Marilyn Monroe’s estate — Is Mrs. Strasberg greedy? You judge.

In her will, Monroe left acting coach ( who had no talent himelf)  Lee Strasberg her personal effects, which amounted to just over half of her residuary estate, expressing her desire that he “distribute [the effects] among my friends, colleagues and those to whom I am devoted”.[138] Instead, Strasberg stored them in a warehouse, and willed them to his widow, Anna. Mrs. Strasberg successfully sued Los Angeles-based Odyssey Auctions in 1994 to prevent the sale of items consigned by the nephew of Monroe’s business manager, Inez Melson. In October 1999, Christie’s auctioned the bulk of Monroe’s effects, including those recovered from Melson’s nephew, netting US $13,405,785.  Photos of items here Direct photo. 

Mrs. Strasberg then sued the children of four photographers to determine rights of publicity, which permits the licensing of images of deceased personages for commercial purposes. The decision as to whether Monroe was a resident of California, where she died and where her will was probatedor New York, which she considered her primary residence, was worth millions

On May 4, 2007, a New York judge ruled that Monroe’s rights of publicity ended at her death

In October 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 771

The legislation was supported by Anna Strasberg and the Screen Actors Guild and established that non-family members may inherit rights of publicity through the residuary clause of the deceased’s will, provided that the person was a resident of California at the time of death.

In March 2008, the United States District Court in Los Angeles ruled that Monroe was a resident of New York at the time of her death, citing the statement of the executor of her estate to California tax authorities, and a 1966 sworn affidavit by her housekeeper.

The decision was reaffirmed by the United States District Court of New York in September 2008. In 2010, Monroe’s Brentwood home was put up for sale by Prudential California Realty.

9 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe’s estate — Is Mrs. Strasberg greedy? You judge.

  1. Good grief!! I have been saying this for months!! Anna, you are not a good person!!!!!! I wonder how much of the millions being made off MM’s estate actually go to the children of her half-sister!!???!…..oh well, Anna has to live with her conscience….Lee S. just plain took advantage of MM at the time they met…..I’d love to know if the millions are actually being given to those in MM’s will……hopefully they are….but as for Anna? not my favorite person!!!!!!!!

  2. You never knew her. How can you be so greedy that you want all her money. Marilyn Monroe had family. Her mother and grandmother were a different religion but her grandmother had a brother. He was seventh day Adventist. They all loved Marilyn. She had seven cousins and a multitude of second cousins.

    All which would have had greatly appreciated some of Marilyn’s estate. In her will she states that the money is to go to family. Anna Strasberg is cheating the family.

    I am the daughter og Rebecca Hogan Landers , the last surviving first cousin. Marilyn and my mother were close. As my mother is 87 and in frail health. A generous gift would be greatly appreciated and the hogan family would greatly appreciate a gift as well.

    We don’t want to cause trouble or take you to court as that would be pointless. Your husband made sure her family got nothing. Anna, would you please make sure her relatives are taken care of. It would be a true kindness on your part. And the world would stop polking fun of you.

    Thank You Very Much

    Karen Fritz Rowe Fine

  3. FACT i don’t type so well and take anything I wrote down from your site. Marilyn Monroe’s family has been put through enough. You are making fun of any good things that are fifty years in the past. For your information Anna Strasberg should have included her family in the many millions she has made off someone she never knew.

  4. All of the strasberg family had gotten their big paws on Marilyn’s money, poor girl she didn’t have many people who she could rely on only those people that took advantage of her kindness, i hope all the strasbergs get what they deserve it just shows how much Lee thought of Marilyn’s wishes because Marilyn’s mother had to find money to keep her safe in care just before she died but did Lee help her…?

  5. In my opinion, Lee Strasberg was a no talent ugly hack who attached himself to great and talented people by proclaiming himself to be a great acting teacher. He had no talent other than sucking up the talent of others who did. Seems like his descendants were/are just like him. Young actors believe anyone who tells them how great they are — they are easy to con. Strasberg, I think, knew how to exploit this fact to the max.

  6. PLEASE TAKE DOWN THESE COMMENTS DOWN. I HAVE EPILEPSY AND BEING SOMEWHAT GROGGY. I SPOKE OUT OF TURN. YOUNG DESENDANTS MY DEAR IM NOT YOUNG. IM 68. I dont want anything. You’ve put words in my mouth and twisted them to suit yourself.


    7:00 a.m. Thursday March the Fifteenth. 2018

  7. Today I’ve been reading about the shocking greed that followed in the wake of Marilyn Monroe’s death, and I feel sick to my stomach. Most people are vultures it seems.

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