Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

To some people, she is:

1 -“That horrible baseball-stealing woman with the  lipstick lesbian haircut,”

2 – “That square butt-face old hag in ugly white pants and a big bully belt who snatched away a baseball from a child”

3 -“She is the embodiment of evil and greed and selfishness.  She has no soul and she should rot in hell.”

Those are only some of the angry accusations that have been hurled at a woman named  Grennele Brashkowitz,  who  until today, had gone unidentified after she displayed one of the most outrageous examples of human greed in the history of Major League Baseball.

If you already think Grennele Brashkowitz is already the most contemptible wicked witch in the world just by watching the video, wait until you hear what she does for a living.   Here are pictures of Grennele on the job – D. and G Brashkowitz Psychology.

Baseball fans the world over have been wanting to know the identity of this horrible jerk ever since she snatched the ball away from the unidentified child to whom it was thrown by Juan Miranda at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Because The Damien Zone is dedicated to truth — especially when it applies to human stupidity and dumbness —  we cracked the case.  We found the thieving and heartless woman in question and she agreed to a phone interview from what she thought was an undisclosed location.

“The announcer on TV said what I did was ‘beyond wrong’ but there is nothing wrong with a kid learning that life is about competition and learning to take the hard knocks.  Besides that, the announcer didn’t even know what he was talking about,”   Brashkowitz said from her home in New York City where she works as — get this — a child psychologist of all things.

“The camera was on me! It was not on  the kid!  People can be so stupid.  They see some cute little girl on the TV screen and they automatically assume that she must be the center of attention.  The truth is that I was the center of attention.   It was me! Why is this so easily overlooked?   Why am I automatically the monster in this story?  The camera was pointing at me.”

The Damien zone has watched this video a thousand times and each time we come to the same conclusion as everyone else.  Grennele Brashkowitz reached out and snatched the ball from the little girl. There is no debating the issue.

“I was on a cross-country vacation with my life companion Judy, and we decided to go to a baseball game.  I even bought a special outfit for the occasion because I wanted to look especially nice.   I got a white shirt with white slacks and a high quality Donna Karan leather belt.  

“I looked great and I deserved to be on TV.  I deserved that ball too.  That little kid will have a lot of chances in life.  Sometimes she will screw up and sometimes she will succeed.  That’s the way life goes for everybody.   That’s the way the cookie crumbles ! So get over it!”

Angry and very disillusioned by the American reaction to her ball-snatching, Brashkowitz is now heading back to her native Quebec.   She feels that her life has become unlivable since she stole that ball from that poor little girl.  She is being drummed out of her job and shunned in her community.

“I didn’t even know the goddam kid was there.  I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make?  I win!  That is what I do!  In the long run that stupid kid will get on TV shows and whatever but I will always be seen as an evil woman with a big ugly belt.  Yeah, that’s what the guy on the local news said about me.  That’s how I was judged.  They didn’t see me.  They saw a belt they didn’t like or a haircut they didn’t like.  They chose to make me into a monster and to mock my clothes.  What sense does that make?  One radio announcer said I had an ugly belt.  Can you imagine saying that about a belt?  I paid a lot of money for that belt.   Why talk about a belt?  Why not come down to my seat with a microphone and interview me?  I guess that would have been too easy and too truthful.  They weren’t interested in truth.”

Brashkowitz’s attitude grew increasingly hostile throughout the interview.

“I can’t take it anymore in this country and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my hair or how out of style they say I looked or that my ass was big and flat like Howard Stern said on his show the next day.  Yeah, so let’s see you live with those kinds of insults and see how long you can take it.   And all this because I beat out a little brat for a baseball.  Give me a f**ing break!”

Grennele Brashskowitz is a child psychologist in private practice with four other clinicians.  So far all of the staff has walked out and the partners are in the process of buying her out of the business.  Strangely enough, according to her associate, Daneesh Pargrim PHd. she is beloved by her patients and has never had a blemish on her record.

NOTE:  Grennele Brashkowiz’s belt was $139.99 at Nordstrom.  Thank you to Heidi from New York City who identified the belt and who always helps us to get our stories 100% accurate.

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183 thoughts on “Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

  1. I’m LoLing at the comments.. that anyone thinks this interview is real, and that this woman actually said these things.

    C’mon people.. it’s called satire.

  2. All she had to do was pass back the ball to the kid and she would of been a hero. But instead she looks so selfish.

  3. Fake story or not, the video sure looks real to me. That little girl had the ball in her hands and the adult took it away from her. The learning lesson the little girl got from her experience with this adult is that this adult was a spoiled selfish little brat, full of greed and has no respect for anyone, i.e. children or adults. She taught the little girl that we do have adults in this world, adults who are disrespectful and inconsiderate. She must therefore prepare herself for this in the future. There is no excuse for what happened, not whatsoever. Taking the ball like she did is downright stealing it. That ball was not labeled with her name on it, it belonged to the person who caught it, and the little girl caught it! I hope she never rests until she videos herself admitting she as dead wrong in what she did and makes it public. She should find that little girl and give her the ball with a statement like, “I am returning YOUR ball honey, I am sorry I tried to take it away from you, I just got carried away with myself.”

  4. Please people don’t take your child to this monster of a child psychologist! If she can do this action, imagine what she’s doing to the children under her job! Hurting the children instead of helping them get well! How many children has she wrote opposite results on and condemned them! She’s not trustworthy and for God sake revoke her Psychology practice license! Hell is hot!

  5. I think her remarks, if true, are a hoot. I’m a gay man and all I saw was a grown (?) woman stealing a ball from a little girl. I give her credit, now that I know that she’s a lesbian, in keeping with the “bitchy” attitude that seems to be the mantra of the Gay community. That is something that “we” need to “get over” when it comes to people who don’t approve of us.

  6. Is anyone else sick & tired of Snopes coming in and taking the emotions we feel about a subject & just crushing them?? I know I am!!!! F@*k you, Snopes!!!!

  7. Snopes has the wrong story. For once, Snopes is wrong. Actually they are wrong quite often. Brashkowitz has appeared on several morning shows and on radio programs to state her case.

    Damien LeGallienne (EDITOR)

  8. Who care’s she is grown a#$% woman who shouldn’t be stealing from a child!! She should be setting examples for that little girl! F$%kin c$&$t!!!!!

  9. At first, I would’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. But after hearing her comments, I can safely say she’s an immature narcissistic sociopath (and grossly materialistic over a stupid baseball) and needs serious counseling.
    “I looked great and I deserved to be on TV. I deserved that ball too. ”
    “I didn’t even know the goddam kid was there. I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make? I win! That is what I do!”

    A response of maturity would go something like this:
    “I didn’t wish to be so aggressive, but in all the excitement, I got carried away. My apologies to the little girl – I honestly didn’t see her. Perhaps I can make it up to her. It’s just a baseball, after all.”

  10. SNOOPS.COM evidently doesn’t like the damien lol i now have no respect for snoops..
    taken directly from the source :
    “ sometimes disguises names in its stories to protect identities of morons and their personal information — except in cases when public figures are being satirized, or when a story about a misquote attributed to any persons, living or dead, is being abused for comical purposes of self-promotion. Any other use of real names in funny or obviously humorous articles is accidental and coincidental or simply because the writer is a nasty, foul-mouthed, intolerant GENIUS!”

  11. This women definitely snatched the ball out of the girls hands. And for you to say the things you say after the fact is horrific and your a psychologist. God help the children you have had any dealings with! You should run back to Quebec, because should be ashamed of your actions.

  12. The sickest and saddest part is the lady works with children and does not want to be judged but then goes on to call the little girl a brat and what not instead of just admitting what you did was wrong and selfish. If she would have just apologized it probably wouldn’t have been taken to the extreme it has been and you wouldn’t have to be leaving the country due to people hating you but for her to turn it on that little girl when the child simply walked away is twisted

  13. UNTRUE. Dr. Brashkowitz has NEVER attended a baseball game in her life. You are being very irresponsible printing this. Dr. Brashkowitz diesn’t even look like the douchbag who too the ball. Dr. Brashkowitz should take action your slander via lawsuit in court.

  14. She is the embodiment of all things that make this world unlivable. She is scum, a degenerate. Maybe she’ll turn herself in.

  15. She called the little girl stupid and a brat . The little girl turned around and went back to her seat. How does that make her a stupid brat?

  16. The woman called the girl stupid and a brat. She turned around and walked to her seat. How does that make her a stupid brat??

  17. It makes her a stupid brat because in the eyes of Dr. Brashkowitz, the woman who snatched the ball, the kid is getting the attention and she hates her for it.

  18. This is not satire. Satire skewers someone or a group of someones of higher social class. This is just a boring attempt to be silly/funny.

    Don’t punch down, punch up. Always punch up. Or you look like a cunt.

  19. Yes — 5.7 million website views in 2015-2016 and $41,000 in ad revenue, and I need advice from you — now who looks like a cunt in Clayton or Monash or wherever the fuck you come from. RUDE PUSHY AUSTRALIANS!!!!

  20. Sometimes people react by reflex without thinking about what they do. The irony is that she’s a .child psychologist and what she did could scar the little girl for life. It is also ironic that her last name has the word “brash” in it which means self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way.

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