You know him as the guy from those MY PILLOW commercials that air 24 hours per day, but if you watch and listen carefully to his commercials you might spot something more about Mike Lindell — he’s more than an INVENTOR upon whom you can rest your weary head.mikelindellll

Listen carefully to when he says in his ads:  “Hi, I’m Mike Lindell – INVENTURE – of My Pillow.”  If you thought he was mispronouncing the word “inventor,” you’d be wrong.

“I came upon the word ‘inventure” by what you would call a happy accident,” said Lindell from his manufacturing warehouse in Minnesota.

“It sounds crazy now, but certain things happen for a reason.  I had just has some dental work when it came down to filming the commercial for My Pillow that airs quite frequently in some markets.  I sat in my office rehearing my sales pitch, and I each time I said “inventor” it came out wrong because my entire mouth was still a little numb from my dental procedure.   I know that INVENTURE sounded drunk or weird, but then I thought about it and I had a revelation.  I even had it entered as word in the new dictionary — SEE HERE De Word MY PILLOW INVENTURE.

mikelindellll“I realized that creating My Pillow was really, when you think about it,  an INVENTURE.  It was a combination of the words INVENTOR and ADVENTURE.  It was, like I said, a happy accident.    Now, when people ask me about my mispronunciation, I am quick to tell them exactly what I am telling you.  Everything that led up to the creation and marketing of My Pillow was truly an ADVENTURE about an INVENTION.   It was truly an INVENTURE.  I am the first person, I think, to have ever INVENTURED a product that is beloved by millions of people.”

Mike Lindell is also proud to tell President Elect Donald Trump that he is not moving his production to Mexico or anywhere else but his home state of Minnesota.

“The people of Mexico can buy My Pillow just as easily as anyone.  I am happy to sell it to them, but My Pillow is an All-American product that was INVENTURED right here in the USA.


  1. Tried to buy pillow from you. Code was Ah von ghoul When I called it was 99 bucks. Am I wrong ? Thought they were 50 bucks apiece. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Just thought it was 2 for 1. Love the idea and would love to see how they work. Good job and good luck with your endeavors.

  2. OK… I’ll buy the “inventure” thing, even though I think that Mike mis-pronounces “inventor.” But, he also says that the pillow is machine waRshable, instead of washable. I’m originally from Wisconsin, and I know that “washable” contains no “r”, even in Minnesota. Something seems to be wrong with Mike’s speech or with the commercial editors.

  3. Gary — WARSH is a very common corruption for the word WASH. It’s usually a White Trash thing, but in Mike Lindell’s case, it’s some kind of regional thing. I am not saying that Mike Lindell is NOT White Trash, but one never knows. In either case, we’re talking about a guy who stuffs foam in a pillow and then tries to wear you down with millions of hours of ad time. My friend bought a few and she said, “They’re just pillows. There is nothing special about them.” So we have WARSH and INVENTURE — Maybe he drinks? Personally. I think he should lay down and take a nap on a cement floor.

    Thanks for your comment
    Damien LeGallienne.

  4. In Cincinnati, “warsh” was a common pronunciation of the word “wash”. I was interested in why this was so, and after some googling I found this explanation:

  5. Damien, it is very easy to see that you are very jealous of mike. Maybe if you weren’t so jealous all the time you could become a better person like mike lindell.

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