DMAE Cream — is there something better called DM133?

Currently, a non-prescription skin cream that works better than anything on the market is available but nobody seems to know where to get it, and the manufacturers are so unorganized that millions upon millions of dollars are slipping through their fingers because they never made enough of it, and the doctor who helped formulate it was not aware of how good it would work.

The light cream, almost colorless, is called DM133 and it contains all natural ingredients.  It supposedly fixes the tones of skin and reduces the signs of wrinkles and folding incredibly, especially for men, but you can’t get it. 

“We made a few hundred jars,” said a company spokesman, “but we were not prepared to meet the demand so quickly.  Yes, it works very well and with the summer coming to most parts of the USA  it will work even better, but we just don’t have the facilities ready to make enough of it.

“We can mame it a boutique industry and sell it for $1,000 per jar, but we would like to be out there with the bigger names and creating a brand that is not elite — and the most elite brands don’t work like DM133 — nothing does. ”

The company that has made this cream — an anti-aging cream that actually works — can’t make the damn thing.  It reminds me of the Mercedes Company back in the turn of the century.  They never believed that so many people would rave about this horseless carriage and for the first ten years you just could not get one.

If we get any more news about DM133 we will let  you know.

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