ACLU and PETA announce: “We’ll help if we get publicity but really we’re just crazy people.”

A polite note to suckers.    The ACLU and PETA will only help you if your case generates a lot of  press for them.    Neither group actually helps anyone but themselves and the public is being advised to steer clear of them. 

“We are just a bunch of crazy people who try to ruin everything,” said Rhonda Manteer an ACLU lawyer who works in their PETA department. 


 “Why haven’t people figured that out by now that we’re crazy people?   I mean, I defended the terrorists who blew up  my own grandmother in TelAviv, but since her dog was also killed in the blast I had to call for their exectution, but then again I am opposed to execution so in the end I didn’t know what the fuck to do.  Like I told you, we are crazy people.”


Disclaimer:   The Damien Zone abhors the abuse, neglect or exploitation of animals in any way, shape or form.  We think, however, that PETA ignores real issues in favor of issues that get them press.  As for the ACLU — they are just insane lawyers and the parents who paid for their law school are having heart attacks all over the place.

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