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Study asks: Where are the hottest guys in the USA? If I told you the answer, you wouldn’t believe me.

Study asks: Where are the hottest guys in the USA? If I told you the answer, you wouldn’t believe me. When the American singer Connie Francis sang the popular song “Where The Boys Are”  way back in 1961, she was singing about her special Spring Break in a wild Florida town called Fort Lauderdale, but here we are, over 50 years later, and while there are still plenty of beautiful young college guys and girls who hit the Florida coast in

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The Dead Honeybee Hoax. All This Buzz About NOTHING!

This honeybee extinction stuff is a complete hoax and the people who invent these insane stories and then invent ways to get media outlets to carry this crap are eco-idiots. According to most REAL sources, especially the California Almond Growers Association, 2012 was a record-breaking year for bees and almond tree pollination. Already 2013 is on the verge of breaking another new record.  The California Almond Growers Bee report and pollination reports has, for years, been the way ecologists monitor bee populations

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What’s Up With Miley Cyrus? Is She Having a Meltdown? One Doctor Explains.

“In any event, in these so-called Old-Stock White Americans, there is a very high incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction, and this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Hillbilly or Mountain culture — and let’s be frank — this is what we are talking about here. The history of country music alone is a history of alcoholism and drug addiction and hyper-sexuality. Now it’s spreading. ” [Jack Portuguese MD – Geneticist.] Is Miley Cyrus having a

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Dr. Chauncey Crandall Rip Off? Scam? — Four things…heart attack – RIP OFF? YES!

Maybe you’ve seen it? The “news” link that warns you: “These Four Things Happen Just before a Heart Attack”– Have you seen it? Have you also clicked on it only to find that it’s actually just a 10-minute long infomercial from some money-grubbing asshole cardiologist named Dr. Chauncey Crandall? In case you’re curious, on top of being a cardiologist, Dr. Crandall is a circus barker with an MD next to his name – and he tells you a great and

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The Dangers of Sushi — It’s Often FAKE Just Like The People Who Eat It.

“90% of the sushi they buy in New York city is slowly killing them — and more than 70% of the time, the tuna they say you’re eating in a sushi restaurant is not really tuna at all — it’s some junk fish that just happens to look like tuna.  Fish DNA testing proves that most sushi restaurants are  selling you the poisonous escolar oil fish — a fish so dangerous to eat that it has been banned in Japan since 1977 — and

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Dead Dolphins Washing Up On New Jersey Beaches. Here’s Why.

“Okay, so why can’t people understand simple facts about nature, you ask —?  Well — in view of the fact that I am trying to keep this as simple as possible — many people cannot understand anything about anything because they are too stupid and lazy and mentally limited to pick up a book or take out a computer and look up the facts from reliable sources!  One writer for a major newspaper went so far as to described the dolphins as being

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Gay Student Donates His Kidney To Boy Who Bullied Him and Gets a Surprise.

When 16-year-old James Griffin was a high school student in rural Ohio, he bravely lived his life as an openly gay and free-spirited young teenager. He wore flamboyant clothes and polished his fingernails. He dyed his hair from week to week and wore it in various fashions. He was active in the his high school’s drama club and he was the captain of his school’s cheerleading squad. He was very popular with the girls in school but some of the

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Twin Sisters Inspire the World and Madonna After Winning a Sophia Petrillo Look-Alike Contest.

Ninety-eight-year old  twin sisters who used to rent their second floor Brooklyn apartment to Madonna way back when she was a struggling dancer in the late 1970s, have recently won the official, Worldwide Sophia Petrillo Look Alike Contest which was held last week in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. The pair, who never married and live on a fixed income, donated all of their $5,000 first prize money to an animal rescue organization. Fanny and Tina Bustamacello, both 98 years old, and both still living in the

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