Free Your Mind and Think Facebook page is mentally sick – You brought Bibles but no food? HATRED!

There is yet another one of those hatefully captioned photos spreading around Facebook.  This time it’s being spread by the psychotic losers over at the Free Your Mind and Think page — they are truly sick people.

Of course it is spread by hateful people — mostly athiests if you want to know the truth — and it depicts an impoverished third world child and what appears to be a lighter-skinned, more Western-World looking woman.

It might be the most disgusting of all the stupid Facebook filth that gets passed around by a group of mentally sick people who call their Facebook page, “Free Your Mind and Think” — I have posted a photo that they are spreading like wildfire — spread by the sick minds of misfits who mostly know nothing about the spirit of giving and kindness. They only know how to spread lies and hatred because they live in their own sick world of godlessness and self-hatred.  It’s your duty to know and recognize these demented freaks and to eductate yourself enough so you don’t minbdlessly pass these kinds of things around with the assumption that they must be truths — they are not!

The photo dipicts a desitutute – or assumed destitue child — as asking, “So you mean to tell me you brought Bibles but you didn’t bring food?”

Let me express to you the pure hatred and stupidity that’s rooted in the twisted minds of the people behind this moronic internet meme.  Also, anyone who passes this sickening lie along as though it is some kind of truth, should be automatically dropped from your Facebook page and forever thought of as a mindless idiot — a person whose mind is in fact anything but free.  It’s a mind rooted in vile and angry hatefulness.

Since when does a missionary of any stripe not try to help the poor with food and gifts of farming equipment or well digging machines?   The only group that brings their brand of religion to the 3rd world with only a bible in hand are atheists.  Their religion is atheism and their bible is a book of hatred and propaganda and mayhem.  They swear on this bible because they are misbegotten and troubled — and they do not want to be helped.  They want to drag everyone down with them.  Because of people like this, donations to poverty stricken countries have declined because they have thrust mistrust into the minds of the charitable.  In other words, they hate the idea of god so much that they would rather see children starve in Cameroon than to have someone believe in a diety.  Yes — say what you will — they would rather see a child starve or die from AIDS than to allow peacful missionaries to do their work.  These are truly mentally sick people — very very sick indeed.

“Inner anthiesm, or a kind of indifference towards religion is a personal choice that in the healthy individual is neither apprent nor of any consequence in their day to day living,” said Frangia Skell MD – a missionary physician who has spent the vast majority of her medical career as an internist and a psychiatrist working throughout various third world countries.  Today at age 85, she still works 12 hour shifts at a clinic in Cameroon where she councils and monitors the many HIV/AIDS patients who attend the clincic where she has decided to spend the rest of her days – far from her beautiful home in New York.  She never promotes religion or Jesus — she only shares her love and her devout devotion to her ability as a physician to ease or eliminate suffering.

“I can say without hesitation, however,  that in all my years of working in the 3rd world and in free clinics throughout the USA, the only ‘religious’ group who has caused and created  mayhem within the sphere of my work and the good work of others,  have been peple who use their hateful atheism as a substitue for religion.  They come like demons who steal souls and as soon as they see a cross or any other religious symobolism, they do nothing but create and foster ill-will.  

“I saw this silly photograph and all I can say is that about 1% of donations to our causes come from people who designate themselves as atheists.  Many people don’t believe in God, but still they help and they give, but people who create and distribute hateful captions…people who photograph the unfortunate simply to add a caption that is filled with lies and hate, only do so to foster hatred and ignorance.  I truly believe, both as a physican and a charitable person, that these people are suffering from some kind of illness — be it psychological or physiological. From a purley medical and scientific perspective, I see these people as unwell in mind, body and spirit.”  [Frangia Skell MD] agrees with Dr. Skell and we would like caring Facebookers to be wary of these misfits who cling to a sick-minded web page simply because they have nothing left on which to cling.  “Free Your Mind and Think” is the opposite of what its name implies.  If you belong to this Facebook page, and you can’t see these crazy people for what they are, then perhaps that page is where you belong.

Keep in mind, however, that to be indoctrinated into believing that people who bring Bibles don’t also bring food is not only untrue, it’s mentally sick and you have a doctor with 44 years devotion to the Third World sick and poor to prove it.

The next time you need a well drilled or a field cleared for planting or a school built, call an athiest activist — see how far you get.

“Free your mind and think” should be thrown off of Facebook.  Better yet, I say you should join the group and spread the truth.  Confront these sick people with the truth and maybe they will learn to stop hating people — including themselves.

This is truly sick.

7 thoughts on “Free Your Mind and Think Facebook page is mentally sick – You brought Bibles but no food? HATRED!

  1. Yes indeed. Great article.
    Here in Italy We catholic have done many initiatives for poors. Some atheist I know have only to criticize the church without do nothing. This distortion is very commmon, stupidy is very common

  2. How pathetic. An article vehemently attacking people over a light-hearted joke. This photo is an internet meme now, and people caption it in anyway they want because of the expression the face of the boy.

  3. “Caption it anyway they want” eh? Okay, Ravi — let’s assume you are a Hindu person and I were to caption that photo, “Hey lady, we don’t want no Hindu folks around here and why don’t y’all go on and eat some meat!” Would you think that was “light-hearted?” Just curious.

  4. I laugh every time I read this article. The article is just as funny as the caption on the poster. The person who wrote the article seems really upset which is why it is funny. To the person who wrote the article: Don’t take it so seriously…it’s not about you! Is it? Actually the article supplements the funniness of the poster and I don’t think that was your intention. The poster is funny enough already!

  5. Normally I would agree with you, earlebrown, but the morons over at Free Your Mind and Think intentionally spread nasty shit on Facebook – that is their gig — they’re scum bags and they deserve to be written about as such.

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