Newtown Interfaith Ceremony is Corny and it Mocks the Memory of the Dead Children

The Interfaith Memorial being held at Newtown High School is corny.  There. I said it and I am not sorry I said it.

The whole things is so maudlin and dopey and politically correct in such a sickening way, that is an insult to the memory of the dead children.

How does this cornball ceremony help anyone?

I think that this ceremony has out-cornied anything that was ever done after 911.  It is a masterpiece of corniness and demented sentiment.

People will say that I am a hater — NO NO NO!  I am the opposite of a hater.  I can’t stop picturing the dead children.  It’s a horror beyond all horrors, but this cornball religious memorial accomplishes nothing to memorialize those children and their teachers.  It only glorifies the crazy people who love this kind of outrageously maudlin and sappy sentimental dopiness — it does not help anything!

The children and the adults were all killed by a madman — and this is not how you memorialize them.  The INTERFAITH MEMORIAL is a self-serving mockery of real sadness being harbored by real people.  It’s a show — it’s a festival for cornballs — the kind of people who put up stupid sentimental stuff on Facebook.  It’s a  corn-poon Facebooker’s deam.

Just think of all the sappy and sentimental stuff that dumb people will be able to post on Facebook for months to come.  I can see them now.

“For every 1 million “likes” on my post on Facebook, one more of the Sandy Hook childen will be allowed into heaven.”

“God has 20 more little soldiers.  If you are a true friend, show that you really care and click “like” on my status update and repost it to your wall.”

You  think those two Facebook thingies sound crazy, right?  Wanna bet you that you will see one or both of them on your Facebook soon because some moron will start it?

This Interfaith Ceremony — with the Rabbi and the Muslim and Priests and The gay/Lesbian Church — and the Bahai’i -whatever that means — and the what-not church of the what not — and then the “nice round of applause” for the President — the whole thing looked and sounded more like an episode of South Park than a memorial service.

Why was the memory of these children ruined by this outrageously corny and stupid ceremony?   This was a media event — it was awful and annoying — and it’s only just begun.

Candle Light vigils DO NOTHING.  But this is the kind of annoying stuff that will never end.

Each dead child was an individual who should be mourned by his or her family in their own private way — END OF STORY!

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