Jesse Watters and Bill O’Reilly – SLUR AGAINST ITALIAN-AMERICANS

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Jesse Watters and Bill O’Reilly – SLUR AGAINST ITALIAN-AMERICANS

If anyone watched THE O’REILLY FACTOR last night (June 7, 2016) – and millions did — you would have witnessed a painful display of hatred and bigotry aimed at Italian Americans and nothing more.

Bill O’Reilly — a bully and a verbally abusive Irishman – sent his young “producer” Jesse Watters out to Seaside Heights, NJ – the home of MTV’s “JERSEY SHORE” to ask questions about the New Jersey Primary elections, which are being held today.   As usual, Watters, along with O’Reilly and his crafty gang of producers and editors, put together a hit piece on Italian-Americans and New Jerseyans in general.

The gist of the piece was for Jesse Watters to find as many dumb people who “sounded” or “looked like” Italian-Americans and to trip them up with questions.    Mind you, this segment was not described as such, but that’s what it was.  You don’t need to be Al Sharpton to figure out when you are being subversively mocked.

Watters told one young guy — who had a “Jersey Shore” look to him but was not proven to be Italian —  “You look darker than a Mexican.  Are you sure you want to vote for Donald Trump?” Oreilly waters

To Jesse Watters – a complete and unfunny jackass — anyone on the Seaside Heights boardwalk who sounds like a tough guy must be an Italian American.  Why does he make these judgments?  In my opinion, he does it because he, along with Bill O’Reilly, is an Italian-hating ignoramus who draws upon stereotypes in a vain attempt to get a laugh.

Neither Bill nor Jesse would ever do this to Jews in Brighton Beach, NY or African Americans on Virginia Beach.  They wouldn’t do it to ANY other ethnic group either because both of their careers would be squashed.  If you don’t believe that, ask Don Imus.  Italian-Americans are easy targets because they don’t complain about this abuse.  They seem to like it.

Watters does the same kind of bomb throwing on college campuses.  He finds the dumb kids – via editing a whole lot of tape –  and asks them questions so as to create the illusion that the average college kid doesn’t even know the name of the current Vice President or any other easily answerable questions.

But these little bits called “Watters’ World,” are about college kids in general or hippies at OCCUPY rallies.  Why did he try this shtick with people in New Jersey who he markedly marketed as Italian Americans — save for one African American girl who, by Jesse’s choice, was much more informed and eloquent that the rest of his interviewees?

All you need to do is watch the piece and you will understand.   It was a sneaky hit.  Watter’s piece used a technique where he follows up every answer, no matter how correct or incorrect,  with some crass excerpt from a movie where coarse and crude actors portrayed as “typical Italian Americans” are spouting garbled profanity.  It was pitiful.

The entire segment was buttoned up with clips from some MAFIA movie where someone like Tony Soprano or Don Corleone is saying something something which imparts violence or mobster talk.

I believe, and it is my opinion  that in  Jesse Watters’ mind — and O’Reilly’s too — this is the portrait of the Italian American they wish to perpetrate.  This is how Italian Americans  should be viewed by a blowhard and bigoted old-school, guinea hating, Irishman like O’Reilly.

Sadly,  Italian Americans don’t do anything about it.  The reason stuff like this continues is because many Italian Americans seem to enjoy the connection between themselves and characters like Don Corleone, or Pauly Walnuts or Tony Soprano.  But if this is the case, why are they still not at least a little bit offended?  Why didn’t Jesse Watters, instead of getting sunk in cement shoes, at least get “his freakin’ knee caps”  broken?  I mean, that’s how all Italian Americans think and speak, right, Jesse?  Right, Bill?

Bill O’Reilly is like an old Irish cop walking the beat in 1909.  He is stupid and rude and crude and verbally abusive stereotype of what he really is — an Irish jerk who does not like Italians.  He pretends that he is a humble and even-handed man when in fact he is neither.  He is, in my opinion, a guy who is put off by Italian Americans because they come from a great culture and he doesn’t.

He greatly admires the Kennedy’s  — proven to be evil scum bags – but he claims to have had “no use for Frank Sinatra.”   Yes, he actually said that once.   What has been proven about Frank Sinatra that Bill has no use for?  Sinatra was a great singer?   What’s O’Reilly’s beef with him?  Why did Bill  love and praise the Kennedy’s when the truth about their political malfeasance and corruption has been proven time and time again?    The answer is easy.  O’Reilly loves the Kennedys because they were Irish, and he has no use for Sinatra because he was Italian-American.

I don’t know much about Jesse Watters’ ethnic heritage,  but I suspect that he must have some dirt on O’Reilly.  How else could a complete dope like Watters get a job on the number one rated cable news program in the USA?   And Why else would Bill’s ex-wife hate Bill so much?   If you add this all up, you can only come to the conclusion that Bill O’Reilly likes to mock Italian Americans because he is a typical Irish bastard who is jealous of the Italian achievement in American society.

Jesse Wattters, a sad sidekick, is simply a clown who is used as an untalented tool by the racist O’Reilly.

If this were  really 1909, Bill O’Reilly would be the nasty and drunk Irish policeman who would chase away little Italian kids and call them WOPS and DAGOS and GUINEAS.  I know that is what he would do.  You can hear it in his voice and you can see it in his hateful eyes.  See?  I can make generalizations too, Bill.

At the end of the segment, O’Reilly knew that the piece was offensive — he even said so.  He said to Watters, “You know you’re going to get heat about this?”   Watters replied something to the effect that “nooooooo New Jersey is not all mafia.”  Bill said, “New Jersey is NOT all Mafia.  I think there is one county down near the Delaware bay where there is no Mafia.”         Funny, right?   Knee caps, folks.  Knee caps.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Watters and Bill O’Reilly – SLUR AGAINST ITALIAN-AMERICANS

  1. As an Italian American I learned to despise the Irish for exactly the same reasons depicted here in this accurate article. They were the most hateful people I have ever known and every day in catholic school I had to fight them because I was tired of being called Dago, Wop and Guinea. I have no use for them even now over 50 years later…they are just a bunch of loud, boisterous, drunks with absolutely no class let alone any culture.

  2. Thank you, Joe Y — I am happy to hear from an Italian-American. I am not one myself, but I have close friendships with many who are, and this really makes me angry.

    Damien LeGallienne

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