Dr. Chauncey Crandall Rip Off? Scam? — Four things…heart attack – RIP OFF? YES!

CAUNCEYMaybe you’ve seen it?

The “news” link that warns you: “These Four Things Happen Just before a Heart Attack”– Have you seen it?

Have you also clicked on it only to find that it’s actually just a 10-minute long infomercial from some money-grubbing asshole cardiologist named Dr. Chauncey Crandall?

In case you’re curious, on top of being a cardiologist, Dr. Crandall is a circus barker with an MD next to his name – and he tells you a great and fearful story about a patient’s experience while having a heart attack.  After you’ve listened for what seems like an eternity to the entire story, Dr. Crandall tells you the shocking truth — the patient he has been describing all along, is Dr. Crandall himself.  OMG!  Isn’t that amazing?  NOT!

Yes, Dr. Crandall –who sadly survived his massive coronary — is the patient who is supposed to inspire you the reader.

Isn’t that inspiring? You suddenly realize, ”Wow!  All along he was the guy who experienced the pain in the arm and hand”— how incredible is that?  It’s so inspirational and uplifting and eye-opening and f***ing annoying because he’s a snake oil salesman.

There is nothing inspirational about it at all.   Dr. Crandall and the publications who misrepresent his scummy infomercial as a news item are all a bunch of grubby scum bags.

And if all of that crap isn’t bad enough, you will not believe what the good doctor is doing now – his latest gimmick. It might make you puke up your guts, but please, please, please, read on.

Why do I hate Dr, Crandall and his heart attack link?

I hate it because it’s a an INFOMERCIAL MASQUERADING AS A NEWS STORY and every low-life website and news outlet website is putting it up as a real news story and not as an advertisement — which is 100% what it is. They do this because they need the hits. They don’t give a shit if you have ten heart attacks — just click on the story and don’t die until after you subscribe to Dr. Crandall’s useless newsletter.

Dr. Crandall posts up simplistic medical stories about heart and heart attacks that anyone with a brain stem already knows. He attaches a hundred links all over the internet and they are disguised as a news item.


NEWSMAX and all the other desperate-for-advertisement websites like HUFFINGTON and so many other shitholes on the web, present it as a real news story when in fact it’s a junky advertisement for a stupid and useless newsletter – AND THEY NEVER STOP TRYING TO PUSH THIS BULLSHIT ON READERS. Dr. Crandall has a really nice medicine sideshow gig going on all over the net.

Sometimes IT’S PRESENTED as a news story and other times they write a story about someone’s heart attack and attach his name and links — this STILL makes it an ADVERTISEMENT! The only differnce is that they keep attaching new stories.

The latest way they are attaching this advertisement to real news is going to make you sick — and I’ll get to that in a moment.

I hate Dr. Chauncey Crandall because he’s medically simplistic and he writes solely to scare people and to get you to buy something from this egomaniacal, f***ing jerk who, by the way. should have f***ing died from his heart attack. If there is a god, Chauncey Crandall will have another heart attack and this one will find us rid of him once and for all.

Why am I so angry? Why do I even care?

CUANVEY33I am angry and I care because this time the sneaky son of a bitch has pushed the envelope a little too far. It was bad enough when he was just shilling for himself and his f***ng retarded and not-really-free newsletter, but now he’s CLIMBING OVER JAMES GANDOLFINI’S CORPSE to further enhance his godless world of medical avarice in spite of the fact that he knows NOTHING about James Gandolfini’s medical history. He is using the persona of James Gandolfini — now that he’s dead and he doesn’t have to pay him — to sell his bullshit newsletter. Can you imagine the fucking nerve of this quack?

This is the lowest I have ever seen a physician stoop to sell something. I once thought that the old monster Dr. Feder — the guy with all the grotesque plastic surgery who cells the bullshit Stem Cell Therapy face cream was a scum bag. I thought those two women dermatologists who shill for that credit card trap acne medicine infomercial were low-life pigs, but this Dr. Chauncey Crandall takes First Prize at the Low Life County Fair for doctors who have sold out their MD for a few extra bucks.

If I were a member of the James Gandolfini family, I would sue this son of a bitch and the websites who put up his infomercial as a news story for MILLIONS!! Dr. Crandall, in my opinion, is using the fame and ultimely death of James Gandolfini as a tool to sell his complete line of bullshit — and he wants your credit card number.

He should be crucifed for doing what he is doing. He is posthumously diagnosing James Gandolfini even though he did not know him. He never examined him. He has no clue about Gandolfini’s health or why Gandolfini had the heart attack that killed him.

He is using generalizations that are so general that they could apply to anyone. In this case they are applied to James Gandolfini so that Chauncey Crandall MD can climb over the corpse of a dead celebrity to sell his fucking junk.

Does it get any more shameless than that? NO! It does not! The guy is a fucking scum bag!

In his latest informercial-masquerading-as-a-news-story, Crandall’s advertisement goes with the headline — “James Gandolfini: A Walking Time Bomb.”

The story — which is of course just a come-on for an advertisement banner — goes on to talk about James Gandolfini and his “massive coronary” — but Dr. Crandall didn’t know James Gandolfini. Ultimately the entire thing is an invented story about somebody who “might’ have a heart attack. It could apply to anyone but this cock***er Crandall and the people who shill for him, are using and abusing the death of James Gandolfini using a sleight of hand technique.

Crandall did not perform the autopsy on Gandolfini. He doesn’t know anything about the weight of Gandolfini’s heart or the degree of coronary blockage — if any — the actor was suffering from. In other words, Crandall is carefully wording a story about Gandolfini’s death to make it look like Gandolfini is somehow attached to Crandall’s product — but he’s not. He’s a just a famous guy who died at a young age from a heart attack. He did not know Dr. Crandall and Dr. Crandall did not know him. It’s a complete fabrication that is cleverly worded to make the average moron think that they are getting beyond-the-grave advice from James Gandolfini via his doctor — and it’s a lie.

Dr. Crandall, in his bullshit fake story/advertisement had NOTHING to do with James Gandolfini. He did not know him. He did not know anything about James Gandolfini’s medical history and he did not conduct the autopsy. He’s just some douche bag sell-out doctor who stamps his name on the story so he can cash in on his video and newsletter and grab a hold of your credit card number until he bleeds you dry with his fucking bullshit.

Note that as the fake news story about Gandolfini is written, there are five links to the Crandall infomercial – so that’s how you know it’s an advertisement and NOT a news story — but you would have to be an imbecile not to figure it out within three sentences.

One California doctor writes:

“Crandall writes sickening and hurtful things where he says that Gandolfini was on vacation in Rome and eating fattening foods. He names the food and the drinks so as to make Gandolfini sound like a gluttonous pig. He writes about how Gandolfini was already overweight and people on vacation often die of heart attacks — huh? He calls Gandolfini “overweight” –duh! So maybe he was — how do YOU KNOW that is why he died?”

Exactly. How do you know that he didn’t die from a blood clot in his leg that he got from sitting on an airplane for 9 hours? You don’t know, Dr. Crandall — YOU DON’T KNOW because you were NOT his doctor. No doctor on earth will make a diagnosis like that on the phone or from information taken from a non-medical media source, but Crandall does because this is how he makes MONEY selling you a newsletter — DON’T BE A SUCKER!

Crandall just writes this stupid shit and then puts a link to his (not really free) $54.00 newsletter and then he goes on to say even nastier things about James Gandolfini’s lifestyle — what he was eating and the alcohol he was drinking and some god-awful remark about movie stars and drug abuse.

What kind of fucking scum bag are you, Dr. Crandall? Didn’t you take an oath before you got that MD, you sick, greedy, scummy son of a bitch? Granny Clampett had more medical scruples than you.

Please — if anybody from the James Gandolfini family reads this — I beg you to SUE THIS SCUM BAG! Again, he is climbing over the corpse of a very famous dead person to turn a buck, and NEWSMAX and so many others are helping him.

For everyone else out there; if you ever see the the Dr. Crandall “These Four Happen Just before a Heart Attack” DO NOT CLICK ON IT! IT IS A BULLSHIT LINK TO SOMETHING HE IS TRYING TO SELL YOU.

If you don’t believe me, you can read this link from a guy who doesn’t seem to truly hate Crandall as much as I do but he smells a rat too. http://dontscamus.blogspot.com/2011/09/dr-chauncey-crandall.html


43 thoughts on “Dr. Chauncey Crandall Rip Off? Scam? — Four things…heart attack – RIP OFF? YES!

  1. Wow, you are almost frenzied about this.
    But I agree with you, and your passion serves to drive home the points you make. There are many “carnival barkers” on the internet, and you are correct that Crandall is one of them. There is no need to subscribe to his newsletter. Free information about heart health is widely available, for instance on the website of the American Heart Association, heart.org

  2. You know, journalistic integrity would have done far more for you than this incompetent shit storm you let get drastically out of hand. To be honest, you sound exactly like Dr.Asshole trying to drum up some press and some negative criticism in order to add the damning sense of reality that comes from unabashed conflict.

    Such an article done properly would have done some real damage to him, while educating those idiot masses who actually fall for these formulaic internet scams. If you hadn’t thrown what integrity you may, or may not, have right out the window, then you would have realized that no one cares about your opinion, or your repetitive points and sadly restricted vernacular. You are the tool through which your audience sees the story, which doesn’t happen when you constantly remind us how much you suck and are probably the very scam artist you’re decrying.

    This wasn’t unexpected, though. As soon as you started veering into ‘Ass Blindingly Irate’ teritory, I skimmed the links at the side of the page. Every link on this site is shallow and, frankly, absurd. How are we supposed to take this seriously when you’re making yourself out to be the bad guy by raging and spewing repetitive, low brow insults every sentence, on a site with such imbecilic and archaically biased views as “Larry Caputo Jr in Gay Situation”? All the links on this page are of similar quality retardation and grossly/obliviously unevolved social perspectives.

    By the way, journalists don’t rely on rabid portrayals of their own opinions to sell articles. They show their audience the story through their words, rather than telling tedious and biased nuggets of exposition. Remember, the very first rule of Journalism is “Show, don’t tell”. Well, you would, if you weren’t a snake oil shill or, worse, his unwitting little helper.

    By failing to live up to even basic standards of writing, you’ve only served in giving this scam artist, and probably fraudulent doctor, ammunition that he doesn’t even have to personally use, because you’ve already shot yourself in both feet with it. Please, present your stories from the unbiased observer’s perspective, or don’t bother writing. The consequences of substandard journalists are the same as substandard cops or fighter pilots…or, shitty snake oil slinging doctors. The consequences are Bad and Far Reaching, and never the twain should meet, yet you mentally crippled slimes never learn or think about the ramifications of your actions. For instance…

    7 A.M. is no time to be slapped in the face by mankind’s hideous failures or to be showing those disturbed, shallow, emotionally deformed caricatures of Man what they really are -_- Go, learn how to be a person worth your very unique, once in an eternity, life. On the other hand, it might be easier to just start over from scratch. Good luck.

  3. Journalistic integrity? WTF? You stayed up all night to write that stupid comment? Listen, asshole. In my own superlative way — a way that seems to bother you sooooo much — I exposed Crandall for what he is. I did it better than you ever could and I also reached about 46,000 people since I published that blog entry only a few days ago. Fuck off and write your own shit, you pretentious buttmunch.

  4. I paid the money for Dr. Crandalls newsletter and so far didnt received anything worh while. reading the newsletters you actually have to pay more money for any more info. It is a ripp-off.

  5. Here’s the thing—There are doctors all over the US that believe the same things that this doctor is saying. These doctors each have decades of experience with healing through alternatives; vitamins, minerals and hormones in addition to herbal, amino acids, glandulars and more to balance the body’s system and reset organs to function again. Checkout mercola.com There are many doctors and scientists that contribute these articles. People come from all over the US and Canada to be treated by him. Go to drbrownstein.com These are board certified doctors. It is extremely difficult to be accepted as a new patient, because they are so good. I know people who go to them and their health has been restored. If they were quacks, they would no longer have a lisence…

  6. So glad I read this. Almost fell for the scam myself. Sad when someone preys on people who are looking for such important information. I really can’t afford $54.00 for information but was willing to splurge. Glad you stopped me, could of had another heart attack throwing away that much money on a scam. Thank you again.

  7. my husband came with his laptop and made me watch the speech of this doctor, i tried to tell him it’s an attempt to get money from people but he did not believe me so i searched and found this site and he finally believed it, i told him that i could find plenty of FREE information about preventing and recognizing heart attacks on the internet, i really hate these people with their long speeches and drawings, before dishing out any money on something seen on the internet or tv please go to your computer and check it out first!

  8. This bastard is a fucking scammer. And being a scammer in the field of medicine is probably the most disgusting form of it. I can’t tell you how much I would love to see him in the media with being confronted with this topic. I hope this asshole burns in hell.

  9. You really seem to be an angry individual, I almost want to root for Crandall now because of how pathetic and distasteful this article is!

  10. Geroge – whatever that means — why do people assume that assertive and direct truth is anger? In my experience, the more angry I might seem to be – ( as per the letters I get) the more I am trying to help. I doubt you read the entire story because if you did, you would have noted that the only anger I feel is by proxy for the Gandolfini family and for honestly sick or frightened or poor people who get suckered in to this crap. Also, you will kindly note NOT to use the word “pathetic” in any internet exchange. It’s played out and trite — like saying “You live in your mom’s basment.” Also note that YOU Geroge ( I think you meant George) are the pissed off reader who took the time to lash out at me. Who is the angry one? To have read my page, you must have done a search — maybe you paid for the the crap online and now you’re taking out on me?

    Damien LeGallienne
    Liege, Belgium

  11. If you want to do damage to his campaign, publish his 4 items yourself. You may have to rework them a bit to avoid copywrite problems

  12. Thanks for saving me the time and annoyance of watching this video for myself! I hate them too Infomercials masquerading as news stories, they ought to be illegal! Thanks again!!

  13. I love your passion. The only reason I found your website is the fact that after listening to Crandalls informational I realized he sounded like a con artist. I than searched for “Crandall fraud” and a number of web responses came up relating to Crandall, questioning his integrity. By the way, his “40 thousand ” procedures he claims he performed. Let him prove it. And what kind of procedures. Of course G–d talks to him so I guess he can work miracles.

  14. Right on! The “good Doctor” sounds like the typical door to door salesman of yore.

    From what you described, Dr. C also sounds just like those schmucks who shill worthless overpriced crap on those Home Shopping Network type infomercial shows.

    I’m relieved to say that I’ve never seen nor heard of Dr. C. If I did run across his BS site, it is not something that I would consider clicking on.

    I don’t care for “stick & carrot” type of info. The old bait and switch type of tactic.

    While I hold Physicians in very high regards, the rare sleazy ones like Dr. Chauncy, and another equally repulsive “Doctor” who doesn’t deserve that esteemed title, are not worthy of having a medical license.

    BTW, the other sleazy “Doctor” is Dr. Byrne. He’s a real twisted thinking type of person, and is quite delusional! He espouses some crazy medical fallacies that deluded> and/or desperate followers, swallow hook line and sinker!

    I hope that this posts in the right format since I’m using my tablet instead of my PC. The size of these screens just don’t compare, nor show what a “outer” does.

    Thank you Damien for the low-down. As usual, I enjoyed your good righteous bashing of the deservedly dasterly doctor.


  15. Watching on TV at the gym this AM, I immediately recognized him as the same type money mongering asshole as Dr. Oz. He is either inebriated with a false sense of grandeur ,or just a fucking scam artist. Dr. Oz was publicly reprimanded last week by a watch dog committee and ADMITTED that all of his bullshit was NOT backed by any scientific study. I showed that to one of his “disciples” and she won’t EVEN discuss it.

  16. 40,000 heart procedures performed? Wilt Chamberlain is jealous. That is 3 per day, for close to 40 years! How old is this fucker?

  17. You guys hardly can throw stones.

    Dr. Crandall does a heck of a lot more than most of you will ever do pertaining to getting people healthy and fit. I bet you didn’t know he often practices medicine for free, giving up both his time and money to do so. Yep he goes to places like Haiti to help the needy.

    I bet you didn’t know that he lost his son Chad to cancer and that he is now very religious because of it and spreads the word of God. I knew Chad before he died and he was a fighter and it was extremely sad to see him pass. It’s actually amazing that Dr. Chauncey even believes in God after what had happened to Chad. He is very passionate about his faith and if you ever have a chance to hear him speak, its very inspiring.


    If you actually knew Dr. Crandall, which none of you obviously do, you would know he is an extremely compassionate person.

    Newsmax is a service, just like a ton of other services. Their job is to get email subscribers and they are very effective at what they do.

    What I find ironic is you guys lambast Dr. Crandall for using Newsmax, yet the author is using similar tactics they use to get you to post here. As one who specializes in SEO, one of the big hooks these days is to create controversy in articles. In doing so, you attract more hits to your website. So The Damien Zone is just using current SEO techniques (Controversy) to drive traffic to his site. So I guess he has Newmax to thank. Hmmm interesting.

  18. His private tragedies have nothing to do with running what in my opinion is an online infomercial that takes money from sick and frightened people. Don’t you dare compare this blog to some cardiac version of an “AS SEEN ON TV” medicine sideshow. I don’t do anything to drive traffic to my site. I just express my opinions, and if thousands of people seem to be googling what I already feel — well — then — how do you dismiss that?

  19. Also — if he is such a noble person, why does he use a “scammy” tactic to sell his subscriptions? All I know is that if you Google this “newsletter” of his — you read nothing but complaints. In my opinion that amounts to making the American buck so you you can then fly off to Haiti to be the hero.

  20. Well said!! Scumbags amsquerading as doctors are the worst in America… why do most doctors I see are just as bad as lawyers, car salesmen and financial advisors!?

  21. So… what the hell are the four things? I’m sitting here on the couch eating chocolate ice cream and nobody is coming across with the things.

  22. I bought his book – The Simple Heart Cure – and found it well-written, helpful, informative and a starting point for someone who knows little about what tests and care procedures are available. I didn’t bother with the newsletter – surely anyone can see it’s a waste of money – but it lead me to the book with which I am very pleased and which I would heartily recommend.

  23. Have you ever had a heart attack? I completely understand your strong opinion of this doctor. Like me, many people that watch his lengthy presentation are looking for any help they can get. I had a heart attack at the age of 44. My heart attack was caused from stress, bad eating habits, and genetics. I do think it is horrible that people try to cash in on other people’s misery. I can only hope that anyone subscribing to his newsletters get some helpful information from them. I wish I had cared about my health sooner. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Heart disease does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any age. I have lost several family members from this disease. I had a cousin drop dead at the age of sixteen from a heart attack. We are not smokers or extremely obese. By the way, I did not buy into this scam.

  24. He starts talking about the four thing at the very end of the video. No. 1 is chest pain, which he then says could be pain far away from the chest, in different places, “pain or an unusual sensation.” No. 2 is nausea and sweating, something you might think is associated with stress or coming down with the flu. The other two “seem like digestive issues” and he says you have to read his newsletter for detailed descriptions.

  25. No one has mentioned that he “graduated” in 1983 from Cetec, an off-shore medical school in the Dominican Republic, which was shut down the next year in 1984 as a medical diploma mill.

    While there were legitimate students at the school, they were Spanish-speaking local students. Americans bought their degrees. Many states, such as California, vetted the “graduates” of Cetec after the scandel broke and revoked their licenses as they did not earn legitimate medical degrees. Florida, where this guy practices, was one of the worst states for not checking out Cetec “MDs” and I know of another still practicing there.

    WebMD lists no residency school in cardiology. Where was his residency done? I suspect this guy bought his Cetec MD degree, Florida never checked him out, and he has claimed fake credentials. Look at this mind-blowing list of his claims!
    Why would anyone who could get into these elite schools and programs (which this guy claims) go off shore to the Dominican Republic – where those who did not BUY their degrees but actually earned them – only went to Cetec because no US medical schools would accept them? I smell bullshit and do not know why no one has investigated these bogus credential claims or complained to the Florida medical licensing board.

    Education & Training
    Yale University
    Yale-New Haven Hospital
    Complete in 1984
    Yale-New Haven Hospital
    Complete in 1986
    Beth Israel Medical Center
    Complete in 1988
    Mount Sinai Hospital
    Complete in 1988
    Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
    Complete in 1989
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Graduated in 1976
    Harvard University Med
    Complete in 1991
    Harvard University School Of Medicine
    Complete in 2009

  26. Two questions. One – There is a long list of medical schools, internships, etc. following Nancy’s letter. Are these Nancy’s credentials, or Dr. Crandall’s , or Damien’s?

    Two – Damien wrote :

    One California doctor writes:
    “Crandall writes sickening and hurtful things where he says that Gandolfini was on vacation in Rome and eating fattening foods. He names the food and the drinks so as to make Gandolfini sound like a gluttonous pig. He writes about how Gandolfini was already overweight and people on vacation often die of heart attacks — huh? He calls Gandolfini “overweight” –d

    Who is the California doctor? If a doctor really wrote this, why not give him the credit?

    I have no stake in this, do not intend to subscribe to anything, I trust my own doctor to guide me. And I do not trust anything that tries to sell itself with excess. Dr. Crandall’s run-on pitch — or Damien’s excessive “prose”.

  27. The doctor did not want to be identified. I can supply you with the names of about 500 doctors who tell me off the record what they think about this jerk-off. It’s nice that you trust your doctor. Does he give you yellow fever vaccinations? Listen, moron, I’m not the one hiding out in some shithole like Panama. That would be you.

  28. The sad thing to me is that the ad I saw was for a free copy of his latest book…about God, the miricles and proof of the afterlife he’s winessed…Oh – and Jesus Christ as well. And…about his heart health advice along with another Dr. friend’s brain health
    advice – which, of course, costs as well.
    I’m not a religious fanatic but I do believe in being kind, doing the best you can at any given time, with the knowledge and sensibilities you have.
    I can’t imagine Jesus Christ…wandering around in plain robes, living humbly and spreading “the word”…can’t imagining him offering a “free” book attached to a subscription so that people could hear his message.
    Isn’t the whole point of most religions that we ought to do what we can to be what we believe is good…treat each other as we’d want to be treated…FOR FREE?
    And hurting each other by asking for money for public knowledge? especially linking it to his “knowledge ” his proof that there is an afterlife – heaven (and hell)…but preying on everyone who has reason to want reassurance…especially cruel when your targets are those who have faced the death of a child, parent, friend or themselves.
    Having lost all but myself – which I almost did (family called in to say goodbye) I almost can’t believe this doctor…who has taken an oath to “First do no harm.” can sleep at night.
    Glad I saw your article, regardless of your tone…it’s honest ( I hope) and so what if you’re angry?
    I don’t tend to express it like you do, but this is an opinion – yes? If you were being broadcast on the news (lets just pretend that’s honest in focus) I doubt you’d use the same language.
    So, thank you.

  29. Proof of an afterlife? Only the most feeble minded brain dead poor souls could possibly fall for this kind of crap. Anyone making such an outlandish claim should be arrested and horsewhipped. There is no afterlife folks, always follow the money. These assholes have no conscience or integrity, they prey on the poor and feeble minded. There are always those willing to believe the unbelievable, they will always walk among us. And there will always be those who are ready to scam and take advantage of this sector of our society. Too bad there is no hell for they would surely burn eternally if there were such a place. To offer false hope to the gullible is despicable. Then again It’S hard to understand how some people can live so long and be so easily deceived.

  30. This is a guy who flunked out of east Carolina university almost impossible and who thinks Oerter pan is anevil spirit

  31. Well! I certainly had a very stress relieving fifteen minutes reading this from beginning to end (so I suppose it helped my heart!). “Fighting” on a blog…for over two years….(: But good for having some zip, and passion. For those who thinks this good doctor is the real thing, search the net for how to spot scams. Miracle-cure-amazing-heart-surgeon-pray-people-back-to -life-pseudo cardiologist dude ticks every box. But thanks for the laugh.

  32. Could someone provide me with a contact for Dr. Crandall, so that I can write to him personally and express my frustration at listening to (read wasting my time) for 30 minutes of my life, as well as increasing my stress level simply waiting for the 4 signs (of which he only discussed 2, and made a vague reference to the other 2).
    I would like to tell him what I fell about his false promises, namely to tell me the four signs, and then offering me “FREE” articles that cost me money to obtain –
    The stupid part is I watched the whole thing so that I could critique what I knew to be a scam, only to find out that I had no way to respond – no address provided – Crandall 1 Geoff 0

  33. Dummyian,

    You are nothing but a scummy and lowlife hate monger and by your own admission. Just your foul profane language, alone in describing this wonderful and gifted physician, is enough to tell the reader what a true scumbag you are. Your indictments of Dr. Crandall have no basis, whatsoever, in fact. You simply rant and rave concerning things, medical and faith bearing, that you know absolutely nothing about.

    Why not just shut you stupid mouth and fold your stupid website or blog or whatever you call this piece of trash, up and go away. Intelligent people don’t need to read your hatred and vile poison.

    I would like nothing more than to take you down into the Amazon jungle region of Brazil and introduce you to my Indian friend, Kumatziakuma!! ohh, wouldn’t he treat you to a hard and head shrinking lesson.LOL

  34. Fred, you are a fat bald guy – so of course you need a heart doctor in spite of the fact that he is a quack. One day you’re just gonna slump down at the keyboard- I couldn’t help but laugh at your Facebook pics – some cheap piano player in a backwoods shithole – your two daughters drinking Sutter Home $5.99 and Barefoot $6.99. Since you have threatened my life, and you have pics of yourself at a gun range, I have reported you to the local police as per your IP address.

  35. The good doctor appears to be a first class charlatan. Did he train at Harvard or Hartford? Yale or Yuma? We may never know.
    The fact that he is not seeing new patients could be due to a lack of a formal office.
    He might work out of his home and be preoccupied and dedicated to turning out fiction and causing great alarm in older people.

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