Huffington Post Bias Screens Comments with Opposing Viewpoints.

If you ever have the misfortune of getting hooked into reading one of those dopey Huffington articles that you must dodge to get to your old and useless AOL address, you may have noticed something if you tried to comment on the message board that falls beneath each story.

If you disagree with the Huff story, or your point of view is to the right of Huffington, you will notice that your comment will be “Pending Approval.”  In other words, anything you might write that does not side with Hufffington’s agenda,  or if your comment is not in keeping with the left wing bad journalism you find there, you will NEVER see your comment posted.

I receieved several emails about this over the past 24 hours.  Most of them were in regards to the President Obama sign language thing — some deaf kid signed “I am proud of you,” and Obama signed back “Thank you” — and the whole thing was written about as though it were a tearful and touching “Very Special Lifetime Television Obama Commercial.  Only Michael Landon could have scripted this forced maudlin-moment.  Half Pint would be crying like a motherf****er.

The letters I receieved asked me if Huffington screened comments.  I said I did not know because I never go there.  I did however get off my rant about how Arianna Huffington is a Greek carpetbagger wanna-be celebrity who would bury her own mother in Feta cheese if it would get her any publicity.  I also said that Ms. Huffington was a failed demi-celebrity ( a game show panelist in the UK) who got her fat ass into the USA by marrying a gay politician.  That’s how she got her untalented self into Washington DC circles — she used a gay guy or they both used each other and now we’re stuck with this old hag and she’ was stuck with an old…well nevermind.

Furthermore, Ms. Huffington used to be a Fox News Conservative pundit but her ratings were really bad and Fox canned her — so she did what any media starved whore who wasn’t getting sex from her gay shill of a husband would do — she went to  the left and she’s made a great career out of it.

Of course she is a total phony and her “Huffington Post” is not only poorly written, it’s basically National Enquirer stuff gone left wing.  She is, in my opinion, a mentally sick person.  I think she is a sociopath — but I am not a psychiatrist.  Still, I am entitled to my opinion.

My rant notwithstanding, the emails — about 45 in all — suggested that every comment on the Obama sign language dog and pony show, was a positive and heartwarmed comment with the typical comment reading something like, “President Obama shows he has heart and love for the deaf” — you know — stupid shit like that.   Evidently, not one comment accusing the President of staging that tearful Lou Gherig moment, was published — and there were thousands of comments.

Here is my suggestion:  If your opinion differs from the opinion of Huffington Post and its dropped-uterus, olive leaf-gulping Spartan-ette,  but still you read it and want to comment, don’t bother asking me for help.  If you want to bang your head against the wall, don’t come to me to borrow a helmet.  The answer is simple.  If you do not read it, you will not comment.  If you stop reading this old hag’s rag, you will deplete her readership to the point where her advertisers will depart and she’ll be back diving for sponges in the Adriatic with her kinfolk.

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  1. I never met a Greek who was not a scum bag in one way or another. They are fucked up people.

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