suckfaceThe Super Bowl is supposed to be America’s big night of ultimate USA-ness, but what happened tonight?  What was the deal with the commercials and that stupid and loud and nothing-ness thing that passed for a half-time show from a Byonce — a singer who has no real talent — and she has fat thighs.  How was any of this family oriented?   Is the average family vulgar and crude and tasteless?  Is this how low the USA has sunk or is it just HOLLYWOOD types who pull this crap because they’re not happy unless they are dragging ordinary people into their pit of slime.

The game itself was great, but the show overall was horrific.  It was so crude and yucky.  Take it away from me — BLECH!

The commercials were not funny — they never are — but they were also crude and crass and sexually suggestive.  Personally I don’t care what advertisement people have to do to peddle their wares, but some of this stuff was in really bad taste.

The guy in bed with the leopard handcuffs trying to take the shirt off the girl he had obvioulsy screwed the night before — was that family friendly?  If course not.  How about thefat faced nerd sucking face loudly with the female model in he Go-Daddy commercial?  Was tha family friendle?  And what about Go-Daddy anyway?  Aren’t we supposed to boycott that company because the guy who owns it goes out and kills elepphants for sport?  Did we forget that already?  HERE LOOK AT THE DEAD ELEPHANT and the CEO of Go Daddy who KILLED IT!!!

Beyonce stinks.  She has no talent.  The half-time show was so horrible that I would have settled for a stand-up routine by that misfit Janeane Garfalo or that old hag Kathy Griffin.  Shit, I would have rather have watched that little screaming girl Sam Harris screech out “Over The Rainbow” while wearing one of  Patti LaBelle’s wigs  Anything would have been better than that Beyonce mess.  That was pathetic.  It was an example of NO TALENT taken to the highest level.  Alan Carr has been surpassed.

Thank the heavens that the game was great, but it’s still hard for me to accept the fact that San Fran has a football team?  Who watches?  Certainly none of the men that’s for sure.


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