Joey Lawrence Hair Tragedy. Now He is a Chippendale Dancer?

TheDamienZone tried so hard to help Joey Lawrence when we good-naturedly joked about his spray-on hair and ten million hair transplants, but he didn’t listen.  Why didn’t he just get a really good hairpiece?  Why?  Did we have to draw a map for you, Joey?

Here is an example of a young actor who, unlike Joey Lawrence was not afraid to wear a wig in order to get a starring role in a hit web series Di Giacomo.

Here’s the the thing, folks.  Actors who have great hair stay on top.  Actors who go bald drift away.  It’s not like the old days when nobody knew who was bald and who wasn’t.  The great French actor Charles Boyer wore a hairpiece in all of his films but he would yank it off as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.  He didn’t care because in his day there were no Perez Hilton’s or TMZ to spread around that gossip — today he wouldn’t have a shot — but that’s not totally true.

Do you honestly think that all these actors who were teen idols in the 80s and 90s stiill have alll their hair?  Think about it.  They all do something to keep their hair looking at age 50 the way it looked when they were 20.  They know where to go and they know who to see.   Nobody makes fun of good fake hair because nobody knows it’s fake.  Why didn’t Joey go this route and get good fake hair instead of butchering his head with a zillion transplant plugs and then dye his scalp brown to go for the “shaved” look while he waited to see if those hair plugs would grow in?  It looks terrible.  He looked like Grandpa Munster for cryin’ out loud!

So now, because he looked like such a freak for the past three years, he is letting the plugs grown in and his head looks like a crop circle in the UFO infested wheat fields of England.  What did that get him?  A big TV deal?  A big movie deal?  NO!  It got him a cheap job as a male stripper at Chippendale’s in Las Vegas.  Can you imagine that?  Yeah, he’s all pumped up and waxed and manscaped but his hair looks like shit — and what happened to his career?

Truth be told, Joey Lawrence was never much of a star really.  At best he was a cute kid who could do the sitcom bad-acting that passes as funny/good acting in Hollywood – but then he got the wild idea that he was a singer and songwriter.  Quick name a famous Joey Lawrence song!  BONG!  Times up!  There aren’t any — he is not a good singer or musician and now he’s a bald stripper?  How did that happen?  He went bald and didn’t do the right thing.  Why didn’t he get a good hairpiece — why?   The old stigma of the proverbial “rug” is over as long as you know where to go.  Hair pieces today are undetectable — if you are willing to get the right ones.   Why didn’t you listen to TheDamienZone, Joey?   Now you’re a stripper —  what a tragedy — a tragedy.

12 thoughts on “Joey Lawrence Hair Tragedy. Now He is a Chippendale Dancer?

  1. Not everybody can afford these expensive places like HairClub and they bind you into contracts and you go broke and still look like shit. Joey could probably afford this because he was able to afford a hundred thousand in transplants and he looks like an idiot anyway. What was the worst thing that could happen? He got a bad rug an was the butt of jokes? He’s still the butt of jokes.

  2. Joey looks like an idiot and I used to think he was cool when I was a kid an now I think he is very not cool in every way possible that you can be not cool. But seriously I lost my hair when I was 24 and now I’m 31 and all I did was get ripped off. This shit costs money maybe Joey can afford it but I can’t and no way I’m going to let a doctor slice my head.

  3. All you need to do is know what you’re doing and who to see about your hair. You do not have to get tied into crazy contracts and rip-offs and pay thousands and thousands. Joey was conned by people who knew he had money and that’s why he looks so dopey. All you need is a good hair replacement and a little know-how. It’s true that a lot of guys we think have great hair are really wearing hair replacements. No way Tom Cruise still has a mop of hair like a kid. Even Elton John’s hair looks good but his fat old face doesn’t go with it but if he was young and in shape you wouldn’t know that the new wig he wears is fake. No way. I saw him from 2 feet away in NYC and his hair looked like it was growing totally normal right out of his head. He doesn’t get his hair from any place so exotic because if he did the stylist would know the the cut and the hairline are totaly wrong for him but too bad cause the hair looked totally real.

  4. I have to admit that joey lawrence looks like a total tool bag now. I just started watching melissa & joey on netflix, I am sure season one is from years ago but I just went from watching season 1 episode 14 to season 1 episode 15 and all of a sudden he has hair! when it was totally shaved down it looked horrible, The color on top of his head was almost like a redish brown color and the bottom part was his natural looking brown hair. Very goofy looking I think. Im glad hes starting to get some hair back in. The reason I noticed this weird difference in hair color is because I am a hair dresser. I happen to notice everything with hair. I really hope this works out for him.

  5. I saw parts of the TV show Splash tonight and wasn’t sure who the host was until I googled it. When I saw Joey Lawrence on DWTS, he had a shaved head, so I was wondering when I saw him with hair. It does look unnatural because it looks like two different colors.

  6. Sorry folks for the catty comments about Joey. He looks incredibly good whether he has hair or not. I applaud him moving his hair to the top of his head and I’m sure it will grow out beautifully. he’s a very handsome man which a beautiful face. We all lose hair or experience thinning with age and that’s perfectly natural. But I am anxious to see his new hair as it grows out fully. He may inspire more people to take the plunge. I never watche him as a child star, but appreciate him as an adult. B

  7. Good luck to Joey. He’s hosting “Splash” and looks to have his career up and going. The hair thing is tough. Hope it works out for him.

  8. He does not look at all like Joey. I did not know who he was on Splash…tuned in late. I think if his hair grows in and he goes back to dark brown he will look good. About bald and gone what about Bruce Willis? And Shemar Moore? There are others also.

  9. His hair looks fine to me. And I don’t really know (or remember)(or care) who he is. DWTS sucks. I hate that show and never watched it except as a captive audience at my brother and sister in law’s house – they eat that shit up…and I’m the one that likes guys? Not those kind of guys. It’s all part of the feminization/emasculation of the American male – not the actual dancers (nothing wrong with dancing) – but the couch potato male generation we’ve spawned that sits staring at it week after week.

  10. I don’t understand all of this harsh cattiness. He doesn’t look bad. His face and body look like he’s overworked his efforts to look young and in shape, but he certainly doesn’t seem like an asshole. As for his hair, I just don’t see that he looks bad. I never saw a photo of him losing hair. He always seemed to have a very thick head of hair until all of a sudden he was completely shaved on DWTS, which I thought looked awful. Just horrible. Shaved head is NOT a look for him. It looked weird. I suppose that you have to shave your head when undergoing transplants, but I don’t see why you’d trash a guy for getting hair transplants. It’s too bad that he’s gone the host and Vegas route instead of the acting route, but you’ve got to remember that I think he has a wife and kids, and they have got to eat, so he’s doing what he can to remain in the entertainment business. Good for him. I wish him luck. I would love to look like him, although I suspect he’s using steroids and/or growth hormone, so that’s giving him an HIV look in his face that’s usually caused by lypodystrophy. So, yes, perhaps he’s rather desperate, but I’ve most certainly seen worse. MUCH worse. There are so many male celebrities who have totally ruined their faces and their looks, and most of them are total assholes. Joey Lawrence looks pretty good, and I don’t think he’s an asshole.

  11. Wow, people can be so negative!
    I watched him on his TV series many years ago. Also, through the years have seen the Hallmark movies and DWTS.
    He is a good actor, very handsome and seems genuinely sweet.
    Who cares about his hair? Big deal, as we all get older time takes its toll.
    Leave Joey alone, I think he is wonderful!

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