Casey Anthony and Her Attorney Are EVIL.

Casey Anthony trial: Defense says toddler Caylee drowned by accident which is a lie —

The defense drops a series of bombshells in the Casey Anthony trial, saying the murder defendant was sexually abused by her father and brother and lied to hide ‘ugly’ family secrets.  This is of course a lie that all scum bags fall back on when they fuck up their own lives. 

Casey Anthony reacts in court during her trial at the Orange County Courthouse, Tuesday, in Orlando, Fla. Anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

The murder trial of a Florida child killing woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter opened with a series of bombshells on Tuesday as her defense lawyer told the jury in an opening statement that the toddler was not murdered, but had accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool.  LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE — THE LAWYER IS A GODLESS SCUM! 

Defense Attorney Jose Baez, a man with no soul or conscience called the death of Caylee Anthony a “horrible tragedy, a common tragedy.”

But he said the young mother, Casey Anthony panicked, and instead of calling for emergency help, participated with her father, a former police detective, in a coverup.

“Casey should have been stronger,” Mr. Baez said. “She should have called 911.”

Baez said Mrs. Anthony’s  father, George Anthony, was present as the two discovered Caylee’s lifeless body.

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  1. Sorry. I found your website when I googled a search about how much “The Onion” sucks – which it does. But I can’t figure this site out: Is it supposed to be funny or is it one of those “so terrible it’s funny” things? Or is it neither? People say I have a terrible sense of humor, so please, I mean no offense. I just really can’t figure this out. I went to the “About Damien” link and it appears to be under construction. I think that fixing that page should be a top priority so that you can explain what this is supposed to accomplish. As I mentioned, I am not funny, so I showed this page to some other people. No one thought it was a joke and a few folks told me that the person who created the content could be really young or mentally handicapped. In either case, you should be proud that you can do something like this. It is really neat to see someone so special with the guts to put effort towards a hobby like this. 🙂

  2. “As I mentioned, I am not funny” <---now that's funny! Dear Joey: The purpose of the website as I created it, is to mock human accomplishment or to praise it -- it depends on the achievement. As far as being "so terrible" TheDamienZone never tries, as does The Onion, to be too hip for the room. It never mocks cancer or other horrific human tragedy under the guise of "it's only a joke" and thus arousing publicity and the subsequent website hits with which many malicious bloggers are rewarded. If it makes it easier for you, this site is more like performance art as satire -- but I don't try to impress anyone. Most of it is very silly, but it's silly solely to mock the silliness about which I am writing. Often we inform about serious issues, but almost always there is an angle of humor and people who assume that this stuff must be written by a young weirdo or a mentally handicapped person are often pretty dumb. The fact that you can't figure it out is ample testament to the fact that you are inherently a very perceptive person. I would suggest that you read a bunch of the articles and note that there are some absurdities inherent to all of them. I would suggest the cartoons of Sarah Palin where she talks about Snooki and Jersey Shore and gay Guidos. Kindly note, however, that I never mock Mrs. Palin. I don't do that -- it's corny and played out -- but it keeps The Onion in business -- so good for them. I deplore overt atheism because I think that overt atheists are social misfits, and the website reflects that. I am not a religious person and I don't care what people believe, but atheism is a WORD and not a religion. Atheists, however, treat it as though it were a religion -- the final irony. Their god is that there is no god.. That annoys me more than anything. I do not believe in fairies which is why I don't talk about them. I don't make signs with red lines slashed through fairies and I do not walk in protest marches against fairies. I wish atheists (I refuse to capitalize the word) would treat their WORD like a word -- the way I treat fairies. Of course the drawings and pics are childish -- they are meant to be. Do you think that I am going to sit around all day and properly illustrate dopey stories about dopey people? The Casey Anthony story which brought you to me, is written so as to reveal the hidden truths about the story while, at the same time, telling the story as it appears in the press. I think I provide a public service when I do things like that. I don't say it because I am angry or bitter or retarded or unfunny -- I say it because somebody will read it and think, "You know something, he's right." There is a recent story I did about Justin Bieber dating Salena Gomez, but the internet sites who initially carried the story, in an attempt to get hits from the almighty God Google, insisted on just using the name Salena -- I took this as the dead Tejano singer Salena -- which was the intent of the websites. You see, they moved up the ladder of Google by talking about Justin Bieber and "Salena" -- so I ran with that and wrote a story about how Justin Bieber must be dating a dead Latina singer. The internet bloggers overall deserved to be mocked for that and I was the guy who did it -- was it funny? Who knows? I thought so. Anyway, some of the articles are very funny and the fact that this site does very well yet seems to be despised by high-brow people, is proof that I do make people laugh and think. I do not, however, laugh at animal abuse or neglect. Occasionally I break a news item -- namely the black bear hoax in New Jersey which received tens of thousands of web visitors and supporters. Your last sentence seems snide and I am not sure how to take it -- but take my word for it -- this is a hobby and I am special. 99% of people start blogs and then write a few uninteresting things and then forget about it because they lack the focus and especially the creativity. I started mine a year ago and it just keeps growing and growing and growing. I've even received speaking engagement invites for some of my imaginary 'experts" -- imagine that? I have created imaginary experts in every field and twice they have received invitations to discuss their opinions on the subjects they addressed here -- this was national TV. Do you know anyone who can do that? I had to reply and say that so and so was not available because of prior commitments. In closing I would say that people who think I am mentally challenged or childish, are probably REALLY dumb. I mean, a story about Snooki being an alien at area 51 is nutty, but when that story has hidden truths therein that go unnoticed by the reader, we're talking about some major idiots -- or better yet -- people who think they are really cool and hip and above all of this. Damien ( that is my real name)

  3. I am sorry that you took a compliment as being a “snide” comment. Jeez, it’s like you can’t be nice on the internet anymore.
    The next time that you get a request for a speaking engagement you should probably just attend the event yourself and claim to be be the fictional character. Who would know the difference? Then you could post the video of the event here. You could wear a disguise or something.
    How come there are so few comments on these pages? It’s weird.

  4. I took the comment to be snide as per the remarks made by your friends about my being mentally challenged — if you truly think that I am gifted, then I thank you — also the fact that website tried to email you to tell you that your comment had been accepted but the mail was returned as “no such Email recipient” put you under a certain degree of scrutiny — There are few comments because I have to trash about 90% of them. People are also lazy about leaving comments because it requires a sign-up procedure that will take 2 minutes out of their lives.

  5. You should leave them up even if they are awful. That kind of crap gets people talking and drives people to sites like this. More buzz and more people visiting would be a good thing.
    Also, it wasn’t the Anthony story that got me here. It was the Onion story. I agree with you. Do you happen to know if there is a way to write the Onion? They seem to have a “joke” about sick kids every week and it makes me insane. I need to find a way to complain about that to someone. How can anyone think that is even remotely funny? Is there a phone number or email address, anything?

  6. I Just found someone, nay, the only only person I have seen on the internet that thinks the Onion’s jokes about kids with cancer are way, way out of line. Trying to have a discussion and I did not appropriately address the validity of my email address??? Okie doke. Have a great day. Bye.

  7. Joey — If my site can’t verify that your email is real, I have to manually approve everything you write because my server dismisses you as SPAM — IT’S A TECHNICAL QUESTION — NOT A SLIGHT AGAINST YOU.

  8. Dear DDM:
    i enjoyed the discussion with Joey, but let’s get back to the whore and her defense attorney. i read somewhere that it took him 8 YEARS to pass the Bar!!! do you think he is actually evil or just stupid? it seems like the Judge has to educate him often on the basics of litigation. he is over his head in this. he spun a story that any 4 year old could spin, but he can’t back it up. he actually FORGOT to file a Motion to keep out the jailhouse calls that disprove his theory about the drowning and the abuse!!! i don’t think he reviewed those tapes! she is going to fry!!! Not that her frying doesn’t make me smile or anything….BTW: MY EMAIL ADDRESS CAN BE VERIFIED!!!!! LOL

  9. hi MJ in PA — Her defense attorney is doing what he can do to turn a buck — I called him evil, but it’s more logical to label him as stupid. I agree that the defense story he has concocted — probably with her help — is utterly loathsome. Imagine killing your kid and then dragging your family into the dirt just to save your own neck. Whatever happens to her, she’s getting what she deserves and the defense attorney is being exposed for what he is — a loser. Thanks for the comment – I don’t get too many intelligent ones as you somewhat noted. My best guest is that Joey, as capable as he was of issuing a fake email address, would eventually prove to be troublesome. You should see some of the emails and comments I get. 🙂


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