Old Lady Hits Car and Airbag HOAX FAKE.

airbag lady“He even tried to make it look like it was in the USA for some reason because he imagines himself to be a Hollywood star in spite of the fact that he gets turned down for even the smallest parts in Danish TV and stage.” [Lise Munchen, Videographer, Copenhagen, Denmark]

There is a new moronic Face book “share” going around where an elderly lady whacks the bumper of a rude driver’s car and sets the airbag off in his face. It’s cute and it’s viral and it’s fake — and it’s shared by the simple-minded Facebook morons who like to share things — especially things where good triumphs over evil. You know, the stuff that imbeciles like?

In spite of the fact that I detest Facebook shares and the cretins who share them, I have to address this one as 100% fake because the parties involved in this staged video are actors — all from a regional playhouse in Denmark.  Better angle of video stills from here — >Direct photo  Driver appears to be David D. Mattia from the hit miniseries “Have You Met Miss Jones.”

The old lady crossing the street is an actress named Lotti Perlmann who has had bit parts in several Danish TV commercials. In those commercials she always plays the part of an old lady who does something out of character. The man driving the car is Karl Brenstroff who is a stage actor — at least he claims to be — but he never seems to do any work.

Besides the first account you are about to read, there are a few things that give this away. Look for the old lady being asleep at the curb and then jolting awake when she hears the horn — FAKE !!

The video starts off with kids skateboarding – a diversion – and the camera turns and stays focused on the subject as it moves to the perfect spot. FAKE !!!   And…nobody says anything. !!! I was close to 100% certain that  it was a fake until I spoke to Lise Munchen who filmed the entire thing and then was screwed out of her share of the profits when the video was used by IKEA in a European ad campaign.

According to Lise Munchen, she agreed to help with this video with an agreement that she get paid and get a cut if the video made money on the net, but instead of being paid ANYTHING, Lise was also screwed out of the money this video has earned — something that the self-proclaimed star of the video Karl Brenstroff had promised everyone involved — six people in all.

“This is a video that was made by myself and friends of Karl (Brenstroff) with the hopes that it would go viral in the USA. Karl is a piece of shit and this is why he lives in a dream world where he is an actor. His father has enough money to keep a lawyer and prevent us from getting our share. We just work regular jobs and sometimes we have a play at the local theater, but Karl has made over $1,000,000(US) which he now refuses to share with anyone. It wasn’t even his idea.

“He even tried to make it look like it was in the USA for some reason because he imagines himself to be a Hollywood star in spite of the fact that he gets turned down for even the smallest parts in Danish TV and stage.

“Lotti is a nice lady and a good actress who struggles with small roles she gets in local plays and TV advertisements. She lives in a small apartment and she did this as a favor for Karl but she too was not paid. She says she doesn’t care but I know she is hurt by this because the video has earned a lot of money and we were to get 10% each. Lotti’s share would be about $100,000 (US). I think she is being treated the most unfairly of us all because she is the star of this video. Without her there would be no video. The story is about her and not about Karl, but when you know Karl you quickly learn that EVERYTHING is about Karl.  IKEA paid him a lot of money for this and he did not share one bit with all of us who worked so hard for him and it was not even his idea.  We all did this together. “

So the video where the old lady hit’s the honking car with her handbag and makes the airbag go off is fake and the guy who created the idea is a scum bag. Maybe he should work in Hollywood after all. He already knows how to use people and lie about money.

“I spent days for Karl trying to find a place that seemed ethno-neutral and not looking very European, but he forgot that the borrowed car he used had Danish license tags that are obvious in the video and the street signs are not the ones one sees in the USA. The skateboarders were also an added segue into the scene but the whole thing is really poorly done. Of all the fake viral videos out there, I think this is the fakest of them all. I know because I was there and when I got cheated out of my share of the income from this video, I had to come forward with the truth but people still keep spreading this around. I tried to go to Danish TV with the truth but they ignore me because they get viewers to watch shows like this one and so manty other fake videos that sometimes go viral.”

What about the airbag? That actually went off, right?

“He used a portable airbag that you can put on an off road bike or a four wheeler. They cost about $75(US) and you can buy them anywhere. A real airbag in that car would have opened on both sides since that car has driver and passenger side airbags. These are things he did not think about when he set out to make the video. Also you can see that he smudges his own nose with powder after the airbag opens. The powder did not come from the airbag.”

If anyone from IKEA is reading this, they might want to look into where the money went.  An old lady got screwed out of a lot of money as did a lot of other people.

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21 thoughts on “Old Lady Hits Car and Airbag HOAX FAKE.

  1. Not that it matters but just a little about exploding airbags . . . I don’t dispute that he may have gotten a portable airbag or whatever for this but just because there are driver AND passenger airbags doesn’t mean if the car gets hit, both will go off. I know from personal experience. I was the only one in my car when I hit a cement abutment with the right front of the car. Only the driver’s side airbag blew up, not the passenger’s side which also was where the car hit. Just wanted to clarify that.

  2. I too was in an accident about a mth ago and did more damage on the passenger side but only the drivers side airbag exploded. I think the car can tell when there’s someone in both seats or not. So just because one goes off doesn’t mean they both do. But anyway, I thought it was a cute video and honestly if an old lady swinging a handbag into a car can make the airbag explode that’s a pretty screwed up car so just with that you can tell it’s fake

  3. Yeah the airbags are turned on by a sensor which is usually located under the seat. When weight is placed on the seat it turns on and activates the airbags in the car according to the sensors. Well in most cars it’s like that not saying that all cars are equipped with the same technology.

  4. So what if its fake and unlikely and all actors. If we were trying to solve matters of earth shaking importance we wouldn’t be trolling Facebook. Geez, dude work on your sense of humor.

  5. today you don’t know whats real or fake on the internet………..it always seems to come down to money.

  6. Jon — thank you for proving the raison d’etre of this blog — having a wonderful time, wish you weren’t a moron.

  7. Real or not it’s funny you idiot.
    Such hypocrisy. You wish for this article to shared too? How patheric.

  8. Yes, I agree 100% with you. This Karl Stooge is a Shoe-in, as Captain of The Goof Troupe!! But Damien, you can,t be giving that Jon dude such a compliment either ,haha, he just does not catch the play on what you are trying to get across with the exposure you provided
    . He is living proof, “Some people are just stuck on Stupid”………………

  9. I have several questions and one statement. I do not understand how someone could sell a film without a release from the actor or actress. A lawyer on retainer is not something to be concerned about when you go to court. It cost nothing to file a lawsuit. The statement: I certainly do not like your attitude toward people that re-post items. They are not stupid, dumb or any other demeaning adjective you want to use. They are honest sincere individuals who take things at face value and do not deserve your criticism.

  10. “morons who like to share things — especially things where good triumphs over evil. You know, the stuff that imbeciles like”

    So true. Smart people prefer stuff where evil assholes triumph over decent people. You’re obviously very smart. Since this supposed Karl person screwed over all the nice people who supposedly helped him, then, as a non-imbecile, you must really admire that.

    Wow, this 30 second video made a million dollars? You’re obviously very smart if you believe that.

  11. You miss the point, Johnny. The article refers to simplistic depictions of good winning out over evil and internet perception. The video did indeed earn a million. The rights to the story behind it and a TV show were bought by Lorimar for over 2million.

  12. wow, what indignance. You worked hard on a video and then got shafted by the one who thinks he’s the star. Gee that’s tough. Sorry, but you kind of lost me, and anyone else who may have possibly given a damn about you getting “cheated”, when you began your rant of an article by insulting EVERYONE who has ever seen the video – we, the cretins, imbiciles, simple-minded morons.
    As soon as you get your rage under control, and start realizing that you get what you deserve, you may change your crap attitude and start receiving the adulations you desire. People who are okay with cutting their losses and letting go of their grievances tend to attract success. With the hypocrytical, caustic tone you use here, you’ll do nothing but fester and rot in your bitter lonesome misery.

  13. Yes — bitter — lonesome — live in my mom’s basement — off my meds — pathetic — miserable — oh dear. I guess you cannot read. I quoted the parties involved, but yes, I do think that many people who share on Facebook are indeed imbeciles. You just proved it with that comment. But it’s okay — there are hundreds of millions of you people. You’re not alone. That should bring you comfort.

  14. Everyday people around the world watch sitcoms which are also fake, poor comedy and not even re-enactments of actual events; yet we still watch them and sometimes enjoy laughing at them. So why should this video be any different? No one is trying to scam you into buying anything except perhaps a moment of fantasised sweet revenge. Enjoy it, laught at and then move on. Life is too short to get so serious.

  15. Dear article author,
    Who hurt you so deeply that you have belittle others and steal what joy we may find in this world? Us Facebook imbeciles and low rate actors/actresses just like to laugh. I don’t see your name in Marquee lights, lead anchor of any reputable news stations or advisory council to any officials. So, take your misery and your dark aura elsewhere and leave us to bask in the sunshine!
    Another pathetic Facebook sharing imbecile

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