Justin Bieber DUI in Miami. Is He Struggling With His Sexuality?

BIEBER bj“If I had to guess I would say that Justin Bieber is on the down low (SECRET GAY) with these types and he can’t deal with his desires for bad boys and drugs and alcohol.  He didn’t sing that song ‘BOYFRIEND’ for nothing you know. ”  [ANONYMOUS]

Justin Bieber is in hot water — and this time it’s boiling with a Mandingo fury.

The 19-year-old Canadian singing tween star who is trying so hard to be “hard-core” and mature, was arrested for speeding last night in Miami and will probably be charged with drunk driving…he failed a field sobriety test.  He couldn’t drive fast enough to escape for his desire for ebony love.

Bieber’s behavior as been really bad for a few years, but in the past few weeks he seems to be in a rapid tailspin.  Unlike child star Joey Lawrence, Justin Bieber still has a full head of hair.  Joey lost his hair but he didn’t completely lose his mind – unless you count 20,000 hair plugs and waxing every hair off his body and tweezing his eyebrows and wearing makeup and elevator shoes.  Bieber, on the other hand,  seems to be losing his mind and he might lose his life if he doesn’t have some kind of iintervention. 

“John F. Kennedy Jr had a better chance of getting to Nantucket in his plane than Justin Bieber has of living to be 20,” said Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD, a psychiatrist and the author of the scientific study, The Psychology of Celebrities and Why They Fall.

“Bieber has deep psychological issues which he is trying to fight by using modern day iconic figures and areas of thought. He has tied himself to hardcore rap music stars and underground rap stars to try to lock in some sense of masculinity and maleness.

“Bieber could be struggling with any number of teenage woes.  The question is; which inner problem is he struggling with?

“Is he struggling with his sexuality? Is he addicted to drugs? Is he an alcoholic? Is he an alcoholic who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and is gay or bisexual for black rap stars? I can’t say, but unless a teenager is mentally ill, the struggles of adolescence usually have a hidden cause such as I have mentioned and these struggles come to a full boil at age 18 or 19. If the problems go unrecognized, the whole house of cards begins to fall.

“In Bieber’s case. It’s hard to tell when he needs adult guidance or peer counseling because he is surrounded 24-7 by sycophants who tell him that everything he does is okay. He soon sees himself as all-knowing and omnipotent, but the subconscious mind that unhappily goes along for this ride, never stops trying to break through and tell Justin the truth about himself. It’s hard for the subconscious mind to develop normally when everyone tells you how great you are — and then the damage is unfixable.

“Bieber seems to have been experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and the fact that he recently was accused of throwing eggs on his neighbor’s home is very telling indeed. The egging of the house is a sign that the child in Bieber — his inner struggle if you will — is struggling to get out and be normal again, but he can never be normal again. His mother ruined all of that when she plastered this child on YouTube and made him a worldwide sensation. He is the new Judy Garland but his decline into decay is happening much more rapidly than it did in so many child stars who came before him. Child stars who survive their child stardom, usually show that skill at a young age, and child stars who implode usually show their decline at an early age as well.”

Sources close to TheDamienZone,com say that Bieber had fled to Miami under the guise of checking into rehab as a ruse to get the police off his back with relation to drug charges and the egging of his neighbor’s house in Los Angeles.

“Justin has a thing for hardcore rap thugs. If I had to guess I would say that Justin Bieber is on the down low with these types and he can’t deal with his desires for bad boys and drugs and alcohol. I am not sure that this is what’s happening, but it seems pretty obvious to me anyway.” [anonymous – Hollywod, CA USA]   Follow us  @TheDamienZone

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