Hillary Clinton Weight Gain and FBI Investigation.

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Hillary Clinton Weight Gain and FBI Investigation

[Damien LeGallienne] The FBI is closing in on Hillary. and the stress of that fear is causing her gain huge amounts of weight.  Friends close to the former First Lady say that she has gained nearly 40 pounds in the past six months, and that she has had to change her style of dress to accommodate and/or cover the massive weight gain she has experienced around her stomach, hips and thighs.

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According to endocrinologist Raymond Totondi, MD PhD,   Mrs. Clinton is headed towards morbid obesity.  fat hillary 2

“Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol. Excess cortisol makes most people gain brown fat (visceral fat) around your waist, belly and overall abdomen.  The nagging fear that she might very well be indicted for serious crimes, and the constant stress of the campaign on her aging body, has caused Hillary Clinton to gain unhealthy amounts of weight.  If you look at Mrs. Clinton in more recent photos, she is now wearing very large and overly long blouses or jackets to cover or camouflage her widening frame.  Her legs are already very thick and burly, and the added weight gain only adds to this overall disproportion. “

Most people see weight gain as part of the aging process.  In American culture, a fat old lady is a healthy and robust old lady, but in the case of Mrs. Clinton, this visceral fat could lead to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and many forms of cancer — especially of the breast and colon.  fat hiullary

The fact that Hillary is gaining so much abdominal weight is more than ample proof that she is in an anxious state.  Bernie Sanders’ successful campaign did indeed put Hillary on edge, but it’s the FBI investigation  that is causing her to gain so much weight.   Grappling with a political opponent is a kind of “good” stress, and the thrill of that kind of chase is what makes politicians thrive, but the fear of a criminal indictment is “bad” stress, and this is what is causing Hillary’s incredible weight gain.

Dr. Totondi continued:

“If this FBI investigation continues on until the Democratic National Convention, we might be looking at a 200 pound candidate.  She might already be at the 200 pound tipping point.  If that’s true, we might be looking at a 250 pound candidate who is draped in longer and loungier blouses – the proverbial Mu-Mu.   She might even start wearing sweats or stretch pants.  

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