Eliza Kruger and Mark Sanchez — TROUBLE!

Many parents don’t suspect that their might-be-trampy daughter would hook up with a guy until she’s a least 25. They hope that the kid will go to college and drink and party and and have anonymous sex with drunk guys, but they don’t expect them to do what Eliza Kruger did. 

Growing girls  will meet growing boys, men and many will even become lesbians and homos – but Eliza Kruger- hooked up with the 24-year-old Jets quarterback.

It is being reported that Eliza Kruger had had relations with Mark Sanchez, seven years her senior. And now the news of their alleged affair is everywhere. And as a  parent, one has to wonder what Eliza’s mom and dad are thinking right about now.  They must be shocked because Eliza is the great granddaughter of the film actress Alma Krueger (she added an extra E) and Alma Krueger was known for being very patrician and proper.  If she knew that her great grandchild was screwing a football player, there would be hell to pay!

Initially the kid was just called  E.K. but her name (and Facebook page) was leaked to the press. Included was news that her dad is the very well known Connecticut hedge funder Konrad “Chip” Kruger but her dad and her mom Marie divorced back in 2006, when Eliza was 13.  Her dad’s grandmother was the VERY FAMOUS movie actress Alma Krueger who spelled her name with an extra E for some odd reason.

Eliza Kruger has since hired a lawyer, a move probably prompted by her parents. To have your teenager involved with an older man is one thing, but to have your daughter’s dalliances exposed for all to hear about? Probably not the best news to wake up to.  What recourse will the parents have? The Mark Sanchez Eliza Kruger “hook up” wasn’t illegal according to New York and New Jersey laws. But she still lives at home, and is not yet an adult. Maybe her parents will ground her? Take away some privileges (and she comes from a very privileged home)? Or perhaps they’ll just cancel their Jets season tickets.

According to sources, the parents plan on having a seance and asking the ghost of Alma Krueger to pronounce sentence on this little vixen.  I think that Alma will say, “It means a great deal more when children are involved!   If you don’t believe me, watch the movie THESE THREE (1936) – you will see what a bitch this old lady was.  She had Margaret Hamilton (The wicked Witch Of The West) smack Bonita Granville in the face just for telling a lie — what kind of punishment does the old ghost hand out for S-E-X!!!!!!!

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