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Will Satellite Hit New Jersey? Nasa Warns Film Crew!

Satillite debris is hurling towards the New Jersey coast, and some experts fear that the bus-sized chunk of space debris will hit the beach in Seaside Heights where MTV films the popular show, “Jersey Shore.”  The towns are safe but the beach is in possible danger.  Even though the beaches are empty now that summer is over, there is a big movie being filmed on the beach and that’s where things get worrisome. The odds of anyone getting hurt on the set

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Insiders say: “Joey Lawrence to appear in “Jersey Shore” and Pia Toscano movie”!!!!

Joey Lawrence, fresh off a new set of hair transplants, is ready to join the cast of “Jersey Shore” for a three week guest stay at the infamous beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ.   Joey will drive down from NYC with The Situation and Pauly D after he gets a light coat of long-lasting scalp darkener at his dermatologist’s office. “Joey is Italian and has always expressed an interest in being part of Jersey Shore,” said Mildred Sclafani, a famous

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For years TV viewers have known Joey Lawrence as the cute little kid who grew up to be a teen heart-throb.  Then he started pumping iron and shaving his chest and became a sex symbol.  Then he shaved his badly balding head and sprayed on light brown speckles and looked like a psychopath.  Then he let his transplants grow in and looks semi normal again except for his weird plucked eyebrows and overly pumped, fake tanned, and shaved body.     His show

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Joey Lawrence of “Melissa and Joey” sprays on a fake shaved hairline.

“The makeup people carefully draw in Joey’s hairline dot by dot,” said a source close to the makeup department on the set of ABC Family’s new sitcom “Melissa and Joey.”  “They carefully recreate the illusion that Mr. Lawrence has a thick hairline that has been shaved.  The problem is that from day to day they are not able to exactly duplicate the exact position of the fake shaved hairline and instead Joey ends up with a scalped vampire look.  When I see Mr. Lawrence after

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