Mako Shark off Huntington Beach Murdered by Three Misfits.

shark1A group of Yahoo white trash fishermen — and one wanna-be unfunny actor — may have broken a world record for stupidity and cruelty when they hooked a huge shark. 

These three morons caught and killed it for no apparent reason off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, USA.  KTLA news reporters from the local Los Angeles local TV station who covered the story, had a great time yucking it up wth the three assholes who killed the shark which was 15 or more miles from shore and just going about his business. 

One of the the WHITE TRASH SHARK KILLERS thinks he is an actor or a comedian and he did some redneck routine for the camera — and it was unfunny and sickening just like all of the untalented losers who go to southern California in search of fame and fortune.  Usually they try to make it by singing or dancing or acting, but this jerk off is doing it by KILLING SHARKS just because they’re BIG!  Grow up you fucking psychotic, unfunny, untalented, demented LOSER!  Your redneck thing was unfunny and what was the sense of it?  You’re already a redneck.


The fishermen pose with their possible world-record catch.  The guy in the middle is the unfunny wanna-be actor who should be hooked in the mouth and thrown into a feeding frenzy of Great Whites.

A shark killer-for-no-reson named Jason Johnston, from Mesquite, Texas, chartered a boat out of Huntington Beach on Monday. 

His group hooked a massive shortfin mako shark about 15 miles offshore.

The shark was 11 feet long, 8 feet in girth and more than 1,300 pounds, according to the SHARK KILLER’S estimates.  It doesn’t matter that the shark was old and not bothering anyone.  The shark had lived its life in the sea for probably decades doing what sharks do, until these three mentally sick hillbillies killed it for NO REASON!  NO REASON!  NONE!!!!

It took more than two hours and a quarter-mile of line to reel in the shark, according to Johnston the SHARK KILLER.  It also took no fucking brains and a complete disregard for the fact that the mako shark is a threatened species and shark populations off the coast of California are dwindling.  Take my word for it, folks, this guy in my opinion is a sicko.

“It’s unreal. This thing is definitely a killing machine,” Johnston the Shark Killer said. “Any wrong step and I could have went out of the boat and to the bottom of the ocean,” he said. 

Yeah, and it’s too bad he didn’t fall right into those jaws, because it would have been a riot to see him get chomped to pieces.  Would the hee-haw assholes at KTLA have covered that story?  What a bunch of morons. 

The shark was being taken to a weigh yard in Gardena to be certified by a weigh master and was expected to be donated to a research organization for study, but then these three dullards tried to say that the meat will be donated to the homeless.  WHY DO ANIMAL KILLERS ALWAYS INVENT THAT STORY!  THAT IS A LIE INVENTED TO MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE GOOD GUYS!  THEY ARE NOT GOOD GUYS.  THEY ARE MENTALLY SICK PEOPLE.

There is no way that the shark can be studied by marine biologists — who, by the way, already know everything they need to know about mako sharks — and still be fit for human consumption.  Sharks caught for food are packed in ice as soon as possible.  This one was hanging up for hours so that news people could film it and photograph it.  NOBODY IS GOING TO EAT THIS SHARK!  I would bet anything that the news people asked them to say that so they’d have a good story about animal cruelty and a happy ending.  Yes, the producers and on air personalities at KTLA are that demented.   They really are.

“The way this shark’s  capture came about and the way it was gleefully reported by the reporters at KTLA was strangely macabre and somewhat ghoulish,” Said Dr. Sheldon Hartunis MD, a Latvian Psychiatrist who in recent years has worked in his new career as a Marine Biologist and Marine Conservationist.

“I couldn’t help but note the lack of any human emotion or humane depth to any of the parties included in this broadcast. 

“The fisherman who did his comedy routine seemed especially unnatural to me.  I can’t make a psychiatric diagnosis off of a TV report, but I can say that something was not right about him and had he walked into my office I would have started putting the pieces together of a serious mental illness immediately. 

“Also, there was something giddy and strange about the way this was reported.  I’m usually not one to make a joke on a serious matter, but there was something very creepy about the reporters and the story itself –as though it was a hoax or they were pea-pod people or something like that.  I am entirely serious about that, and to have this kind of comedic edge to a story in California where the averge person would be repulsed, was rather freakish.”

As they waited for news on their possible world record, the SHARK KILLERS planned to head out again on Tuesday for another adventure of SHARK KILLING, where hopefully they will all drown when a rogue wave capsizes their floating trailer home.

One thought on “Mako Shark off Huntington Beach Murdered by Three Misfits.

  1. I would much rather have read about a redneck yanked overboard and eaten by huge shark. I fail to comprehend the mindset of fools like these who actually enjoy killing. They are psychotic and should be removed from modern society. I suppose that’s what Texas is for. If we could only get em ‘all to visit white trash heaven in Texas and then shift the border north to Oklahoma and seal it.

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