Meryl Streep Nearly Died from Donald Trump Makeup.




Meryl Streep nearly died from the Donald Trump makeup she wore, and her face is not out of the woods yet as a serious bacterial infection that’s usually only found in babies ravages her face.


“At first we could not tell it was Meryl Streep because she looked like an elderly woman.   This happens a lot when you work in Hollywood and you see stars or other people of fame without their makeup or wigs and things like that.  We were able to stabilize Miss Streep and she will stay on antibiotics and other anti-swelling medications until all of the infection clears.  If that treatment fails to contain the infection, we may have to surgically remove layers of her skin or even part of her face.”  [Dr. Mildred Sclafani, MD]

She might have though that she was getting the last laugh, and that her costume was hilariously funny,  but actress Meryl Streep, who recently appeared onstage dressed as Donald Trump, has had to be treated several times in the past week for the facial severe burns and the “angioedema” she suffered when the orange makeup she wore to create the image of a Donald Trump look-alike caused a serious reaction that my damage her face permanently.

Sources say that she is being treated at home now after having spent the last three days in the burn unit of an undisclosed hospital.

According to Dr. Helen Sclafani, a dermatologist who specializes in chemical burns,  “Miss Streep suffered from Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome which is a bacterial infection that is usually only found in toddlers and infants.   The infection makes the skin appear to have been burned and blistered.   Formerly this disease process was called ‘scalded baby syndrome,’ because it looked as though the child had been burned by hot water.  In Miss Streep’s case, however, she has a combination chemical burn from the makeup and a scalded skin type of infection.  Like I said, this is something you usually find in babies who play with adult products or apply things to their skin that should not be there.  Usually it’s very young and unknowing children who like to play dress up and games like that.  It can be a disfiguring infection if not caught early enough and we honestly do not know what the ultimate outcome, as far as scarring goes, will be in Miss Streep’s case.  We have never had an adult come in suffering from this.  Only babies.”

Meryl Streep's face with "scalded skin" infection.
Meryl Streep’s face with “scalded skin” infection.

Meryl Streep’s representatives had no comment other than to say that Miss Streep was being treated the same way doctors would treat a baby.

According to other sources, Streep originally complained of swollen lips and tongue and an inability to breathe.  This is called “angioedema,” and in many cases it can be fatal if not attended to quickly.

Dr. Sclafani continued:

“Miss Streep’s life may have been saved by the angioedema because she had originally written off the original infection as an itchy rash, but when her tongue was so swollen and her face got so bloated that she could barely take a breath, she was rushed to the ER where she treated with antihistamines and other medications. ”   


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