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PAULY D WEIGHT GAIN ALARMS DOCTOR.   According to sources, Paul D, the record spinning, muscle-bound Guido from Rhode Island who rose to fame on the MTV trainwreck, “Jersey Shore” has checked himself into a fat farm in Palm Springs, California to try and shed the 80 pounds he has gained since the show was cancelled. Fans and foes alike began to notice the huge weight gain about seven months ago, and for a few weeks it looked like Pauly

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JOEY LAWRENCE and MACAULAY CULKIN — NEW MOVIE Set To Shoot In November. JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY — UPI: Two child stars who are both all grown up now have decided to put their heads together and make a movie with veteran blockbuster producer, Mildred Sclafani — and fans of all three are really enthusiastic. Word is out that Joey Lawrence and Macaulay Culkin will be starring together in the action- adventure-thriller movie, “SLADE’S HONOR” in which Joey Lawrence will play the title roll

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TMZ – the slime-of-the-world gossip column that usually gets it right — is reporting that Tom Cruise and his cold sore face wife Katie Holmes have finished their marriage.  Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise in New York yesterday and she wants SOLE CUSTODY of the kid — Suri.   Tom Cruise has not yet come out of the closet about this news story, but rumors are that he is “devestated.” The fact that Mrs. Cruise (Katie Holmes) is seeking sole custody of

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Whatever Happened to Willie Aames from EIGHT IS ENOUGH?

Former child sitcom star Willie Aames recently joined the crew of an Oceania cruise ship as an assistant cruise director, according to several news sources.  While 8 (inches) might be enough for most people, Willie is rumoured to have 10 and a half (inches) — and that ain’t no fish story.  It’s part of the reason why pencil-dicked Scott Baio hated him so much and why he had a hard time taping down that ding dong when he wore the skin tight Bible

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Joey Lawrence Hair Tragedy. Now He is a Chippendale Dancer?

TheDamienZone tried so hard to help Joey Lawrence when we good-naturedly joked about his spray-on hair and ten million hair transplants, but he didn’t listen.  Why didn’t he just get a really good hairpiece?  Why?  Did we have to draw a map for you, Joey? Here is an example of a young actor who, unlike Joey Lawrence was not afraid to wear a wig in order to get a starring role in a hit web series www.imdb.com/James Di Giacomo. Here’s the

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Joey Lawrence Fired From Melissa And Joey. Joe Rogan To Take His Place.

At a recent gig at Fifi’s Bowling Alley Bar and Grill, it was announced that comic Joe Rogan will replace Joey Lawrence on the squirmingly bad and unfunny ABC Family show “Melissa and Joey.”  it is rumored that Rogan who is best known, and most talented at, making people eat live cockroaches and for setting off metal detectors with his iron fillings hair transplant, will replace Joey Lawrence because producers want the show to be even less funny but they want to keep

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Joey Lawrence in Gay Scandal

Joey Lawrence in Gay Scandal Joey Lawrence in Gay Scandal [SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ, USA]  — First there were the vicious rumors about Joey Lawrence having hair transplants.  Then there were rumors that Joey was going to walk off the set of the top-secret Bigfoot movie he was filming with Italian mega-producer Mildred Sclafani — but he did indeed finish the film and now the project is in post production and scheduled for an Easter weekend release. Then there were rumors that Joey was going to be

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UPDATE: GLEE will not be cancelled in 2012. Joey Lawrence added to cast.

“Joey is really excited about his upcoming appearance on GLEE,” said Mildred Sclafani, a documentary producer and cryptozoologist who has worked with TV star Joey Lawrence on her Bigfoot documentary which will appear on HBO in January. “Joey loves GLEE and he loves the GLEEKS,” continued Scalfani.  “He’s also happy that GLEE will not be cancelled as rumored and that a whole new set of shows will be filmed for 2012 and on into 2013 — and the best part is that

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