing has happened before.  A lesbian psychologist from Quebec stole a baseball that was thrown to a little girl and some big gorilla pushed an older woman like a rag doll to get a home run ball from the bleachers.   What is going on with people?

kid2The newest BAD GUY in the world or puck-baseball stealers is a local guy named Leif Bakkenstern,  who was somehow able to quickly  jostle his 52-inch waist and overhanging stomach out of his seat, reach out and steal the puck before the excited child had a chance to even reach for it.

Luckily, little Tray was rewarded with TWO game pucks and a genuine team jersey.   The guy who stole the puck was treated to a toss from the arena.  It seems that the crowd got more and more hostile with him and officials thought it would be a good idea that he be asked to leave.

“They asked me to leave because I was a disturbance in the game.  Can you believe that,” asked the puck stealing and bald-headed Leif Bakkenstern as he headed for his car followed by security officials from the arena.

In spite of the security guards telling him to shut up and drive away, the tub of lard continued his rant which was recorded by Dave Mattea who has more of this rant in its entirety on his website —> Dave’s  Conversation with Hockey thief,

“I reached out and grabbed a puck and now I am a monster.  What do you do when you see a puck or a baseball coming in your direction?  You reach out and grab it.   That’s what I did and I am not sorry I did it.   Now they’re making a hero out of that little brat.  Why should he get stuff handed to him just because he’s a kid?  When I was a kid I got shit.  My father worked as a nightwatchman at a brewery and we never had anything.  I picked up a hockey puck at a department store once when I was a kid and my father slapped it out of my hand. But  we are good solid citizens who have spent a whole lot of money on hockey tickets.  What has this little kid really contributed to society?  Can you answer that?”  

Leif Bakkenstern lives only 2 miles from the arena and has been going there for years.

“I go these games…hundreds of them  Let’s see those security guards add up how much money I spent on tickets, and that’ not counting the hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers and pizza and french fries and the occasional beer that I spend my money on there.   This kid, who does nothing but go to school I guess,  thinks he deserves a puck more than I do?  The team thinks that he is so so so special that he gets all these gifts and I get nothing?  Come on, be serious will ya!  I bet if he was in a wheelchair or retarded or something he would get a new car and lifetime box seats.  That’s what’s wrong with this country.  Everybody has some kind of affliction and they get special treatment, but what was this kid’s affliction?  He’s just a dopey kid.  Jesus H. Christ!”

Spokesman for the hockey team or the commission had no comment and it is not know if Brakkenstern has been suspended or banned from the arena.

Nancy Sinatra – Political Moron – in Planned Parenthood Twitter War.

Her boots may have been for walkin’, but her brain just seems to lie around and do nothing.   She’s a political moron of the highest order and she’s not afraid to let the world know it.   In social media – mostly twitter — Nancy Sinatra is the queen of the geriatric sub-mediocrities, and she’s managed to do it all with no discernible talent.  [Damien LeGallienne, 30, September, 2015]

nancySometimes people are famous because they have talent, and sometimes they’re famous because they’ve done something noteworthy or important.

As far as Hollywood goes, however, far too many people are sort of famous for being the lackluster spawn of someone who is or was really famous for a real reason.  These pitiful creatures have zero to near zero talent of their own, but they’ve been dipped in show biz sauce for so long that they’ve  acquired a coating of fame-by-association.

These DNA-entitled nobodies are handed a little  plastic surgery, a few acting roles, a record contract or a book deal – all in spite of the fact that there is no THERE there.  They have no talent.  They were born on third base but they think they hit a triple.

The moment they were born, about a thousand other talented kids lost any shot at fame.   The DNA-entitled no talents inherited the open slot.

These Double Helix squatters have, however,  been gifted with one true talent — they own the rights to  someone else’s notable DNA.  They are squatting merrily in a humanoid mansion wrought from someone else’s genetic material.

Take for example an absolute nowhere like Kelly Osbourne.

Who is she?  What are her talents?  ——— yawn —– I just drifted off for a minute trying to figure out why Kelly Osbourne is famous.   I mean,  I know for a fact that she is Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, and  for a moment I almost gave her a hall pass.  I actually tried to figure out her talent –assuming for a second that she had one.   Sadly, I came up empty.

Kelly Osbourne, mauve hair and all, is  totally untalented.   Her father tossed her the bone.    Actually,  he tossed the bone to his equally untalented wife Sharon who in turn passed it on to Kelly.    Where ya gonna go now that Joan is dead, Kelly?    Good luck with whatever because your bone  got buried with Joan Rivers.

At this point it would be too easy to pick on Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers for being in the same league as Kelly Osbourne, but I actually like Melissa Rivers.    She showed a LOT of class when her mother died and for that alone she gets a pass.  She’s a bright girl, and on the business end of the limelight she’ll probably do very well.  I hope she does…but I digress.

Recently, thanks to the luck of the DNA draw,  we got to learn all about some don’tI-look-slutty-nobody named Paris Jackson.

Paris is making herself famous by letting the world know that she is Michael Jackson’s daughter.   Who gives a shit?  She sure doesn’t look like she could be Michael Jackson’s daughter to me, and even if she is, I don’t care.

This Paris Jackson heap of nothingness is the speed bump in my DNA theory, but I assume that Los Angeles County recognizes Paris Jackson as being the actual daughter of Michael Jackson, and that’s good enough for me.

Paris Jackson is the very lucky product — or not so lucky for people like Bobbi Christina — of an egg and sperm which came together to create yet another ho-hum organism.   It’s been done — about a trillion billion times.

Sometimes you mate a sperm and egg and you get a sea sponge and sometimes you get a human being.

Social media – TWITTER – is the place where a lot of not-so-notable sea sponges like to go and wring out their wet  nothingness to their FOLLOWERS — and let’s face it — that’s what they are — FOLLOWERS….not leaders.

Sub-mediocrities like Nancy Sinatra, Rosie, Ellen Barkin, Mia Farrow and a whole lot of other political morons run to Twitter so they can spread  their SEA SPONGE stupidity.

Just a quick thought:   It pains me to say nasty things about Mia Farrow because she is actually talented – more talented than her own mother, actress  Maureen O’Sullivan —  but there’s something weird going on with her and her untalented son Ronan and  the whole Sinatra clan.  Ronan Farrow, by the way, is a double scoop-sub-mediocrity who is gaining sea sponge fame with three sets of DNA –two that are seemingly certified and one that is rumored.

So all these sperms and eggs floating around on the sea and on the land but 99,9% of them come together to make mostly plankton or ants or termites….or sea sponges.

Sometimes nature throws us a curve ball and we  get an actual human being who might just as well be a sea sponge….take Nancy Sinatra for example.

The nicest thing I can say about Nancy is that she is the highest variety of sea sponge.   She is the ShamWow of sub-mediocrity.

A lot of ordinary sponges and human invertebrates with run-of-the-mill DNA seem to care what sea sponges have to say and Nancy Sinatra ranks very high on the sponge roster.

She has a lot to say, and just about all of it is stupid and silly and uneducated and  dumb.   But then again, the mission of this blog is to expose stupidity and dumbness wherever it make occur, and if you enter into Nancy Sinatra’s orbit – on Twitter mostly —  the dumbness is incredible.   It’s a red giant of stupidity.   I know sea sponges and sea anemones  and sea cucumbers who think that Nancy Sinatra is a moron.

This week – and I am certain there will be others in the future – Nancy Sinatra is the  patron saint of borrowed DNA sub-mediocrity.

She reigns high and mighty in the world of the social media morons.   She is the current reigning Queen of the Twitter sub-mediocrities.   Yes, daddy’s little sea sponge has out-dumbed herself.

NOTE:  Please do not allow my flowery and self-important verbosity cause you to forget that Nancy Sinatra has, in my opinion, absolutely no talent.  

Nancy Sinatra, because she’s old and washed up and has already had the kids she wanted, takes to social media and vehemently defends a woman’s right to choose <—that’s the euphemism for pro-abortion.

Nancy-sub-mediocrity-Sinatra  is worried that Planned Parenthood might get de-funded by political people she pretends she doesn’t like because she needs to desperately to stay relevant in Hollywood and she needs to follow in the footsteps of her very high brow grandmother.

It’s been written that Nancy’s grandmother (Dolly Sinatra) was a midwife and a back alley abortionist who earned the nickname “Hatpin Dolly” for her incredible skills at scraping useless shit (human babies) off of uterine walls.

This is the stuff Nancy Sinatra is made of.

According to the Daily Mail:  –  Dolly Sinatra was…a midwife and an abortionist, for which ­illegal activity she got the ­nickname ­Hatpin Dolly and a ­criminal record.  

More from the Daily Mail:  Dolly’s skill with ­Italian dialects and her fluency in English led to her to become a facilitator for new ­immigrants ­trying to get ­citizenship papers.  This work brought her to the ­attention of local Democratic Party politicians. Impressed by the force of her personality, they saw her as a ­natural leader in the community.  Soon she was getting out votes and campaigning for causes, all the while roaming the streets with her black midwife’s bag.

Nancy must be very proud of her grandma.   My grandmother didn’t know how to do abortions.  She only made cookies and hot chocolate for me.    Why couldn’t I have a crooked grandma?

Anyway, Dolly hit a California mountain at 500 miles per hour while traveling in a chartered jet back in 1977 – and that was the end of her at age 82.

Karma fetuses are nasty sons of bitches, aren’t they?

So, yesterday, some guy who calls himself, @TheRightWingM tweeted something that Hatpin Dolly’s granddaughter didn’t like so she BLOCKED him. She blocked him because she didn’t have an answer.  She didn’t have an educated answer because she is a moron.

You will kindly note that Sandra Bernhard got dragged into this — she’s the lowest of the low.  I don’t have enough talent as a writer to describe why she is the lowest, but I know she’s low.

So here is how it went.   Kudos to @TheRightWingM

  1. . I guess these boots weren’t made for walking?

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  2. . Start spreading the news…. We’ll make a brand new start of it. Abort… Abort…

  3. . question D-List celebs about their blind support of

    D-list celebs blindly without watching videos & are clueless to what PP even does