Is John Edwards Engaged?

Just three weeks after the death of his former wife Elizabeth, John Edwards is reportedly newly engaged to his mistress Reille Hunter.  The couple plans to use Ms. Hunter-Edwards, disgusting chin as a shovel and they are going to use that chin to dign Elizabeth Edwards deeper into the ground.

“I think that Elizabeth Edwards’ body temperature is still not below the level where she would be considered to be in a state of hypothermia let alone dead,”  said mortician Joshua Beck. 

 “We usually ask our widowers to wait at least one year or until the wife’s body reaches the temperature of the dirt.   Mr. Edwards doesn’t seem to follow our rules, but then again, a lot of scum bags usually ignore our rules and policies.”

Folks, this scum could have been President because a lot of people with no skills of perception or street smarts were unable to see through him.  He didn’t fool me for a minute.

His wife’s ghost plans on haunting him and kicking him in the balls with a mallet every time he has sex with this Reille Hunter — and what the fuck kind of spelling is that — “Reille” — sounds like a name a hooker would make up.    Two sum bags who deserve each other.

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