Where Do Poor People Buy Food? The story of Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo you think you’re real cool and hip because you buy your designer groceries at Trader Joe’s, huh? 

Of course you wouldn’t be caught dead on the other side of the tracks — the rundown part of town where weird, poor, unknowing and stupid people shop at that cheapo cockroach place called ALDI.  Hey, you might even be so hip that you think cockroaches are quaint and a sure sign of old world quality, right? 

aldi4Well, hold onto your pink Financial Times newspaper and that cup of Starbuck’s “because Dunkin Donuts is for losers” cup of coffee.  Put down your glass of $37.00 a bottle of wine because it came from the same giant vat as the stuff that come in a box.  Oh, and those gourmet wontons you told all your friends they “simply have to try”…haha. 

What?  Did I hit a nerve?  Good.  Now that I have your attention,you might want to read a nice little story — the link to which I have posted below.


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