Most Americans Love Prince Harry, but Prince Harry is Hung Up by the Far Left.

Americans Love Prince Harry, but not all of them.  Why the far left American misfits hate Harry.  hary fixed

By: Damien Le Gallienne.

Prince Harry’s visit to the USA has been a very successful one thus far, and the Yanks seem to be quite smitten with the handsome and dashing young prince. Perhaps the visit to the USA is indeed a way to revamp Harry’s bad boy reputation in the USA and back home in Britain.   The Las Vegas thing had tongues wagging, but Harry has proven — and quite sincerely — that he is a true gentleman and all the folks in the USA really like him — or do they?

Sadly, Prince Harry has a few enemies — the American far left wingers.  They hate him and everything he stands for.  Why?  I know why, and even though it would take me a week to tell you why, I have assembled eight rather meandering conceptualizations that I think sum up at least part of why Harry is hated by the left.

Here are the top 8 reasons why the far left Americans ( misfits)  hate Prince Harry.

1) He is very handsome.  There is nothing that annoys the American left more than a handsome prince.  The face of the far left in the USA is an ugly face — a self-loathing face that is often pulled and lifted and frozen by Botox.  They’ve even had their own kids lifted and lipo-sucked and tucked . Naturally these are the Hollywood types (America’s ersatz royalty) and it irks the shit out of them that some people are actually handsome and elegant without even trying.   As far as left wing women go, they’re usually lesbians or asexual and damaged anyway so of course they‘re going to shun or mock Harry.  Basically, they’re just so messed up that every relationship they’ve ever had with a man has failed  because of that old self-loathing stuff.  Of course these old hags are going to hate a handsome prince.  They’ve never had one of their own — and they never will.  The left wing homosexuals hate Prince Harry (sort of) because they have to do everything in their power to quell their lust and giggly giddiness.  Instead they have to howl about how Harry is just another example of the oppressive and wealthy white European American male elite.  They have to pretend that they don’t want to ravage Prince Harry with unthinkable acts — and do you know how hard that is for a left wing gay American?  It’s like telling them not to hook up on Grindr for a week. 

2) Harry is not a MISFIT.  He is the total opposite of a misfit.  He is a normal person who has been born into a world of wealth and fame — and he’s very attractive and “normal.”  The far left American is usually a misfit — homely, unhappy, dirty, hypnotized by trends and hipster stupidity like the “occupy” thing.  Harry doesn’t fit into any of that.  He doesn’t get involved in anything stupid or questionable, and even though he is rich and famous, he isn’t all messed up and creepy.  He’s a soldier and a budding statesman.  He represents all that is good in the world.  The left fears Harry because he might be the face of the future of the world — and that would kill them.

3) He is actually a soldier who worked hard to get his credentials as a pilot and he loves his country and his military comrades.  Far left Americans don’t work hard at anything unless it’s something weird or dopey — and they hate their country.  They hate the USA and they hate themselves enough to embrace people like Fidel Castro and  Hugo Chavez and whatever other crackpot they pretend to love simply because misfits love other misfits.  Harry doesn’t do stupid shit like that because he doesn’t hate himself.  He has a solid self-image.  You don’t have to be a rich kid to be a solid citizen.  Laziness is the rule for the American left.   Laziness and lack of accountability are the golden rules of the far left.  They are misfits — you really don’t have to did any deeper than that.   The word is MISFIT — it’s the best word ever invented.

4) The American left hates any sign of European male presence in anything unless that male in question is a communist or some kind of social misfit.   Harry is not a communits and he is the antithesis of a social misfit.  To an American far left winger — and you don’t have to go too far left — Prince Harry represents the white man’s oppression of the poor and sick throughout the world.  The trouble here is that Harry uses his position to help those people.  The weirdoes in the USA lend a helping hand to Haitians and other third world people, but they bore quickly when the cameras stop clicking.  Harry has to to this for the rest of his life — and he seems to really want to do it.  The American left doesn’t seem to want to do anything, and when they find something they want to do, they quickly get bored because it’s no longer a hip cause or whatever.

5) Harry is elite.  There’s nothing the left hates more than the elite in spite of the fact they spend half their lives trying to be elite.  Usually they get tired of trying and they eventually end up as old and dirty-ish and weird and fake and useless semi-hippies.  Harry can’t help that he’s elite.  He was born into it.  A lot of people in the American left are born into fabulous wealth but they have no class or dignity and for that reason they shun Prince Harry.  They’re losers in every way.  Look at the dimwits that these Hollywood fuktards churn out.   Here’s the thing,   A lot of the extreme left loves money and fame, but they hate the fact that they don’t have the mindset and carriage to go along with that money and fame.  They always screw it up with stupid and sickening causes or campaigns.  They don’t know how to “work” and how to be sincere.  It’s not bred into them.  Hey, 90% of them are actors who live in a dream world where aborted babies are used as hood ornaments on a Rolls Royce that runs on restaurant grease — but only the very best restaurants.

6)  Harry actually wants to help wounded veterans.  He doesn’t just talk about it and make it a pet cause so he can get fans to like his Twitter page.  Yeah, I know that a lot of Hollywood people help the wounded warriors, but there is an undercurrent of disdain for the soldier that many of them can’t shed.  They like to say that they support soldiers and the military — but they don’t.  “I support the troops” is a euphemism for “I actually hate soldiers.”  Take a look at people like Jane Fonda.  She is a thoroughly useless and disgusting person in every way a human being can be worthless and disgusting.   She doesn’t give a shit about anybody but herself.   thankfully she is old and finished.  Harry, on the other hand, is the opposite of people like Jane Fonda or Sean Penn or Matt Damon — or even that old queen George Clooney.  He doesn’t walk around Monte Carlo thinking he is somebody — Monte carlo walks around him. 

7) The left wing media can’t get Prince Harry to say anything to help them with their insincere and childish left wing causes.  Recently,  bald-headed and sickening Matt Lauer pretty much stacked the deck in an interview with Elton John.  He tried as hard as he could to get Sir Elton to mock George W. Bush but he couldn’t do it.  It was obvious that Elton John liked George W. Bush and he even said that he “had a soft spot in his heart for him.”  This must have made Matt Lauer want to curl up and die, so he somehow got Elton John to say that he was “glad that he was no longer in power.”  That made Matt Lauer — a failed hair transplant New York chump — very happy, — but Matt’s too stupid to realize that Sir Elton one-upped him and actually meant that he was happy for George W. Bush that he is no longer in power.  Matt Lauer hates George W. Bush because Matt Lauer only reads questions that are written for him by people with an agenda and he has never had an original thought or opinion in his life. He has no mind of his own.  He is a zombie.  Couple this all with the fact that Elton John and Prince Harry are pals, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for hatred of Harry.

8)  Prince Harry proves the fact that the average American middle of the road or conservative person is the real strength of the USA, and that the left wing misfits in the USA are the shining examples of what can go wrong with a culture.  Harry would have done well in the 1940s but the average American left wing misfit would not have done very well.  They wouldn’t have survived because fighting the enemy is something they can’t and will not do.  They’d rather watch crooked-mouthed Rachel Maddow recite her insane diatribes and make snide comments because they think they’re not only too hip for the room — they’re too hip for the world.  Like I said — MISFITS.

So Prince Harry is having a great tour of the USA and he isn’t paying any attention to Hollywood and its extreme stupidity.   This is not an accident.  His itinerary was planned to be what it is, and as much as the left hates Harry, they would still want to have him on the Daily Show or something — but he is not buying their shtick — he has too much class.  They wouldn’t talk to Harry about his noble duty and his noble causes anyway.  They’d ask him crude and low-rent questions about his romp in Las Vegas.  You know the type.  I don’t have to spell it out.

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