Rachel Maddow Fired – Sue Simmons Leaving NBC To Take Over at MSNBC

“With Rachel Maddow you get a butchy looking hipster who acts more like a lesbian softball player than a reporter, but with Sue Simmons, you get something cable news never had — beauty, style, grace and the kind of experience that money cannot buy.” [Damien LeGallienne, 1 November 2014]

[Limoges, France 2:31] –   One on-air personality is a young Hipster lesbian with a manly haircut who got her job by winning a radio call in show, and the other is a beautiful veteran female journalist who has been an NBC anchor for over 30 years.  One is old and one is young, and both are about to get the axe from their jobs.  Guess which one isn’t really losing her job.

Usually in the world of TV, it’s always been, “out with the old and in with the new,”  but in this case it’s the other way around.  The young hipster of course is side-mouth-talking Rachel Maddow, and the old anchor/journalist is the legendary Sue Simmons.  The Hipster lesbian is going and the old lady is coming.   Huh.. you say?

For a few weeks it has been rumoured that NBC was pulling the plug on news anchor Sue Simmons, who at 68, has been the anchor and co-anchor of the NBC local news in New York City.  Simmons is a NYC metro area fixture since the 1970s.  She’s only flubbed a few times; once dropping the F bomb when she thought she was off the air, and another time when some viewers accused her of being a little tipsy during a broadcast.  The F bomb event is legendary, but the drunk rumors are baseless.

Viewers were angry because “Sue” has been part of their TV family for over 30 years.  Imagine that?  Thirty years with the same anchor — and despite her age, she is still as beautiful as ever.  As a matter of fact, she looks the same now as she did when she grabbed the anchor’s job back in 1981.  It’s freakish.

According to sources, the truth is that NBC-NY did not refuse to renew Simmons’ contract.  Simmons pulled the plug on herself and is hopping over to MSNBC in June when Rachel Maddow, who doesn’t even know it yet, gets her walking papers — something that will be made public within a few weeks.

“Maddow’s rating are VERY low,” said international news analyst and veteran news blogger Damien LeGallienne from his office in Limoges, France.

“In spite of MSNBC’s  relentless left wing countering of Fox News’ blatant right wing slant, nobody is watching the lefty.  Maddow’s numbers are so bad that even left wingers prefer to get angry by watching Fox News.  This is a psychological anomaly that marketers and experts seem to overlook.  In other words, Maddow, in spite of the fact that about 46% of viewers lean left, does not get these people to tune in.  They watched her in the beginning, but she didn’t hold them.

LeGallienne continued:

“TV is entertainment, even when it’s news or commentary, and the numbers show that left wingers are switching to FOX not because they agree, but because, to put it in simple terms,  they prefer to throw things through their TV screens and scream than to listen to Maddow’s nothingness.  (Sue) Simmons has star power to spare and Maddow doesn’t seem to have it.  If you think about it, it all kind of come out in the wash.  Simmons is a real journalist and TV personality whereas Maddow is simply an odd duck who won a radio contest.”

Noted Psychiatric Endocrinologist, Dr. Frangia Skell MD Phd,  went on to say that, “for some odd reason, many people with Maddow’s point of view are not attracted enough to her style of reporting and prefer to watch Fox News simply for the need to be anry and outraged — the rush.”

LeGallienne confirmed that Sue Simmmons will take over Maddow’s place in mid June 2012 despite the fact she is closing in on 70 years of age.

According to LeGallienne, “MSNBC is going to change its entire image and put up Sue Simmons simply for what she is – a woman who reports the news with style and grace and beauty and talent.  Talent seems to be the word that most insiders agree upon.  Sue has plenty to spare and Maddow has none — if you believe in charts and graphs.”

In a way you have to feel sorry for Rachel Maddow, but she’s young and intelligent.  She can always find another job on another network.  Just look at how great Keith Olbermann is doing on Current TV.

12 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Fired – Sue Simmons Leaving NBC To Take Over at MSNBC

  1. Yeah, Sue Go girl. I think what NBC did was awful. Please let us know when you start the new job. Jeanne

  2. Sue Simmons may have all the attributes you printed and she claims, but she doesn’t have Rachel Meadow’s brain and analytical skills. Simmons seems more concerned that she is gay. I listen to Rachel Maddow to hear the results of her brainpower. As Jeanne says, let us know when Sue due so I can switch back to CNN.

  3. Sue bowed out, and as for Maddow’s intellect, it all comes in from a team of creative minds who talk into her ear. She just provides the hipster face of the men behind the curtain.

  4. I am very sorry to learn about Rachel Maddow’s dismissal. She was among the most intelligent news journalist on MSNBC. She uses fact and research to present her views. Could that be the main reason that this article was so disdainful to her. Calling her names. Does this reporter refer to everyone it reports about in a discrimatory way. I am surprised that you refer to Sue Simmons as beautiful as ever (68) after 30 years of reporting experience. Does being beautiful make her a better reporter? She had to have been young and new to her job at one time. And I bet she had a hard time making it because she was BLACK. Did the press try to get her fired?Or did she have to always be on her Ps and Qs and look beautiful which you seem to equate with knowledge. But I know she was also a very intelligent woman.That pressure surely must have drove her to be a drinker. So now the press is holding that over her head. Is it because Rachel is a young hipster lesbien? Is that the Label you people refer to her as?. The reporter decribed her as if she were something foreign and odd and therefore not fit for her job. You can listen to her and tell she is an intelligent person and tells facts. She is different but enjoyable to watch. There is no one over at FOX who even talks intelligent let alone is. All the women look like Barbie dolls. Most are Blonds. Is there a reason for that? I think that in this case FOX put pressure on the powers that-be at MSNBC to get rid of Rachel because she doesn’t fit their image of a ‘beautiful’ news reporter.
    Well I guess I will no longer set my TV on Channel 52 at 8pm any longer. Perhaps I will discontinue to MSNBC except for Rev. Al Sharpton. I wonder what you will eventually find wrong with him.
    I am not a young person. I am a bit older than Sue Simmons yet I like to have my mind challenged still. But MSNBC is on track to be like the mindless chatter presented on FOX.
    Good Luck to you Rachel..the world is your oyster.

  5. We waited with great anticipation every evening for Rachel. She was the best. We’re switching to CNN?

  6. I watch MSNBC all the time because of Rachel Maddows. If I want lies and garbage, I will watch Fox. Rachel is intelligent, articulate and well educated. Fox is just plan stupid. No one cares that Rachel is a lesbian. We so care that Fox has a stable full of sexual predators. So leave Rachel alone. Be glad you have her along with a hatful of great reporters. Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, the young gungs that now have their own shows after a grulling campaign season, Ali Velshu, Ali Melber, Stephanie Ruhle and Morning Joe. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. I live MSNBC and have MANY friends, relatives and neighbors that agree. Miss Keith Olberman a lot. He was the creme du la creme. Your bad for letting him go.

  7. My very large family and I are strong supporters of the Rachel Madow show.we reside all over the US. We text back and fourth and give our opinions on her many interesting subjects. She is our source of what is really happening. She is the most interesting and truthful news commentator. There are 160 family members who will be very disappointed if Racheal is canceled. We will be watching for her on another station and will follow her.we hope she starts her own show

  8. Rachel explained everything so I understood it, I am a Hughe fan and looked forword to her show every day. And her ratings are very highe by the way, highher than any of those Fox lackys. Tuning to Anderson Cooper on CNN, MSNBC doesn’t deserve my loyalsty.

  9. Rachel Madcow is the biggest two faced liar on the air waves. I about gagged reading the nonsense comments here, praising her intelligence, ARE YOU KIDDING? What planet are those people from?
    You can’t put Madcow and intelligent in the same sentence, they are polar opposites!

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