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The Big Turkey and the big Vonage commercial. The Judy Comprez Story.

Since she gained great fame and fortune as the big turkey and the big ????? lady, a lot of people want to know more about Judy Comprez.  Here is her bio.  You can add more to it by adding a paragraph.  The goal is to get her bio as extensive as possible — even if none of it is true.   You just make your paragraph a “comment” and I will add it into the story of Judy. Judy Comprez was

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Mubarak taken out of Egypt.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was secretly taken out of Egypt last night by secret operatives from  The Discover Channel which plans to do a prime time special where scientists prove with DNA and Mennan Skin Bracer, that Mubarak is really 4,000 years old. “We took him away during the protests,” said Azowri Mulmiddamin, a local florist and shroud fashioner. “It was first believed that he was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe’s exhumed body,” continued the flamboyany florist. ” He always loved Marilyn Monroe and

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Does Tom Cruise use Slaves?

The feds are investigating the Scientology connections with which Tom Cruise is closely affiliated.  Allegedly, the cult and Cruise were involved in human trafficking and essentially using household employees as slaves to do Tom’s bidding. The investigating is ongoing and some guy named Misgivage supplies Cruise with people who have to work for nothing and do whatever Cruise tells them to do.  All those these charges are alleged, however the FBI investigation has been going on since 2009.

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Eliza Kruger and Mark Sanchez — TROUBLE!

Many parents don’t suspect that their might-be-trampy daughter would hook up with a guy until she’s a least 25. They hope that the kid will go to college and drink and party and and have anonymous sex with drunk guys, but they don’t expect them to do what Eliza Kruger did.  Growing girls  will meet growing boys, men and many will even become lesbians and homos – but Eliza Kruger- hooked up with the 24-year-old Jets quarterback. It is being reported that

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Judy Comprez – Vonage — wanted for stealing Perneeeees.

You might know her as the Latina woman from the Vonage commercial — that annoying woman who says “Tawkey” and “The Big Perneeeeeee”  but Secret Agents are calling, Judy Comprez, the most dangerous person in the world and they have mounted a 24 hour a day hotline for anyone who knows this woman and can identify her from this tape where she tries to disguise her voice with farts. “Her cape and boots in the Vonage commercial made us sick,” said

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R&B Singer Marvin Sease Dead at 64

A blues legend has died.  Marvin Sease passed away today, February 8, 2011. An official cause of death has not yet been released but several bloggers are saying he had pneumonia. In eight more days, he would have celebrated his 65th birthday.

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Actress Jana Kramer record deal

Actress Jana Kramer, who plays Alex Dupre on ‘One Tree Hill,’ has signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville. The actress will debut her first single, ‘I Won’t Give Up,’ which she co-wrote, on tonight’s (February 8) episode of the CW television drama. “‘I Won’t Give Up’ is about never giving up on the ones you love,” Jana tells the Examiner. “I wrote this song because I know what it’s like to be dependent on someone, then have to

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DMAE Cream — is there something better called DM133?

Currently, a non-prescription skin cream that works better than anything on the market is available but nobody seems to know where to get it, and the manufacturers are so unorganized that millions upon millions of dollars are slipping through their fingers because they never made enough of it, and the doctor who helped formulate it was not aware of how good it would work. The light cream, almost colorless, is called DM133 and it contains all natural ingredients.  It supposedly fixes the tones

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