What is up with Joey Lawrence and His Weird Red Hair. Experts Explain.

In a recent TV appearance with Charissa Thompson, former child star,  famous rock singer and Chippendale Stripper, Joey Lawrence, seems to be having a serious problem with his hair and his height and the shape of his head.  The question is: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH JOEY LAWRENCE’S HAIR?joeyastire44444

We asked Carlo LoMarca, an Italian hair stylist and Hollywood insider.

“Joey Lawrence’s hair is now dyed a reddish something or other which is usually what one does to camaflouge the growth of new and sparse hair transplants, but this is very weird.  The hairline that was created by the surgeons who did Joey’s transplants is growing in but it’s growing in unevenly. 

“The shape of Joey Lawrence’s head seems askew and for some reason he appears to be shrinking in height.  He has gotten much shorter in recent months.  I know that a hair transplant can have side effects but I never heard of anyone shrinking or having their head turn into a weird shape.  If I were to style Joey, I would put him in hats or bandanas and go with the rough look like Leif Garrett (pictured below) who still looks like he’s 18 — NOT!leif garrett

“The way Joey looks now is frightening.  I don’t even know if there is a name for the color of his hair.  It’s a shade not known to mankind.

“Joey also seems to be heavily made up and the gray eye shadow he has on is very weird.  It also looks like he might have had some plastic surgery to make him look more youthful.   His deep clown-mouth lines seem to have been reduced a lot.  Maybe it’s the makeup or maybe it’s surgery or maybe it’s part of the shrinking process.”

Fans were shocked by Joey’s strange head and body and many people had to change the channel .

But what about him shrinking?  Joey Lawrence is short, but he has shrunk in the past few months.  How does one explain that?  We asked an expert.

“Joey has had a lot of hair procedures and in my opinion there is some kind of immunological anomaly going on here.  It’s my opinion that Joey’s spinal chord and spinal column discs are being eaten away by inflammation caused by the endless hair transplants and scalp tinting procedures he has had done. 

“I have not seen these things done to him, but as an expert, I would suggest that Joey has had so much done that his body is reacting by shrinking.  It is not unusual for a human being to shrink as a result of the stress that hair transplant surgery has on the body.  I would think that the most he will shrink is about four inches, but I have seen men shrink as much as 6 or 7 inches when they get a case of PHT-SSS — Post Hair Transpant Shrinking Spinal Sclerosis.  This is not fatal but it’s disfiguring and the deformity to the shape of the head can often be very pronounced.  Back pain is also another consideration.”

So, this has to take the cake in the Joey Lawrence hair saga.  It never ends.  Joey has had more than his fair share of hair heartaches and it’s only a matter of time before he starts wearing bandanas like Lief Garrett.  How is Joey supposed to play the part of Slade Giuliano in the new Mildred Sclafani film that is in production at the beach in southern New Jersey.

“I think that Joey Lawrence was fitted with a wig for that motion picture which is being filmed in Seaside Heights,” said LoMarca.  “The production of that film was delayed by the severe damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, so Joey has some time to try and fix this problem with his red hair thing that he has going on.  Now that I think of it, Joey’s hair is officially a bigger tragedy than Hurricane Sandy.  I wish I could help but it’s too late…it’s too late.”

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