Want to complain about a restaurant? TheDamienZone.com wants to hear.

So many people come grumbling out of shithole restaurants, but all they do is get to complain about it to friends and family.  We here at TheDamienZone.com want you to tell us your story. We don’t care how foul your language or who you offend, we will put up your restaurant complaint for all the world to see.  We only ask that you are serious and not just trying to screw a place because your ex-husband owns it or something like that.  Be real and be nasty — but tell the truth. 

Just send us your complaint to DDM@TheDamienZone.com.    If you want to send a picture we’ll post that too.  Our goal is to put 1000 over-priced shitholes out of business in one year and you’re the only ones who can make that possible.   If you want to be anonymous we’ll allow that too — we’ll make up a name for you.  But why not be brave and say who you are?

2 thoughts on “Want to complain about a restaurant? TheDamienZone.com wants to hear.

  1. Went to L Geordies coney island on grandriver and inkster in farminton hills Michigan with my family of 5 .it was new years eve and one of the only places we seen open.this is no joke I would eat my dogs food before I step in that place again!waitress sucked was a B!food sucked!my 7 yr son had to go to bathroom,not only could you not breath in there,,there was crap and that’s a nice word all over in there!my 4 yr daughter order kids meal grilled cheese meal and wanted a couple of pickles.my son ordered kids wingdings meal and wanted ranch on side in the meantime my husband got a side of fried mushrooms and wanted ranch.so at end I get my bill in marker that I can’t read with all these little charges of .90 cents.she comes to the table to explain but doesn’t really want to tell me the little charges till I question them.she charged me for pickles and ranch and went on about how it’s not her and blah blah blah.I wouldn’t go back if they payed me to eat there!

  2. TheDamienZone.com will send a letter to this restaurant – sounds like you’re still a little queeeeeezy from this experience.

    Damien (throwing up)

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