The Dead Honeybee Hoax. All This Buzz About NOTHING!

honeybeeThis honeybee extinction stuff is a complete hoax and the people who invent these insane stories and then invent ways to get media outlets to carry this crap are eco-idiots.

According to most REAL sources, especially the California Almond Growers Association, 2012 was a record-breaking year for bees and almond tree pollination. Already 2013 is on the verge of breaking another new record.  The California Almond Growers Bee report and pollination reports has, for years, been the way ecologists monitor bee populations and pollination statistics.

“Honeybees are thriving in record numbers,” according to the Catskill Bee Keepers Association — so right there you have two coasts reporting a big buzz about bees. The Catskill Bee Keepers have been doing what they do since the 19th century.

I have to laugh at the lunacy when I read the fake news about bees dying and the entire earth being left barren and starving by a totally natural thing that has been given the lethal-sounding name — COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER.

Think about it logically, folks.   When you read about mass extinctions wherein the blame is placed on places like Walmart and Lowes and Home Depot, doesn’t a little bell go off in you head?  Do your antennae NOT get the signal?  Can’t you spot lunacy when it is set before you?

How can people be so mindless?  Why do they want to share this mindlessness with innocent bystanders?   It’s the weird and kooky and lonely  Al Gore drones (literally) who pass on this extreme dumbness.  Hopefully they will one day get stung by the truth and they’ll swell up to the point where they can no longer open their uninformed mouths.

Don’t you smell a rat instead of a freshly pollinated rose when somebody blames a trillion deaths and the demise of the earth on places like Walmart and Home Depot?  Seriously!  What kind of stupidity do some people actually recognize?

When big name pharma is named, and the guys everybody loves to hate — like Dupont and Dow Chemical start getting hashed about — don’t you see that it’s silly and childish propaganda?  Isn’t it obvious?

When does the mind reach that tipping point of agenda versus rationality versus common sense? There is NO bee problem…none!  Bee populations wax and wane — that’s what they do.  There is nothing new about area-specific honeybee shortages.   It happens and then it un-happens — end of story,

The news reports that the “EPA takes notice of honeybee shortage” and suddenly there are headlines.  Do you understand that this a lie?

Suddenly the EPA “looks into” something so therefore it has to be the end of the world.  Jimmy Carter predicted that we would run out of oil by 1990.   He was wrong.  Jimmy Carter has made a career out of being wrong.  Al Gore makes Jimmy Carter look like Nostradamus.  He’s dumber than Jimmy Carter and he’s way wronger.

The New York Times declared in 1968 that New York City would be uninhabitable by the year 2000.  They were wrong too.   Of course many of the big cities in the USA are uninhabitable, but that has more to do with gang violence and the decline of human dignity than with industrial pollution.

The moment that the EPA investigates something, it means it’s either NOT true or it’s something acute — a real and present danger like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or toxins being dumped into the waterways or aquifer.  We certainly need the EPA,  but  between real disasters, they have to act like they’re doing something.  Idle hands are the devil’s play things.

It’s all about the Al Gore simple-minded narrative of self-loathing.  A lot of people have emotional issues.  They need a reason to hate other people.  Al Gore has cashed in on this psychological phenomenon. The sad part is that a lot of these people  are educated scientists who could be using their minds for something useful.

It’s sad that so many educated minds have been lulled into a politically correct zombie state wherein they must abide by the false teachings of side-show barkers like Al Gore — a man who has hopelessly polluted the minds of two entire generations.  His lies have done more damage to human progress and world unity than any disease or weapon or natural disaster.  He is a very sick person and he wants everyone to be as sick as he is.  Take my word for it — in spite of being revered by millions of people,  it’s very lonely being Al Gore.

Anyway, the EPA has to act like they’re doing something.   If they were to simply tell you what I am about to tell you, they too would get caught up in the fake conspiracy and the hoaxers have one field day after another.

Listen — about the bees — the same exact thing happened in France a few years back and….VOILA…the bees came back. MON DIEU! It is zee miracle!!!  And guess what else?  Localized honeybee die-offs have been happening for centuries and centuries and centuries.  Bees die.  They get sick from various diseases just like human beings and they die, just like humans died during the Black Plague.

Luckily, bees come back really fast because they adapt and reproduce rapidly.    Like I said, this has been happening for centuries.

Really?  For centuries?  But, Damien, why didn’t anybody tell me that?  .

What REALLY happens — and pay attention —  is that different colonies of bees ( because there are so many of them) migrate into an area and fall prey to various diseases against which the previous populations were immune or resistant.  The new take over the neighborhood, and when they do there is a lull.  Soon, they adapt and thrive again.  That is the cycle of the whole thing.

The jury is still out on the exact mechanisms inherent to these die-offs, and they are entirely natural.   Colony Collapse Disorder  has nothing whatsoever to do with companies like Monsanto.   Sure they might be pumping cancer-causing chemicals into the air and water and killing your kids, but they are not killing bees.  It can’t be done.

Bees will outlive humans by at least 500 million years.  In fact, prior to the human toxin called Al Gore, scientists ranted about the fact that insects were taking over the world and that without selective farming, (GMO) we would not be able to grow enough food to feed the planet.

If you’ve never seen the documentary, “The Hellstrom Chronicles” I suggest you find it and watch it.  There is no way of getting around the fact that insects rule the earth.  There isn’t enough RAID in the universe to kill them.    It doesn’t matter what we humans do.  The insects always win.  The farmers who make a living off the land and the little old lady who grows cucumbers in her backyard can tell you all about it.

Anyway — what is known, however, to be 100% factual — but nobody ever tells you — is that these localized honeybee die-offs have been happening for centuries that beekeepers know about and have reported.

Monks who worked in vineyards and olive orchards, and whose job it was to chronicle this day-to-day stuff, have been scribbling all about it in their scrolls since the 1400s and even earlier.

Did you hear what I just said?  Honeybee die-offs have been reported and described regularly for 600 years — and that’s only as far back as we know.  There were no pesticides in Marie Antoinette’s sunflower seeds — just horse shit — like the whole false narrative about the demise of the honeybee.

I hope you learned something.

Damien LeGallienne reporting for

3 thoughts on “The Dead Honeybee Hoax. All This Buzz About NOTHING!

  1. No sources big surprise if you ever want to be taken seriously I would suggest posting some links to show us where you get your information. I have never met someone who is so stupid that thinks he is so smart. My friend owns one of the largest honey producing companies in the US and even he has noticed the decrease in Honey Bee population. How naive can you be to think that man has never had a negative impact on the environment. Im sure you think the Gulf Oil spill is all a Hoax along with Fukushima. It is not hard to see how stupid you really are just look at your site. The fact that you have an article about Miley just goes to show what a complete tool you are. If you think you are going to win an argument with me think again so be warned you will only look like even more of an idiot if you choose to.

  2. Bob, I would not want to start an argument with you because it would certainly mean curtains for me, but you will kindly let me address some points with regards to where I obtain my information for most articles — and in this case we’re speaking of bees.

    My information, Bob, — my sources — are clearly mentioned and duly noted in the article. Surely you must have noticed that I named the specific companies, organizations and individuals who supplied me with that information. They are all easily searchable and they were each very strident in their opinions. Their insistance that honeybee populations were 100% normal, prompted me — and several other writers — to use the word “hoax” when describing this alleged honeybee extinction.

    Here’s how it works, Bob. I call people at various universities in the departments pertinent to the subject at hand. In turn, these nice people refer me to other people or experts, and from those sources I get my information. Then, when I worry about the information they provide, or if I question in any way the validity of that source, I do simple Google searches to see if some things I have been told can be instantly verified, and in this case, the information as it was told to me was laid out right in front of my eyes. The fun part, Bob, is that you can do this yourself. Of course you can’t because you need to use that time for your own, much more vigilant, watch over the entire earth.

    Don’t misunderstand me, Bob. I know how exhausting it must be to be saddled with so many gloomy prospects, but when the seas are filled with oil and the bees number too few to pollinate the crops and the evil gases of man and cattle destroy the ozone –you know – the whole “sky is falling thing” — you alone will be there to tell us all, and for that we will be forever appreciative — unless of course it’s too late.

    On another note, I don’t see how my article about Miley Cyrus, as told to me by a geneticist, in any way diminishes my piece about the bees — unless Miley Cyrus is killing bees. If you have any information about Miley Cyrus lording over the extermination of bees, please let me know and I will be happy to interview you about that.

    Also, I never mentioned anything about the Gulf oil spill — you capitalized the word “oil” and made it the “Gulf Oil” spill which would imply that it was Gulf Oil who caused the spill but it was British Petroleum.

    Be that as it may, I never mentioned anything about the oil spill and I never mentioned anything about Fukushima — you did. Nowhere in any article did I say anything about either of these events, and never did I question their authenticity. You may have made an honest mistake because those are fears that probably weigh heavily on your mind in your position as earth’s night watchman and ombudsman. I can readily understand how troubling that must be for you and for people like you who are so heavily burdened with keeping close watch over an entire planet — my goodness. I know that I couldn’t do that job and I am so appreciative that you do it all so selflessly. I am very sympathetic as you can plainly see.

    As far as arguing with you goes — I would never want to trifle with you, Bob. You’re a very brilliant man and I know that I am no match for you. To prove to you that I am sincere, I want you to know that I am forwarding your comment to the leaders of the world and I will pass along your sentiments.

    Finally as far as my paltry website goes, and the fact that I am a “tool”, let me remind you that I am in league with all the mediocrities of the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint.

    Fondest regards,
    Damien LeGallienne
    D-amien D-irect M-ail or

  3. Very good article. I particularly enjoyed your put down of that frothing idiot Bob who was so perfectly representative of the clueless self appointed “watchmen” who wouldn’t know a statistic from a bio-carrot. Keep up the good work.

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