Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a Murderer and HOLLYWOOD LOVES HIM.

Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and nine associates were charged on Tuesday with seven counts of murder involving babies. District Attorney Seth Williams was quoted by Reuters as suggesting that “hundreds of others likely died in the squalid clinic that Gosnell ran from 1979 to 2010”.

“My comprehension of the English language can’t adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell,” Williams said at a news conference.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is an abortion doctor who has two practices in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  Recently he has been on trial for seven counts of murder because it is alleged that Dr. Gosnell delivered live and viable late-term fetuses and then butchered them while they screamed for their lives on his “delivery room” table.

In plain terms, Gosnell is a murderer and a mentally sick and psychotic killer.  His office is now believed to be a house of horrors much like a doll’s house version of what police found when they entered serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s house.

Some poeple who worked on staff for Kermit Gosnell MD are telling about how Gosnell often delivered (aborted) babies who were 7 or 8 months gestation and when the child screamed or cried, he would sever the spinal chord at the base of the skull to kill the struggling infant.  Is that a way for a human life to end after only seconds of existance?  Is this the way a sane physician performs medicine?

What is the credo of all doctors — what is the oath?  “DO NO HARM” — Gosnell was probably absent from medical school classes the day they taught that — and again, he is mentally sick,  He is a mass murderer, but he is killing human beings that nobody seems to care about in the mainstream American press.  There is essentially a news blackout in the USA because the left wing media is afraid to touch this story, and when “The Nation” — a left wing newsppaer — did a piece on it, they blamed Gosnell’s murders on a right wing conspiracy.  I know that sounds insane, but that’s the sickness of the American left.

Now, here is the truly sick part of this already blood-soaked and macabre story. The American press, because most of them are left-wing, godless miscreants and phonies and hypocrites, are not even reporting this gruesome story.  The mega-manly simpleton over at MSNBC, the snide and smug Ivy League butch lesbian named Rachel Maddow, who wretches out of one side of her face, has not touched this story.  Maddow, who suffers from a facial disease called Dystrophic Bell’s Atrophy, has been mum on this issue.  While Gosnell’s trial moves on, Maddow was busy trashing Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. clinic

Naturally, Fox News, the highest rated but most maligned news organization in the USA, and the only source of essential truth in American news, is reporting heavily on this, but the rest of the networks seem to ignore it because they are as mentally sick as Dr. Gosnell.

How can I call them “mentally sick” simply because they don’t report on it?  That’s easy.  I am talking about Hollywood types who rally against eating meat and using mice to do medical research but don’t flinch at the thought of what Dr. Gosnell and his staff did to these screaming babies.

Many Hollywood people are afraid to say anything and moreover, most of them are disconnected, uneducated and politically moronic celebrities who live in bubbles of other people’s blood and suffering — oblivious to their own stupidity.  They spend more time helping homeless dogs and cats than they would ever spend helping a human being.  They are content with people like Kermit Gosnell doing what he does because they’re mnetally sick people.  There is no outrage in Hollywood or in the American media, and were it not for Fox News and the services of conservative (truthful) bloggers, nobody in the USA would even know this was happening.

grisnellWhere is Rosie?  Where is that no-talent Ellen Barkin?  Where is Cher?  Where is Bill Maher?  Sorry, folks, they’re not around because they’re too busy living their imaginary lives of stupidity and mindlessness.  They don’t care that a child of 7 months gestation is covered in blood and screaming in a filthy doctor’s office whilst being butchered by a madman.  If the guy was butchering puppies or kittens, he would be lynched on Hollywood Boulevard.  Sounds crazy, but you know it’s true.

Here’s the thing.  Women who were way past legal abortion deadlines, wnt to see Dr. Gosnell and he invented some reason why these women  MUST have this abortion — after he took about $5,000 — and then he delivered perfectly viable human babies and killed them with a spinal chord cutter.  Many times he even killed the women who came to him for late term abortions.

Listen — Kermit GOSNELL KILLED HUMAN BABIES with a wire cutter while they were CRYING AND GRABBING AT THE AIR WITH TINY CLENCHED FISTS!   This is what Dr. Gosnell is accused of doing, and the reason he is accused and on trial is because HE IS GUILTY!  His own employees have told the prosecution that he did these things.

Dr. Gosnell is also a baby parts fetish sicko.  He has prizes of human baby parts all over his office to prove it.  He seems to have a special fetish for baby feet and he keeps hundreds of them as trophies much in the same way Jeffrey Dahmer kept the heads and livers of his victims.

Nine of Gosnell’s employees — inclusing his wife — have also been indicted for these sickening acts of violence but they’re all spilling the beans with the hope that they will get a lighter sentence than murder.

Naturally the lawyer for the defense will haul in a busload of sickos and avowed atheists and angry hateful women so as to punch up their jury with baby killing misfits, but in the end this guy will be found guilty — if not by the jury —  then maybe by a higher power.  It doesn’t have to be God.  Myabe he’ll get his head bashed in with a pipe when he gets into prison.

Hey, Ellen Barkin, you mental case, why don’t you twitter about the screaming babies with the severed spinal chords?  Why don’t you make that your cause instead of your endlessly stupid F bomb peppered attacks against Republicans and Sarah Palin?  Nobody gives a shit about Sarah Palin.  What about you, Rosie?  Wouldn’t you and your wife like to adopt one of these babies instead of sitting on your fat, barbecue sauce-covered hands and saying nothing?

Do you see the sickness of these people?  Dr. Gosnell is killing babies and nobody connected to Hollywood is saying or reporting a word of it.   Why?  Because this is the kind of sick minds who influence the mind of youthful Americans.  These are the sewer rats who are ruining the USA.



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