Zsa Zsa Gabor’s corpse is not even cold yet, but her high camp moment of slapping a Beverly Hills cop  has been topped by two frumpy, New-Yawk-Values-Lawyuhs – husband and husband — — who seemed to have gone off on a bitchy rage on a JetBlue flight bound for Florida.


[Damien LeGallienne, Brussels]  Seems husband and husband were butt hurt by the outcome of the Presidential election so they made a big girlie scene on an airplane.   It’s safe to assume they’ve been butt hurt quite a few times, but now they have settled down to married life like two content and normal gay men.   WRONG!!!!!   They are bitchy queens!!!!

Yes, the pinnacle of HIGH CAMP has been reached, and it happened on a flight that is usually filled with old New Yawk women – grossly disfigured by years and years of sickening plastic surgery.

queensHere’s what happened — I guess you can say that this is MY OPINION — but take my word for it — my opinion is usually the right one.

Ivanka Trump – daughter of PRESIDENT TRUMP (get used to it, ladies) needed to get from JFK to wherever.  She traveled, with her little children, like an ordinary human being, on a crowded plane that has NO FIRST CLASS SEATING.   Why should she be insulted or ambushed by two morons?  She shouldn’t.

We live in a polite society — that was until the wee hours of  9 November when Donald Trump defeated the biggest lying piece of shit on the face of the earth in the Presidential Election.   OUCH!  That must have hurt like a butt plug made of barbed wire.

Ivanka’s presence on the plane didn’t sit well with the whiny and queenie husband and husband who, if President Trump had never run for President, would have tweeted: “Oh my gawd!  We’re on the same plane with #IvankaTrump and she looks #fabulous.”

Notwithstanding the fact that the bitchy queens verbally abused her in front of her children, they tweeted prior to boarding, that they were going to do it — and they did.   This was a premeditated verbal assault.  The Tweet showed INTENT — so the two lawyuhs might now need lawyuhs…I assume.    I doubt Ivanka will trouble herself with litigation against these two balding old hags, but JetBlue might.

Listen, honey.  You don’t f**k with trouble on an airplane.  If you do, you get thrown off and you might get yourself barred from flying anywhere.  I support JetBlue 100% for tossing these two morons off the plane.  I am also for banning them from flying anywhere but Iran.  

Question:  What could possibly be more fun that watching two New-York-Values bitchy queens go full out queenie on Ivanka Trump while sitting on an airplane?  

Answer:  Watching the two bitchy queens get thrown off the airplane for being irate bitchy queens.

It doesn’t get any more hilarious than that unless you add the lies and deception put forth by the equally bitchy and queenie gay press who cherry pick tweets and Facebook comments to make it look like every human being in the USA is a gay basher.    Anyone who sides with these two New Yawk lawyuhs has never had to deal with bitchy queens.  It’s a daunting task.  

Okay, time for more hilarity about queenie bitchiness.

The ALWAYS LYING “ADVOCATE” gay newspaper shit wipe – said that “FAR RIGHT people are tweeting out the cell phone numbers of the two aforementioned bitchy queens.”   Now think about this:  Who would have the cell phone numbers for these two morons?  Their FRIENDS!!!!   Of course — so,  dear Advocate, the truth is that the bitchy queens have equally bitchy queen friends who sold them out by giving out their mobile numbers on social media.  You don’t have to be a genius to figure that one out, but the Advocate is content to lie as usual.

More fun:

“They — bitchy MATTHEW LASNER and his bitchy husband  DAN GOLDSTEIN – were whispering (LIE) their displeasure about having to share a plane with the Trump family.”   LIE!!!!

“The husband – who was sitting with his husband — TWEETED out that he was going to GO AFTER HER.  (TRUTH) <—There you go, folks.   The butt hurt bitchy queens saw their prey, and being the good and progressive social justice warriors they are, they opted to save the world whilst sitting in a cheap seat on a cheap airline (granted that it’s the only airline who does the route) with their cheap behavior.  It’s a new camp classic.  This is more fun than Nancy Kerrigan getting her kneecaps busted by Tonya Harding.

>>>>In now-deleted tweets, Lasner wrote, “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them. #banalityofevil.” <<<<

Excuse me, honies. but WTF is a Banality of Evil.  It should have been #TheBanalityOfBeingaTypicallyBitchyQueen

He later tweeted, “My husband expressed displeasure (LIE) in a calm tone ( LIE) , JetBlue staff overheard and they kicked us off.”<<<<<LIAR LIAR LIAR!   The two queens made a scene.  It takes a LOT to get kicked off a plane.   I suggest that they YELLED at Ivanka and they said “Why isn’t she flying private?”  Then they got all queenie and loud and….you know the rest.

Maybe she’s not flying private because she felt like watching the side show that these two morons provided.


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