Tony Geary’s Quits Wearing a New Toupee. Moves to Holland.

tony geary permAfter 37 steady years,  Tony Geary,  the actor who dutifully played the role of Luke Spencer on the iconic soap-opera GENERAL HOSPITAL, has finally called it quits.  He says that he is moving to Holland where he can walk around and not be bothered by the annoying American fans — the very fans who have enabled him to earn tens of millions of dollars over the years.

What a freaking loser!  I am glad that he is troubled with heat intolerance and excessive head-sweating.

Close up pictures of Tony Geary’s toupee here —-> Direct Photos of Geary Toupee.

On July 27, 2015 at approximately, 3:58 EDT, Geary’s character, Luke Spencer, wearing his newest and fluffiest grey and white $7,500 toupee – courtesy of ABC television —  walked towards a spotlight that lit his badly wrinkled face for the last time, and according to those close to the show, this is not a ruse or a red herring.   Geary’s character is not coming back to Port Charles — and this is not a dream.

tomy geareyTony Geary , plagued by hair loss since his teens, started out by perming his receding hairline way back in the late 1970’s because he thought that would add volume, but it only made him look balder and gayer in spite of the fact that he played a macho role.

Then, after dozens of failed hair transplants and hours of grueling scalp treatments, Tony had to throw in the towel and say goodbye forever.  He opted for a heavy toupee and a tons of very air-brushed photos like the one pictured here.

“His toupee was making his head red hot, and the lights of the set had caused him to come close to heat stroke more than once,” said a source close to the show.

“If you notice, almost all of his recent scenes, and especially his very last scene, were filmed in very dim light so as to simulate evening.  His head was literally burning him and causing him great discomfort.   I think if he stayed on the show he would have died from heat prostration.  The lights are really hot.  Most people don’t realize just how hot the lights on a TV set can be.  Experts say that you lose 80% of your body heat through your head, and there was no way Tony’s yak hair toupee was letting any of his body heat dissipate.

“He told me that gray hair in a toupee is made from synthetic fibers or from the hair of Tibetan yaks.  The synthetic hair has a fake look, but the yak hair is very realistic.  The trouble with the grayish white yak hair is that it’s very hot. “

According to the Damien Zone’s  expert zoologist,  a yak’s coarse gray and white hairs enable it to live comfortably in temperatures close to negative 20 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Imagine what this was doing to Tony Geary’s scalp when he was subjected to hot lights?

“One time, a nurse on the set, measured Tony’s body temperature to be 104.4 degrees, ” continued our source on the set of General Hospital. 

“Tony was sweating and said that he was feeling weak. If the nurse hadn’t stopped the shooting, I don’t think Tony would be here today,  He looked very old and sweaty and gay.  The heat was even affecting his performance.  When I first starting working on the show I thought that Tony Geary sucked as an actor and that he had no talent, but how was I supposed to know that he was burning to death under that wig and those lights?”

According to ABC’s Eyewitness News affiliate in New York, Tony is not ruling out continuing his career on Broadway.  But folks close to the Broadway scene say that there is no shot that Tony Geary will get a shot on any Broadway stage.  One insider said that when Tony Geary leaves GENERAL HOSPITAL he is essentially leaving show business.  He is not a talented actor and most of his fans are either dead or unimpressed with his departure.

10 thoughts on “Tony Geary’s Quits Wearing a New Toupee. Moves to Holland.

  1. The writer of this must have some axe to grind with Tony. He is one of the most talented actors ever on daytime T.V., so stating he is “not a talented actor” is your opinion, but facts state otherwise. What did he have, like 8 Emmy’s or something? I would love it if he came back as long as it was a worthwhile storyline.


  3. Toni, is a wonderful person. Very talented and sincere in his life. Shame on you people that can’t see what his values, standards and consideration of others have always been thru out his career and what he has accomplished in his life….

  4. This is a brutal article. The writer is a jerk. The perm was dorky but news flash it was the style back in the late 70’s early 80’s for men. All he had was a receding hairline so does Daniel Day-Lewis. Besides I think the writers wanted him to have permed hair. He wasn’t bald like George Constanza. They shouldn’t put that rug on his head poor old feller. In his 70’s hv to wear that! He doesn’t have the energy he once did as a young man. Nobody does he’s a year younger than my parents they are 73. He’s a good actor he just got type cast because his character was so good it’s happened to many actors. Happened to Geanie too. Give them a break! He doesn’t look gay to me nor do I believe that or that rumor he has HIV from one forum of a few uncredible people. Can’t believe everything you read online!

  5. Personally…I think this is the best article I ever read! It has the vibe of a classic A+al C+nt album! If you’ve not heard of them you’re missing out! But I digress…when I was in kindergarten to second grade my babysitters ruined my cartoon time and I was stuck looking at this d-bag til they were done watching it and I could get some of the what was left over of the cartoons left…which was usually slim pickens at this point! That receding hairline taunted me for years and I cannot be anymore thankful for the author of this article to say everything g I been thinking since kindergarten! Screw you Anthony Geary, screw Laura, and while we’re at it…screw Christopher Cross too!! Btw…I about had a heart attack when I found out the Luke & Laura thing bled out all the way til 2015!! It was like being caught in the Twilight Zone! Ah…the Twilight Zone. Now that was a show!! ?

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