Whitney Houston – official cause of death announcement.

Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel and room and the official cause of death might be discovered as early as this evening in that the hotel room is now a scene of investigation.

“Although there were no signs of foul play, that’s what always happens in these cases  where someone is found dead,” said a former LA Detective who is not associated with the case.

“The authorities have to do their jobs as does the coroner.  Her body will go to the LA County morgue where an autopsy must be performed in cases like this.  But if foul play was involved, like if somebody killed her or something, it would be apparent to the detectives on the scene but the exact cause of death would still be in the hands of the medical examiner.  Whitney Houston’s death could be known tomorrow or as far off as 2 months so you never know when that announcement will be made.”

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