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Free Your Mind and Think Facebook page is mentally sick – You brought Bibles but no food? HATRED!

There is yet another one of those hatefully captioned photos spreading around Facebook.  This time it’s being spread by the psychotic losers over at the Free Your Mind and Think page — they are truly sick people. Of course it is spread by hateful people — mostly athiests if you want to know the truth — and it depicts an impoverished third world child and what appears to be a lighter-skinned, more Western-World looking woman. It might be the most disgusting of

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Why don’t today’s kids know anything about history? Twittering teens are morons.

On Sunday, a few hours after he was found dead in his California swimming pool at age 47, Rodney King—a central figure in the 1992 Los Angeles riots—began trending on Twitter. News of King’s death was quickly followed by a related, if disturbing, Twitter trend: “Who is Rodney King?“ “Who is Rodney King?” Briauna Mariee, identified on Twitter as “First Queen Standing,” tweeted upon seeing King’s name trending. “Is it bad that idk who Rodney King is,” Twitter user Jiggy

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Kaylin DuLuissey Banished From the USA? Exiled on Martinique?

Kaylin DuLuissey Banished From the USA? Exiled on Martinique? When we last spoke to Kaylin -Vincente DuLusissey, our favorite high-bourne Belgian nut-job, he was living in New York City and dreading the day that he would be deported back to Belgium now that his services are no longer required in the USA.   Le Pauvre Belgique, made a deal with the USA that he would get his Master’s Degree at NYU and then, with a two year window, he would leave the

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Keith Olbermann was gone, a new host had replaced him, and history seemed to have repeated itself with his dismissal from Current TV after less than a year.   Olberman was taken away by security guards at the Current TV offices and his desk was put in the parking lot along with boxes of his personal items.    He had to be carted away to Dr. Dean Traherne MD – a local psychiatrist, who admitted Olberamnn into an undisclosed nuthouse where, dressed as a

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Rachel Maddow Fired – Sue Simmons Leaving NBC To Take Over at MSNBC

“With Rachel Maddow you get a butchy looking hipster who acts more like a lesbian softball player than a reporter, but with Sue Simmons, you get something cable news never had — beauty, style, grace and the kind of experience that money cannot buy.” [Damien LeGallienne, 1 November 2014] [Limoges, France 2:31] –   One on-air personality is a young Hipster lesbian with a manly haircut who got her job by winning a radio call in show, and the other is a beautiful

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Huffington Post Bias Screens Comments with Opposing Viewpoints.

If you ever have the misfortune of getting hooked into reading one of those dopey Huffington articles that you must dodge to get to your old and useless AOL address, you may have noticed something if you tried to comment on the message board that falls beneath each story. If you disagree with the Huff story, or your point of view is to the right of Huffington, you will notice that your comment will be “Pending Approval.”  In other words,

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Super Bowl Racial Slur “Zootzoon” Causes Man To Lose His Job After 75 years.

It took a lot of people to put up and dismantle the stage on which Madonna put on her awful halftime show.  Sadly the head of the whole job of sweeping and cleaning the entire removeable floor was a man full of hate. Mario “Jasper” Camstigliero , 89, a stage janitor for nearly 75 years, was fired from his job as the head director of janitorial services for the NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show where he worked for 41 years. Seems he used

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Obama signs HORSE SLAUGHTER bill — how did YOUR Senator vote?

Both New Jersey Senators — one a walking corpse Democrat (Lautenberg) and the other, a complete idiot Democrat (Menendez) — voted to restore funding to slaughter horses for meat in the USA — of course the people in the racing industry didn’t even know this was happening but now they stomp their feet in anger because they love horses.  They don’t love ’em enough to pay attention to what’s going on in Washington DC that’s for sure. Both Democrats in New York —

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