Argentinian President Christina Fernandez Not Invited to Thatcher Funeral.

argerThe governnment of the United Kingdom and the family of Margaret Thatcher will not invite Argentine President Cristina Fernandez to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral next week because they still feel, after over 30 years, that the Argentinians showed malice and disrespect towards the Prime Minister while she was alive.

It has been made plain and simple that the country that brought us Eva Peron and the Catholic Church’s newest Pope is not welcomed on any level.

Thatcher, 87, who died on Monday, led Great Britain at the time of the 1982 Falklands war; ordering her armed forces to repel an Argentine invasion of the contested South Atlantic archipelago.

One British Lord got verbally abusive about the whole affair when he made some unflattering remarks about Argentina’s President.

“Mrs Thatcher’s memory should not be tarnished by this silly woman (Cristina Fernandez)who presides over her entirely weird country while wearing garish makeup and a hair style more befitting a street hustler than a world leader,” said British Funeral Advocate,  Sir Leigh Drappy.

While Drappy does not speak for the government or the Thatcher family, his outrageous accusations about the Argentinian President’s appearance drew gasps from a few British reporters.  When Drappy was asked to quell his outburst, he insisted on getting in one last barb into the microphone of an Argetininian reporter.

“Argentinians invaded our land — our turf — and killed several of our soldiers and to have any Argentinian presence at the funeral, especially one who looks like a hooker with tacky porcelain veneers and cakes of black eye makeup, would be a gross miscarriage of protocol and taste.”

The Argentinian President was deeply hurt by Sir Leigh Drappy’s comments, but she admitted that she had no intentions of going to the memorial service anyway.

“President Fernandez will be enjoying a beauty and spa treatment in Buenos Aires, and she is not at all missing that woman or caring in the least about Mrs. Thatcher,” said a representative for the Argentine Council on Diplomacy and International Protocol.

To add insult to injury, on top of not being invited to the memorial service, the service itself will be themed so as to glorify Thatcher’s conquest over the Falkland Islands.   In other words, the funeral itself will be Falkland themed.  This whole thing has President Fernandez in a fury of bad temper and over the past several days she has been wearing more and more eye makeup and wearing dresses from the 1980s she bought at an antique store.  It looks like President Cristina is a little more than annoyed that she will not be at the memorial service and that fact alone is making her act a little quirky.

“Let’s face the facts,” said Sir Leigh Drappy, “Cristina Fernandez would have had the eyes of the world on her if she were in attendance at Lady Thatcher’s memorial and funeral.  When will a hot mess like her ever get a chance like that again?  She is only recognized by Argentinians, but she has missed her moment to make headlines and that’s driving her to madness and makeup.”

TheDamienZone think that the British are behaving very badly and Sir Leigh Drappy owes President Christina Fernandez, a beautiful and gracious woman, a very big apology.


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