Obama UFO cover up in Chile? One Expert says, “YES”

“You have to remember that the people in the rural areas outside of Calama are very simple people, but they are not stupid people. They know the difference between a jet fighter and a helicopter and a strange craft, the likes of which they have never seen before.” [MAURIZIO CUEVA]chile


In spite of the recent lull in reported UFO activity both in the USA and abroad, there has been a lot of activity in the southern hemisphere — mainly in Chile.  Recently, several government officials in Chile have been accused of covering up a UFO incident or incidents near and around the desert resort city of Calama which is not far from Chile’s border with Argentina and Bolivia.

The rule, as far as Latin American UFO activity goes is that these reports always end up being exposed for what they are;  money-making scams brought about by cranks and crooked cops with illuminated ballons tethered on fishing poles, but these recent accusations aren’t so easy to dismiss because they might very well involve none other than US President Barack Obama and the US military.

“Chilean military figures and scientists have been guests of The White House seven times since  January, 2010.  That’s more official Chilean presence in three years than has been seen in almost 20 years combined,”  said UFO investigator Maurizio Cueva who works for a major South American News Agency under another name that we at TheDamienZone.com do not know. 

“Suddenly, there are many visits of Chilean ‘people of interest’ to the White House and elsewhere in the inner sanctum of United States intelligence and militarism.  It can’t be a coincidence that these visits have not been treated like the proverbial ‘official visit’ at the same time the area in and around Calama has been inundated with a lot of military activity in the skies over that region and the well-kept secret that people in the more rural areas have been reporting strange sightings of unusual craft – one of which supposedly landed in a cow pasture and was photographed by a local policeman who was later given a higher postion within government security but now denies ever having taken any such photographs.”

Cueva’s accusations have a strong ring of truth because there have indeed been a lot of Chilean visits to the White House that were not treated like official visits.  It seems that these visits were always seemingly masked as charitable and purely social events.  It’s also no coincidence that  newswriters in Chile have all been very quiet about the events in the skies over Calama.  Initally these stories were reported as war games played out between the Chilean and Argentinian Air Forces, but local villagers seem to think otherwise.

Cueva continues:

“You have to remember that the people in the rural areas outside of Calama are very simple people, but they are not stupid people.  They live near the three-way border, and while there is no overt hostility common to Chile, Bolivia or Argentian, there is an obvious military presence and the people in that region are used to it.   They know the difference between a jet fighter and a helicopter and the strange disc-shaped crafts and the strange occupants therein, the likes of which they have never seen before. 

“The new trend amongst the wealthy and the young is to venture to area with camera equipment, but now the main road leading into Calama’s outland is blocked off on weekends and strict new rules about camping and trespassing have been brutally enforced to the point where it is now virtually impossible to camp out in that area without getting a huge fine or arrested by military police who use these new rules to keep people away. 

“Yes, you can camp in the hills and on free land, but don’t you dare ‘do’ anything.  If you shut your car door and it makes a thumping noise, you will get evicted from the area for violating some new insane ordinace about noise or anything they can think up.  One family was threatened with a huge fine — one they could never afford — for camping out with a fire and some food supplies.  Military police let them go provided they hand over their cell phones and cameras to an ‘American sounding’ MP who took them away.  Three days later these items were returned via rapid postal delivery from the USA to the homes of the people involved.   That strikes me as something very strange.  This has always been a very popular camping and fishing area for decades and now suddenly they keep everyone away and the press says nothing…not one word.”chile1

Naturally, the first idea one would get from all of this is that the Chilean military is conducting secret military manuevers or something of that kind, but Calama derives a huge chunk of its economy from campers and fishermen and hunters and naturalists.  Why would they pick this somewhat populated area to conduct some military activity when there are vast areas elsewhere in the country?  In the past, a UFO buzz would have welcomed throngs of people off of whom the local merchants, and of course the police, could make money.  It would have been a gold rush, but oddly it is now the complete opposite.  It’s mind boggling to Cueva and to many of his colleagues.

“The answer is simple,” said Cueva.  “In November of 2009, locals began reporting strange metallic crafts hovering over farms and ranches.  One disc-shaped craft was described by one farmer as being over 300 meters across and occupied by strange ‘babies’ who mulled around him and his wife.  This report was substantiated by the police but than retracted.  Suddenly all of the local officials from Calama are showing up in the USA with fancy cars and dinner with President Obama and big expense accounts at fine hotels.  These people are not sophiticated people.  They’re like country sheriffs.  How did they get to hob nob with the elite of Washington DC?  Obviously, something is not right.  The fact that a cattle farmer whose entire stock in life is a herd of about 70 head of cattle and a rundown farmhouse would refer to a disc-shaped craft and its occupants as ‘babies’ sent chills down my spine especially because there are so much of this going on and nobody seems to know about it.”

In the underground world of UFO investigators, these events in Calama, Chile and the new brotherhood with the White House, is being called “Chile-Gate”.  The reporters who try to communicate these reports to the Bolivian or Agentinian press are turned away.  In Chile they are threatened with loss of their jobs for revealing Chilean military secrets.  Can they actually be charged with that for reporting a UFO sighting?  I would think they could not, but it seems right now that anything goes as far as the Chilean military is concerned.

Damien LeGallienne reporting exclusively for TheDamienZone.com 

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UPDATE:  Part 2 of this will be published here on https://thedamienzone.com by 7pm New York Time.  The American who was living in Bolivia speaks and tells a shocking story of the strange crafts and the “alien babies.” 

One thought on “Obama UFO cover up in Chile? One Expert says, “YES”

  1. This area is has a lot of hot dry desert and a lot of copper in the hills that was mined for many years. The constant flying of military jets is annoying and there is now a heavy American and British influx to the area which is very unsual since this is a place that does not appeal to “tourists” at all. It would be like have jet fighters in the hills behind Hollywood. It’s very annoying and actually very frightening.

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