go daddyI know that many people do like to shoot things. For some, this is not just pleasure, but necessity.

However, some question why they insist on putting films of these shootings out in public. Who wants to see you singing in the bath with your rubber duck? And who wants to see Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant and posing proudly over its dead body whhile his black t-shirt reveals his man boobs which look more like old lady boobs.

The video–which is neither for the squeamish nor the peckish–shows Parsons gunning down an elephant on safari in Zimbabwe. He says that it and other elephants were endangering the sorghum crop.  Why shouod he give a shit about sorghum?  When was the last time anybody ate sorghum — unlesss it cures man boobs and ugliness.

So, one night–and with appropriately dramatic music playing over the footage–Parsons shoots the elephant. Then he later posts the video on his blog,  I hope an elephant steps on his entire family.  I DEMAND you BOYCOTT GO DADDY!

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