Obama’s UFO coverup in Chile – PART 2 – The Bolivian “Abduction”

bol466667“I assumed that local farmers called them ‘babies’ mainly beacuse they haven’t been exposed to the traditional depictions of the proverbial aliens of western literature, but to be honest, I didn’t know what they are trying to describe.  When I showed one a drawing of a typical gray alien that would surely be recognized by anyone regardless if they believed in such phenomenon or not, the farmer shook his head and said no emphatically.  He and others like him insisted on calling them babies.” [Phillip Brooks, Photographer and Naturalist 27 January, 2013]

In an earlier article { https://thedamienzone.com/2013/02/16/obama-ufo-cover-up-in-chile-one-expert-says-yes/ } there was an update posted about this update which should have been incorporated into the first article, but a lawyer — someone totally unkown to us —  asked our editor to hold off because in spite of the fact that we had a taped interview with the above-quoted photographer, Phillip Brooks, we did not have his signed permission to use it.  When we contacted Brooks about this he said that he had no lawyer and hadn’t mentioned his interview with us or to anyone other than his father.  So right from the start the whole thing got annoying and we held back a few days with our release.

If you went over the previous article you would have read about the alleged cover-up of alien visitation in an around the area of Calama, Chile.  You would also have read about the low profile but high-volume presence of Chilean officials in and out of Washington and The White House.   It seems like more than just a coincidence and the fact that so many American and British “businessmen” are mulling about Calama right after a rash of unexplainable UFO sightings and the straightforward answers given by local farmers and ranchers.

Philip Brooks, an American photograper and naturalist was detained by Bolivian and American military authorities after it was questionably determined by military GPS that his camp, containing all of his cameras and telescopes and provisions, had ventured across the border from Chile to Bolivia.  The Chilean government overall and the local government in Calama had, in the past, encouraged camping and fishing and all kinds of activity in the outlying region of the high deserts that sit up behind downtown Calama, suddenly tried to stop any outsiders from coming to that region and they invented every imaginary rule to stop a tourist trade that virtually supported Calama. boliv

“The whole thing was insane.  I knew I was not on Bolivian soil and my GPS was accurate to within 20 yards, Brooks said.

“They (Bolivian Army Police) insisted that I had crossed into Bolivia without showing proer credentials.  First they took all of my stuff and then they took me to the city of Potosi.  On the way to the city of Potosi in Bolivia, the ATV I was in stopped several times to talk to people.  I could barely overhear he conversations and the voices I heard were absolutely American and British voices.  It would make sense to me because I was seated with about eight military personel and the ones who did not speak to me once the entire way looked very American and their military gear was different from the Spanish speaking Bolivians.  There was nothing on their gear to indicate that they were Americans, but you kind of know.  Finally I insisted that I was not on Bolivian soil and that I had entered Bolivia legally to conduct research on the UFO activity.  A few of the Bolivians laughed, and suddenly, a guy who sounded like he had just stepped foot out of Texas said, ‘That’s why you here, son’, so then I had my answer.”

So Brooks was carted off to a military camp somewhere near the desert city of Potosi, where he came upon a base that was full of what he called,  “American stuff”.  Brooks was detained for three days and all of his equipment was gone.

“Once we arrived in Potosi, it was not an unpleasant experience at all.  It was very American and familiar.  There was a military base set up on a desert plateau that seemed as though it had been assembled there rather than being an actual base.  Nobody set out to hide anything but I watched as all of my equipment was hauled away in a Jeep to someplace I could not see.  Then they asked me questions about what I had seen and who I had spoken to while I was in and around Calama. 

“I was very honest about what the ranchers had said to me.  One American-sounding man who was not dressed in military gear,  asked me if there was anything on any of my films or tapes that would be ‘of interest to the media’ and I knew what he meant and I said, yes.  He asked me what I would do with the photos I had, and I said quite frankly that I would probably make millions.  He said, ‘put your dreams away’ and then he said, ‘you’re lucky we got you and not the Chileans.  They would have invented any law to detain you for years.’  He added that Chileans were very ‘paranoid’ and then he told me a plane would pick me up in 48 hours to take me to Caracas and then onto Miami.  After I got dropped off in Miami,  I would be on my own and that my equipment would be returned to me within a few days. 

“So I stayed in relative comfort for 48 hours almost to the minute and the plane that landed in on the air strip was was a United Airlines 757 that looked on the outside and the inside that it had been changed in various ways.  It had a United Airlines paint job that was about 15 years old.  Not the new logo. I can’t be sure what year that logo and design was what they were using and now when I look at it it might be as long ago as the late 1980s.

“I was not the only passenger but I was seated in the back far from the first 10 or 12 rows where there were military types seated at all kinds of computer imaging equiment.  None of these guys even turned back to look at me.  It was like I didn’t exist.  They were very occupied with whatever it was they were doing.  

“The interior of the plane was not configured like a passenger jet and I have been on a lot of 757s.  After the front third of the fuselage with all of it’s radar kind of gear, it just had seats here and there and parts of it were sectioned off and it was a very narrow walkway that led to the back of the plane.  I never got off this plane even when it stopped in Caracas — and then it went to Miami and parked about 400 yards from the terminal at an old hangar.  A car took me to the cargo customs which was weird and that was that.”unitedzzz

Later on in the interview, Brooks told us that he was paid an undisclosed amount of money for his “trouble” and that he was never discouraged from telling anoyone about his experiences in Chile and Bolivia.  He also admitted that he was somewhat taken aback when American military officials proved to him beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has indeed ventured nearly 2 miles onto Bolivian soil.

But what did Phillip Brooks see?  What did he photograph that was so interesting to military people from the USA, UK and the Bolivian Air Force?  What got him hauled off to a strange air force “base” that was made up of tents and inflatable buildings and a 4 mile long dirt runway?

“I had taken quite a few photos of alien crafts.  I would say that I had taken nearly one thousand photos both in clear daylight and at night.  If they hadn’t taken my cameras away from me, I would be the most famous man on earth for a long time to come.   I am not delusional.  I know what I did and I know what I saw and I was counting my money in my head like a crazy person.  Ihad made the most important discovery in the historyof mankind and who would believe me.  I’m not a good writer so I can’t write a book about simply because everything I am telling you now is the sum total of the story.

“It was like stumbling upon a sunken treasure but I didn’t have to do any labor to get my reward.  All I had to do was click way on my camera and my telescopic one is what captured the ‘babies’ like the farmers said.  I had over 20 minutes of these ceatures on video.  I could see that they were small things like babies and the color was a soft grayish white like a butterfly wings or a sand dollar or something like that.

“I could see why the locals would call them babies but I was at least 300 yarsd away.  With my telescopic set-up I was able to get a close up of one looking right at me, and it did look like a baby or a munchkin or something like that and they were coming and going from a hay barn as though they were doing something in there.  There were dozens of thm and I would not say that they all looked alike.  I mean, at first they did but after a few hours of watching I was able to discern the difference between a few of them.  One was a tiny but taller and had something dark around his waist.  I got a good photo of him but that’s gone.  All the photos are gone.

“Again, the color was not gray or white, it was a dull white like white clothes that were not washed in bleach.  My mother used to call it ‘tattle-tale gray’ and it’s like the dusty wings of a white butterfly.  It’s not white and it’s not gray and it’s not grayish white.  It’s not something I can describe.  I had at least 300 photos of them.  The rancher I photographed went about his business like it was nothing and these things mulled about him.  I think the craft may have been in that hay barn because the crafts that I did see would have fit neatly in that barn as far as size goes. 

The interesting thing about the one with the black belt was that he seemed to be watching me.  It was very creepy I have to say that but like I said I was dreaming of the money I would make, but for a brief moment I felt as if my life was in danger, and when the MP’s arrived, I had this strange sensation that they were not humans or that they were an illusion, but that passed.  I think it was a kind of what they call a ‘dissociative state’ which comes with panic attacks but I did not hav a panic attack.  It was just a strange feeling like a feeling of strangeness.   I remember reading how when people see something they can’t understand or something with which their minds have no familiarity they get this thing called the ‘high strangeness factor.’  People wwho win huge lotteries have talked about this and now I understand it.  He kept looking over at me the way he leader of a pack of deer will sometimes look up at you to be sure your distance has not changed.  That’s how it was.”

What is interesting to note here is that when Phillip Brooks returned from Bolivia and as back in his New England apartment, he assumed he had on-upped the military because he had emailed the photos to himself and to his father so as to preserve them were he to die or lose his equipment.  It was a smart move but one that did not pay off.

“I took a few days to make my way back to the Boston area and believe it or not, my camera equipment arrived in my home before I did.  I live with my dad and he said that a ‘crew’ from United Airlines had brought everything in the night before and said that they were a delivery service.  All of my stuff was blank — every single memory card was empty save for a few pictures I had taken that had nothing to do with the alien craft.  Then I ran to my desktop computer and opened my Gmail and all of the email I had sent myself was gone.  Nothing was there.  I made my father sign onto his account and everything I had sent him was gone. 

“I know that my emails were sent because I did it in Calama and the internet sevice there was good.  My father is older and rarely checks his email and I really only used him for a backup, but they must have been been able to wipe out anything I might have sent to anyone, but I wasn’t thinking straight.  I mean, who goes out and expects to take the most important photos in the history of the world?  I didn’t have a plan simply because I assumed I’d be taking pictures of streaks of light in the sky…the usual stupid stuff that you see.  If I had any idea that this was going to turn out to be what it was, I would have had some kind of plan.”

When contacted, the Bolivian Embassy only stated: An American named Phillip Brooks was detained briefly near the Chilean border because he had entered Bolivia from Chile illegally and did not use the Route 21 border crossing as is the rule.  When it was determined that he was only a naturalist and a photographer he was sent home at the expense of the Bolvian givernment (sic) and compensated for his detainment. 

Damien LeGallienne reporting exclusively for TheDamienZone.com 

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