New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 3

While I was preparing and organizing the material for part 2 which has now become part 3, I got a few emails that I feel I should address.

I know the location of the hotel and it may have seemed as though I did not.  I am aware of the hotel and while it is an expensive hotel, it is not a name brand hotel in that it is not an iconic New York landmark or anything of that nature.

Also, I am going to address the Ukrainian connection in this summation.  The original draft of this had a lot more information but now I realize that names and certain things should not be mentioned only because they are an intrusion on the privacy of others.  I admire the fact that a woman (first initial K) is doing some internet legwork for me, but I would greatly appreciate if she were to limit her curiosity to what I write about and not to call outside people or agencies and work as an amateur investigator.  I myself am NOT a UFO investigator.  I think if I were, this would not have made it to part 3.  Why do I say that?  I say that because I have been contacted by professional investigators from a network about which many people are quite aware.  I DO NOT want to get involved with this group and I neither want help from them nor will I offer any help to them.  I think they do a lot of shitty work and a lot of their gig is to make money and get on TV.  I am not playing into that.

Part 3:

In May of 2011 I interviewed a man in Belgium by the name of Horas Klempmenter.  He is a retired designer for the now defunct Belgian airline Sabena.  Mr. Klempmenter contacted me after TheDamienZone’s first installment of this story.  It seems that his interest was focused on  the green light which I described in part 1 of this story.

Here is a brief transcript of what he said.  He talked for over an hour but most of it was about his opinions and his career and not really pertinent to the story.  He seems like a rather flamboyant “artiste” but he is who he says he is and why on earth would he track me down?  I admit that at the time the article was first put on the blog it was rather easy to find me — I have remedied that very methodically, I assure you.

“The green light and the effect it had on the police you wrote about was brought forth to US and European authorities by aliens, or so I assume or was led to think.” said Klempmenter.

“I was designing a new interior color scheme for the airline when they bought their first Boeing 747’s in 1970.  I was instructed to use only certain shades of green.  The chief engineers showed me a swatch of colors and told me to pick from that small group only.

“I thought it was highly unusual for me to be told by an aeronautics engineer about color because I was given the job in 1966 after my work at the fashion house of Chanel.  I did, however, ask about the color ideas and I was told jokingly that it was the idea of ‘little green men’ then the person who told me that laughed it off as though he was joking with me.

“Later I presented my designs to the people at Boeing as they prepared the interior of the first two planes on order and the person to whom I presented the designs and purchase orders seemed annoyed.  He asked me if I too had been shown a green light by engineers or military personnel.  I said that I had not been shown a green light but that I had been given a small selection of fabric pieces relative to that color and that it was an engineer and not military personal who had given it to me.

“He seemed annoyed and put me on hold for a long time.  Then another person picked up the phone and said that everything was in order.  Two weeks later I got a call from that original person I spoke to at Boeing and he yelled over the phone and accused me of causing him to loose his job.  I said that I had done no such thing but he insisted that I had said something to his superiors about the colors and he was fired.  I did no such thing.  I was only 28-years old at the time and I was so happy to have this great job that the last thing on my mind was to even wonder about the colors.

“Of course I was annoyed that an engineer had interfered with my design because at the time I was young and dedicated to my art as a designer, but I said absolutely nothing to the second man who took the phone.  I simply was asked if everything I presented to Boeing was as it should be and I said it was and that was the end of my conversation.

“When the first Sabena 747 went into service in 1971 it was designed inside exactly as per my design but oddly the exterior color was blue on one jet and an orange-red on the other.  I walked through the new plane — I forget which exterior color plane I was in but both were exactly the same  — and explained to a pilot who was also looking throughout the cabin that green would not have been my choice but I thought that the plane looked very nice in spite of the fact that I’d originally had other plans.  He looked at me and said something to the effect that I was just a kid and that he had been flying for 31 years and he wasn’t going to argue with “UFO people from The United States.”  He turned back and said something like, ‘anyone can make green cabin interiors but can you make them glow?’  Then he walked away.  That was very strange.

“Keep in mind that this happened in 1971 but I remember this like it was yesterday because twice the color implementation was attributed to aliens by two people who most likely did not even know each other and both times it was said rather smugly — as though I was some kind of stupid person.”

I copied this part of the conversation from a tape recording I made on the telephone which I did not realize at the time was costing me a lot of money because it was an international call to my Canadian cellular account and I was unaware that I was paying.  When I got my bill the cost of the call was absurd.  I called the customer service and when I called their customer service, the rep asked me to verify that a certain number has called my phone.  I recited the telephone number and within 10 seconds the charges were simply taken off my bill — no questions asked.  When was the last time something like that has ever happened when one calls one phone company?

Subsequently, I received 4 phone calls from the USA, each from someone who wanted to talk to me about the story and each time when I checked my bill online, the charges were zero.  I did receive a phone call from a cousin in Yuma, Arizona regarding a family event and I was charged full freight for the call.  At the time I had a Facebook account for which I was totally unsophisticated about privacy settings.  Stupidly, my phone number was on that profile and people kept calling.  Finally a friend of mine told me that I could not simply live in the USA with a Canadian cell phone and expect not to pay outrageous bills.  I have now changed to an American cell contract but I also maintain the Canadian account.

Also, I should mention here that I have received many private emails telling me that the Google links to these articles or to the website in general warn them of a Trojan virus.  This is very annoying to me but I am not at all surprised that something like that would happen.  This website is handled by a topflight server and there is no way that anything one clicks on here is viral in any way, but like any visit to any website, I would be scared off as well, but as far as I know and as far as friends who have gone over the site with a fine toothed comb, there is nothing wrong with this site.

I mentioned at the start of this that I was going to address the Ukrainian connection to all of this, but I decided to wait and get an IT friend to make sure the Trojan virus thing was a bunch of baloney.  Now that I am sure it is, I am going on.

PART 3  – Cont. 11:10am 2 January 2012.  (originally posted as Part 17 January 2011)

Most people are unaware that Ukraine is the largest country in all of Europe and as far as any living person is concerned ( save for people born after 1990) we knew it as “The Ukraine” in that it no longer existed as a country but rather as an area of the Soviet Union.  In the Tom Cruise version of “War Of The Worlds” there were many cringe-worthy moments in the film where TV newscasters referred to Ukraine as “The Ukraine” — and it pissed off a lot of Ukrainian people.  They’d finally got their country back after a century of oppression by the Communists and still Hollywood was passing along to millions of people that Ukraine was still simply a part of Russia.  They are not.  Hollywood continues to do this and they don’t seem to want to stop.  Do they like the way “The Ukraine” sounds, or is there another motive?

Ukraine was the country where all the great Soviet athletes came from back when the Olympics were fun to watch and the world was trembling in the wake of US/Soviet tensions.  Also, Ukraine is VERY active inasmuch as UFO activity is concerned.  Anyone who is a devout follower of UFO lore will know that some of the strangest UFO stories have come out of Ukraine both during and after the Soviet rule.

One thing that sticks out in my mind is that a barrage of UFO sightings in Ukraine may have been the catalyst that led to the disbanding of the Soviet Union.  Some readers will see the connection and others will scoff at it, but it is rather noteworthy that the USA and the UK went from having a very chilly relation with Ukrainian officials (Soviets) to having a really cozy one with Ukraine quite literally overnight.  The US relationship with Russia overall remains cold, but Ukraine became an instant friend.  I am not an expert in that field by a long shot, but people who know these kinds of things say that the American relationship with Ukraine is indeed a strange one and lot of that has to do with the fact that Ukraine was the Soviet Union’s UFO hub and they were really bad at keeping secrets.  In other words, there was already an hidden relationship between the two countries but the US did not want to share that with the Soviets.  They were however happy to share it with Ukrainians.  I know this sounds convoluted but think about it this way.  Let’s say that you despise your neighbors and you would love to see them move away, but you really like the guy who rents their upstairs apartment.  You have a friendship with the guy upstairs, but it’s secret and separate from your relationship with the landlord.  Then one day the landlords leave and the guy upstairs buys the house.  Suddenly you have a great friend next door and the guy upstairs goes from being simply “the guy upstairs” to the friend who owns the house next door.  That’s essentially what happened in Ukraine.

Okay, so now we return to the original event in New Jersey: As soon as the Loungemounts were taken away to their secret digs in NYC, the United States called in a bunch of people from Ukraine?  Why?  Why is the UK involved?  Perhaps many countries are involved but the Ukrainian presence is rather glaring and odd.  Why not the French or the Germans?  I got an answer when I spoke to a former Soviet Air Force pilot who is Ukrainian.  he now refers to himself as a Ukrainian pilot but he is no longer, at age 58, a military pilot in any capacity.  I would mention his name but he asked me to wait until he publishes his book in 2013.  His name doesn’t matter anyway because his name is such a common one that it means nothing.  Let’s just say that his name in Ukrainian language would be like being John Jones in the English speaking  world — catch on?

For that purpose I will call him Boris Jones just to lighten things up a bit.

Boris Jones is a highly trained pilot who fought in the air during the Soviet war with Afghanistan.  He was badly wounded in that conflict and nearly died after a 7-month stay at a hospital in Kiev, Ukraine.   Guess who lives behind the Loungemounte family?  You guessed it — Boris Jones.  He no longer lives there and he spoke to me very casually about it.  His take was that the incident that evening in New Jersey was hardly unique and that when he was in the Soviet military he had seen the same bell-shaped objects lodged in trees throughout the entire Soviet Union and as far east as western Ukraine.  He had once piloted a helicopter where an alien was taken from such a craft and carried away in a canvas bag — the same way the US military dragged away the green glowing creature from the Loungemounte home.  Boris Jones seemed very unimpressed with the story other than to note that the US military knew instantly to knock on his door and ask him to make himself available.  The following day, Boris was taken via a corporate Lockheed jet (sound familiar?) to an area outside of Washington DC.

I will print a copy of the transcript from my conversation with “Boris Jones” in the next part of this which I will put up later.  It seems that putting this story up in dribs and drabs is working.  I am sorry for anyone who is interested but I am not intentionally making this a cliff-hanger kind of thing.  It’s just the way I feel better about it.  I don’t make money off of this and my advertisement hits are so small that even if a million people were to read this story, I would make about $100.

The interview with Boris Jones is rather long but VERY interesting.







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