Mubarak taken out of Egypt.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was secretly taken out of Egypt last night by secret operatives from  The Discover Channel which plans to do a prime time special where scientists prove with DNA and Mennan Skin Bracer, that Mubarak is really 4,000 years old.

“We took him away during the protests,” said Azowri Mulmiddamin, a local florist and shroud fashioner.

“It was first believed that he was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe’s exhumed body,” continued the flamboyany florist.

” He always loved Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Carter gave him her corpse if Mubarak promised not to attack  Isreal.  But the bony woman turned out to be Mubarak’s long-suffering wife who seems to have suffered tremendously under the strain of the past few weeks of insanity.”

Plans are to send Mubarak and his wife to Switzerland where they will share a chalet with Julian Assange.  Marilyn Monroe’s body, when it is located, will be sent back to Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles.  Mubarak’s wife will undergo months of therapy and lots of goat chops.

2 thoughts on “Mubarak taken out of Egypt.

  1. Greetings oh wise one! Having finally landed on the continent of the most ancient race, glad to report the peace movement is spreading all across this fine land. Our first observation was of the southern part of the continent, where the peace movement is still evolving very slowly…..much discontent amongst the ancient race who are still being suppressed even by their own leaders! Moved on to the Midwest coastal area where prosperity abounds for the ancient race (sadly, it seems only for a small minority). Today we make exploration by a voyage around some small islands and plan to land on a sandy beach to break bread with a sampling of the local natives! Thankyou for your wonderful observations of the people of Egypt…..may peace and harmony reign long in their region of this vast and fascinating land. Big kisses to the people of the most civilized land.

  2. This letter sounded a little cheeky at the very end but I let it slide through. I don’t censor any letters even when they come from redheaded sexy British gals. LOL — for a second there, I thought you were a militant protester. haha!


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