What’s Up With Miley Cyrus? Is She Having a Meltdown? One Doctor Explains.

miley 22“In any event, in these so-called Old-Stock White Americans, there is a very high incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction, and this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Hillbilly or Mountain culture — and let’s be frank — this is what we are talking about here. The history of country music alone is a history of alcoholism and drug addiction and hyper-sexuality. Now it’s spreading. ” [Jack Portuguese MD – Geneticist.]

Is Miley Cyrus having a meltdown of some kind? Certainly her recent performance at the MTV Music Awards would suggest that she’s either trying to shed her wholesome image in order to move forward with an adult-oriented career or she’s having a personal crisis of some kind. One doctor thinks he knows the answers.

According to Dr. Jack Portuguese, a Doctor of Internal Medicine and an expert in the pioneering field of Appalachian and Old Stock Genetics, Miley Cyrus could be having a double-edged crisis and it’s causing both a meltdown and twisted kind of self fulfillment.

“It is my opinion that Miley Cyrus is genetically predisposed to a lot of issues that plague many Americans born from old blood American stock,” said Dr. Portuguese from his office in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“We have been mapping the genetic makeup of what we like to call ‘Appalachian DNA’ or to make it easier to understand, there is genetic proof that many people who are descended from what is now known to be old American stock or those whose family roots trace back to the first non-indigenous Americans ( Indians) and those who mixed in a close group centuries back with small amounts Native American blood.miley 33

“Most people would simply say that people like Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray Cyrus come from good, hardy old stock– and for the moment that is as close as come to having an actual name for this ethnic group. In fact I should say ’groups’ because there are between 10 and 12 strains of unique American ethnicities. I am sure that county and court records will show this to be true for the Cyrus family, but it’s the DNA that tells the tale and with that tale comes a lot of baggage as far as propensity to certain diseases and afflictions and dependencies are concerned..

“We are only beginning to see DNA sequences from people where the lineage is traced to North America and not Europe. In other words, there is now a genetic strain of white and black Americans whose DNA has disconnected from its original European and/or African roots.

“Some families have been here on the North American continent since the late 1600s and many of them have not married out far beyond that original bunch. This is not to imply that people like Miley Cyrus are inbred, but it shows the beginnings of a genetic strain that would be no more inbred that say a person from Germany who is decidedly German — and this applies to all European ethnicities. A German is a German or an Italian is an Italian or a Dane is a Dane because a certain group of people stayed in proximity to one another and formed what we call an ethnic group. The same thing is happening with white and black Americans of European and African heritage.”

We asked Dr. Jack Portuguese what all of this had to do with Miley Cyrus and the implication that she was having a meltdown of some kind.

“The Appalachian American, or one who comes from hardy American stock, is plagued with a few physiological and psychological issues as are many ethnic groups.

“For example, African-Americans are bothered greatly by diseases like hypertension and kidney ailments and addictive personality disorders, whereas their African counterparts who still live on the African continent rarely suffer from these problems. The reason for this is that African-Americans have, over the centuries on the American continent, created their own strain of unique African ethnicity(s). They are no longer Black Africans per se, and despite the fact that their complexion would suggest otherwise, their African-ism on a DNA level is diminishing.  They are becoming a new ethnic group.

“The same is happening with many white ethnicities and in these new white ethnicities there are several health issues that are very frequently encountered. It’s totally new research medicine and it will take at least ten or twelve more years for the finished work to come into acceptance. You can ask, ‘When did some Romans become Italians? When did some Normans and Gallics become French?’ You can ask these questions now a thousand years later and still get vague answers, but the answer to when European white pioneers became whatever it is that they will eventually be called, or what that ethnicity will be,  has yet to be established.

miley1“They are their own ethnicity now– both white and black, Yes, they are Americans of course, but if we were to divide the USA into a bunch of separate nations, what would these people be called — Virginians? Missourians? Alabamians? It’s the same way the Europeans eventually divided into ethnicities. It’s perfectly natural and there is no way or need to stop it. It’s nature doing what it does best — but sometimes there are troubles when a gene pool narrows.”

Dr. Jack Portuguese continued.

“In any event, in these so-called old stock Americans, there is a very high incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction, and this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Hillbilly or Mountain culture — and let’s be frank — this is what we are talking about here. The history of country music alone is a history of alcoholism and drug addiction and hyper-sexuality and joblessness and poverty and social detachment.  There is also a very high incidence of exhibitionism, schizophrenia, gender dysphoria, homosexuality and addiction to tobacco.

“Aside from the taboo subjects of transsexualism and homosexuality, these topics have been the subject of just about every country western song since the dawn of that genre of music.

“People like Tammy Wynette (rumors of drugs) and Loretta Lynn (rumors of alcoholism and mentall illness) and Dolly Parton (rumored to be a lesbian)  and so many others are derived from the same melting pot of mountain people who have melded to form an ethnic group that simply does not have a name.

“Sensationalized shows like Jerry Springer and others of that ilk usher in the use of the term ‘white trash’ and while that might seem on the surface to describe the behavior and lifestyles of some white people, it will eventually be viewed as an ethnic slur. Black slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries were very keen to the concept of what they called ‘white trash’ in their midst and steered clear of them to the point where they would protect the white children in their charge from people who were considered by the slaves to be white trash.  In their opinion, there was nothing lower on the social scale than ‘poor white trash’ and it was socially acceptable for slaves to talk down to those people without fear of punishment.  It’s as old as that and it was referenced in several books written by or about the life of slaves in the early days of the United States of America.  Even in ‘Gone With The Wind’ the character of Mammy refers to certain people as ‘white trash’ and she doesn’t want Scarlett exposed to them.”

Again, and with all due respect to the doctor, this is all very scientifically interesting, but what does any of this have to do with Miley Cyrus and her antics at the MTV music awards?

“Miley Cyrus is part of a new genetic strain — a new nationality that has emerged. In all probability, she was born with a predisposition to lesbianism, bisexuality, alcoholism, hyper-sexuality, and a tendency to suffer from serious mental illness. I can’t say if she has any of these issues at the present time, but her behavior at the MTV awards was part and parcel of what one would see in someone who had fallen victim to any number of problems that affect people of her ethnic group. She was put before the American public as a sweet young girl and for many years she was known as Hannah Montana. She may be having an identity crisis of some kind and that can manifest in so many ways — far too many to list for the purposes of this interview.

“On the MTV Awards, Miley displayed hyper-sexuality and a general kind of disregard for her own, real self and the opinions about her from others. She might be fighting her own demons emotionally or she is coming to terms with something like lesbianism — and there have been rumors of that nature about her.

“Keep in mind that she is only 21-years-old and coming to terms with something like homosexuality can be extremely tortuous for many young people as anyone should be well aware of by now. It could be drugs or alcohol, and again, there have been rumors of that nature too. There could be a generalized self-loathing or attempted detachment from what once was Hannah Montana and what is now Miley Cyrus. Or, to be even more simplistic, it could be a marketing gimmick to move Miley Cyrus up the ladder and away from her very young audience. This is probably not her idea, but it’s easy to lead most people who have the spotlight and throngs of adoring fans.”

So, to sum up what Dr. Jack Portuguese is saying; Miley Cyrus is descended from a long line of old hillbillies who drink and have sex with anyone and are generally trashy. I am sorry if that insults the doctor but sometimes you have to see things for what they are, and if Miley is indeed part of a new and unique ethnic group, that group is pretty f***ed up.

Damien LeGallienne: Reporting for TheDamienZone.com

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