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Stronger Than The Storm. New Jersey Official Lyrics.

    STRONGER THAN  THE STORM A TRIBUTE TO NEW JERSEY BY: Damien LeGallienne   SPOKEN: The beaches washed away But they’ll be coming back someday We’re working hard to make that dream come true   SPOKEN: When the roller coaster fell We could soon hear Jersey yell “We will rebuild it and ride again someday.” CHORUS: Because we’re stronger than the storm Stronger than the storm We’re New Jersey and we’re stronger than the storm Yeah, we’re stronger than

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Joey Lawrence Hair Transplants? Pecs? Biceps? Speedos? Waxed Chest?

Joey Lawrence has had his ups and downs. His career has gone from very sky high to so-so and then to lackluster. He used to have a head full of bushy brown hair but then it started to thin out as he approached his crucial 30th year and Joey was faced with a hair-raising dilemma. Soon after the hair started to go, Joey started sprouting copius amounts of chest hair which he then carefully waxed and shaved in order to

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Edward Snowden’s Sexuality Issues. The Making of an American Misfit.

If they’d had video games and latops in the 1950s and early 1960s, Lee Harvey Oswald would have played them. He would have been a fixture on various message boards — perhaps even hailed as a champion. His social skills via Twitter or Facebook, however, would have been limited, and while he would have been known –perhaps mocked or admired — throughout his school and neighborhood, he wouldn’t have been conventionally popular. He would have acquired the kind of notoriety that

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West First Baby Pictures.

In keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents Kim and Kanye, North West has announced that she is merging with United Airlines. Here is the first baby picture of Kim and Kanye’s baby girl — isn’t she a beauty. Most kids can’t even crawl until they’re at least 4 months old – this gal is 2 days old and she can do 550 mph at 37,000 feet.

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IMDB STARmeter — is it being rigged by Amazon? Sure looks like it.

For anyone who has been living in a cave for the past 15 years, please be advised that there is a website called the Internet Movie Database — or IMDB. It can be very useful if you are a person who likes to look up things about actors and movies — but that’s where it’s usefulness ends. The IMDB is a giant warehouse where electronic knowledge of everything you need to know about movies or actors or television is stored.

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Paula Deen — A Victim of her Own Stupidity and Reverse Racism

“Oh, Mammy. Please don’t tell me any more.” The character of Melanie Wilkes in GONE WITH THE WIND said that, and I’m repeating it now. What with the latest news gossip goin’ round ’bout dat that silver-haired and shameless air-brushed-for-magazine-covers TV hick chef Paula Deen and all dat? Why, she be done runnin’ round Atlanta sayin’ the devil’s words about colored folks like nobody’s business, and then they done tell that she be making these here preparations for her very

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A TRIBUTE TO #JAMES GANDOLFINI A poem by: Damien LeGallienne of TheDamienZone.com   The actor named James Gandolfini Ate his last hearty dish of linguini At a restaurant in Rome His sacred ancestral home The Seven Hills of Pavarotti and Puccini   Foerever he’s Tony Soprano We’ll write sad songs to play on piano And ask why is our god so terribly greedy Why’d he stuff James with baked ziti And forever take our beloved Italiano   Carmella will bring the canolis and the cookies with lots of pignolis Pauly Walnuts

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Lucky Horseshoes from Racehorses? Strange New Fad or Witchcraft?

In recent years the horseshoe has been used as a lucky charm, but in the distant past a horseshoe was hung over a door to keep away bad luck or illness. Throughout the course of our lives many of us have grown used to seeing a horseshoe hanging here and there, but in the past few years, a very curious thing has been happening in the world of horseshoes and it’s happening in a few secret areas in the USA.

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