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Pitbull Saves Women from Cobra Story– IS A HOAX. TOTALLY FAKE.

This story is, in a broad sense, a complete hoax and it’s been floating around the internet for nearly 5 years. It was reported to us by a Hollywood writer and zoologist who later clarified our error in reporting. More pics —>  Depictions  If you read the story that was “shared” to you by one of your stupid Facebook friends– the one where the pit bull gave up his own life to save an old lady and her grandchild from a vicious cobra

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How to make a Billion dollars off of Marilyn Monroe’s dead body.

Wanna make a half a billion dollars? First, get a Doctor of Divinity Degree online.  It’s better to also get a PhD in anthropology too, but who has the time for that? Okay, then create your own church and declare Marilyn Monroe a prophet in your church. Then buy the rites to Marilyn Monroe’s remains, $2 million oughta do it because the current people who have the rights to her “image” are money hungry scum bags. Then, exhume whatever is left of

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Great Quote from Whitney Houston. RIP.

This was a nice thing for Whitney to say.  She said it from the heart. 

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Whitney Houston – official cause of death announcement.

Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel and room and the official cause of death might be discovered as early as this evening in that the hotel room is now a scene of investigation. “Although there were no signs of foul play, that’s what always happens in these cases  where someone is found dead,” said a former LA Detective who is not associated with the case. “The authorities have to do their jobs as does the coroner.  Her body

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Super Bowl Racial Slur “Zootzoon” Causes Man To Lose His Job After 75 years.

It took a lot of people to put up and dismantle the stage on which Madonna put on her awful halftime show.  Sadly the head of the whole job of sweeping and cleaning the entire removeable floor was a man full of hate. Mario “Jasper” Camstigliero , 89, a stage janitor for nearly 75 years, was fired from his job as the head director of janitorial services for the NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show where he worked for 41 years. Seems he used

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Facebook story: Woman Complains About Sitting Next to Black man on airplane — HOAX! FAKE! NEVER HAPPENED!

Still another fake story floating around Facebook — something that NEVER happened and is a complete lie and a hoax and whatever else you want to call the retarded shit people  post on Facebook. They live only to “share”  their maudlin and silly crap. The fake story is accompanied by the photo of a flight attendant standing in the aisle of a jetliner — it’s just a stock photo that somebody STOLE to invent a fake story that seems inspirational when in

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Old lady with guns in car — Minnesota State Trooper HOAX!!!!

   The stupid story going around on Facebook about a woman who had a lot of guns in her car when stopped by a Minnsesota state trooper for a traffic violation is a complete hoax.  As a matter of fact, it’s such a hoax that the picture that is being circulated on facebook with a photo of a woman has come under fire because it’s a photo from a family reunion of a Mrs. Abagail Armstrong who died in 2002 at age 94 and

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Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – New Facelift Plastic Surgeries For State Of The Union

If you caught Obama’s State of The Union address last night you might have noticed that NY Senator Chuck Schumer was wearing his brand new facelift and botox — it was still shining from the vaseline salve.  He looked very feminine.  He should have invested in hair plugs for the back of his head.  He only has a few rows in the front which he grows long and combs back.  Same as Biden.   He oughta fix that. Former Speaker Nancy

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