How Can I Be a Psychic? The Ability to be a Psychic Lies Within You. The Secret of Inner Visions.

innerviusionMany people claim to be psychics or mediums, and there are thousands of places where you can get a tarot card reading or a psychic counseling done for you by a psychic.

You can visit a medium who claims to visit the world of the paranormal on your behalf, and these people charge an awful lot of money to bring you a message from a relative or friend who has passed, or to help you in any way you need where knowledge of future events in your life will help you.

Many or most of these people are well-intentioned, but still, they earn and charge a lot of money for their psychic services.  This is not to say that they are fakes or phonies, but there is a better way to contact the paranormal world.


The truest way to reach out to the dead, or to predict lottery numbers or future events, lies deep within you — your  “PSYCHIC-SELF”.

When you talk to a public psychic, you are dealing with a third party who has no ties to you, and since the questions you will ask are about YOU and not about the psychic, it’s often hard to get an accurate answer.  Even if you go to the best psychic in town or one who is famous on TV, the best psychic in your life is you, and all you need to learn are a few basic tricks.

EDITOR”S NOTE: This page does not ask for money — EVER.  So don’t think that you’re coming to a part where we try to sell you something.  TheDamienZone is simply passing on some basic information that was passed on to us by someone who we trust and believe.  If you see this same information elsewhere and they ask for money for the whole story it means they stole the information from this website.  Everything we were told is here.  There are no extras or anything like that — and there never will be. 


The universe is 99% unexplainable but scientists know for certain that energy is never lost, and that “black holes” — giant portals of time and space that move through the universe — pull in old information and funnel it to a new world.  These black holes virtually suck in all of the used up energy and spit it out into another universe that we humans cannot see or truly understand.

As far as science goes, the idea of time “passing” is an illusion to human beings.  We humans are not able to comprehend the fact of quantum physics that every event that has ever happened and will ever happen is happening at the same time and it’s all happening an infinite number of times.  Mathematics proves this, but the concept is so vague and hard to understand that only the most brilliant minds in the world can understand a small percentage of it.

That sounds like a lot of weird scientific talk, but it simply explains something that every human being figures out early on in life – that there are a lot of unexplainable things going on in our world, and that deep within ourselves, we have an energy spirit, and that spirit,our soul,  seeks answers to the mysteries that surround it.  The answers to the most complicated questions are often right in front of you like a vast and all-knowing TV screen, but it’s up to you to turn on that TV screen.

Here’s what you need to know to become your own psychic so that you can control your life in ways that will enable you to deal with loss, rejection, grief, economic trouble, plain old curiosity, and any other reason why you might want to reach the spirit world where the answers to your questions might be found.  innervvision22

1) Find a place that is quiet and tranquil but also safe and familiar.  The truth is that your own best psychic is you yourself.  If you are wanting to know about your own future, the best person to make those predictions and investigations is you.  You have it in you — all you have to have is a little self-discipline so you can reach what is called your “INNER-VISION”.

To get in touch with this Inner-Vision you need peace and quiet and comfort and safety.  Think of it as a form of meditation.  Always bring some paper and a pencil with you when you are ready to start.

2) Focus on a relative or close friend you loved and who loved you who has passed on.  This will be your “CHOSEN PERSON”.

3) Picture your chosen person in a place where you would have seen them in life.  Let’s say your Aunt Mary was someone you loved a lot and many times when you saw her she was sitting at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee.  Do you have any images like that of a special person?  Of course you do.  It’s that easy.  You need to get a picture of that special person in your mind.  If the image of the person you have chosen instantly causes you sadness or grief because you love or miss them so much, try conjuring someone else — someone who, even though they are dead, evokes happy memories and an uplifting feeling.  Usually this is someone who has been gone a long time and about whom you have happy memories.  You never know who your mind will chose and often you won’t even have to think about this.  The “chosen person” will instantly snap into your mind.

4) Imagine that this person holds keys in their hand.  Try to imagine them holding a keychain with a lot of keys while being in the place where you remember them best.  The purpose of the keychain iamge is not entirely understood, but it might be that by giving your chosen person a set of keys, it somehow connects them to their old, earth-bound self.  They once lived ordinary lives and part of that life was spent using keys to go from home to work to their car or garage or anywhere.  The important thing to keep in mind is that the image you conjure of your chosen person must include the fact that they are clucthing these keys in one hand.

5) In your mind, try to make eye contact with the deceased chosen person.  Try really hard to make steady and loving eye contact and hold that eye contact.  It’s hard to concentrate on something like this, but if you learn to imagine the eye contact, the longer you can hold it, the better things seem to work.

6) In your mind, ask your chosen person questions.  After you have done this a few times you will see that each time it becomes easier.  Gradually words and numbers and pictures will flow through your mind.  There is nothing weird or silly about this.  It’s a form of meditation and you are using the image of a person who has passed as your guide.  After you get used to this process, it gets easier and easier.

That’s it — that’s all there is to it.  You don’t need anybody else’s help or intervention.  It’s all within you and the energy of the loved one who has passed.


Often, during your practice of Inner-Vision, you migh have intrusive thoughts about regular things like your bills or your job or your grades in school.  These thoughts are nature’s way of trying to bind you to the the earth and prevent you from going to other dimensions where it does not want you to go.  Nature is not being mean or cruel, it’s just doing what nature does best — hold onto its mystery.   Eventually these intrusive thoughts become less and less annoying, and often they go away totally.

There are, however, more serious intrusive thoughts that can cause your Inner-Vision to stray off course.  The most prominent one is the constant intrusion of an image or idea of a loved one who has died which causes you great pain or anguish.  Usually this is a recent loss, and you must not confuse this kind of intrusion to imply that the dead person is trying to contact you.  Again, this is nature trying even harder to stop you from taking your mind where it does not want it to go.

Remember that images of the dead only mean something when you are making eye contact with your chosen person.  Also, remember that your chosen person will never bring you negative images or disturbing images or harmful images, so if you see or feel anything bad or destructive, it’s misinformation and you need to open up to the real world and start over again.  You need to reboot your psychic self.


It’s always best to use your Inner-Vision for purposes of enjoyment.  If your chosen person sends you a true image of someone whose passing has caused you great grief, you must know that the image will be a happy image.  Keep in mind that the person who has passed knows the joy and peace of the other world — they would love to tell you all about it, but for the most part they can’t do that.  Even someone who has died recently would never send you a sad or horrible image because they too know the truest joy of the afterlife, but at the moment of the death the rules of the universe are revealed to them.  They know that you must live your life to the fullest,  and for you to wallow in sadness over them is something that could disturb the person who has passed on — but it will not disturb your chosen person.   There is pure truth, and when people tell you, “your mother would not want you to be so sad” — It’s true.  Those who have passed on know that there is a beauty in their universe and that there is no reason to wallow in sadness and grief.  Yes, grief is natural, but so is healing and peace.


If you can fine tune your Inner-Vision enough, you can use it for fun purposes.  Maybe you can try to predict the lottery numbers.

Here is a quote from a person who practices sessions in Inner-Vision:

“When the powerball lottery jackpot had reached $300 million, I decided to try and make contact with my chosen person and I did, but no matter how hard I tried to get images of numbers from her or to see her mouth the numbers or even say them aloud in my head, the only thing I kept getting was a floating image of the number 44.  I realized that this was only one number and I needed five more, but even though I maintained inner vision eye contact with my chosen person, she said or imparted nothing else.  She kept giving nme the #44 and smiling.

“The Powerball numbers that were drawn that night didn’t mean anything to me that I can think of, but the final number the ‘POWERBALL’ was #44.  So that was all she would give me.  She would not give me the other numbers but would only give me the most important one.  That didn’t surprise me because my chosen person was always the type to kid around and joke with me when I was a kid.  I should have known that by the way she smiled each time I saw the number 44.  Hey, maybe I’m not supposed to ever know the lottery numbers and I’m okay with that.”

There are so many other reasons to use your inner visions.  Maybe you want to come to terms with why something happened or why something is going wrong in your life, or what might lie ahead for you and your loved ones,  but keep in mind that Inner-Visions should never be demoralizing or sad.  If you see or percieve of anything negative or disturbing, keep in mind that nature tries to keep order and part of that order involves keeping the human mind from knowing too much about how the Universe works.

The Damien zone would like FEEDBSCK on this topic.  Please send us your comments.  It’s easy.  We do not send you a verification email so sending a message is quick and easy.  Let us know about your experiences.  We’d like for our psychic to assemble a book or film YouTube video because she has so much more to tell, but perhaps trying to communicate this kind of information via the internet is hampered by the forces of nature that prefer to exist on in mystery.

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