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Here is the latest TWEET from old lady – old hag – old wax face — old vaginal dryness CHER.

“Random… Went online to find the last time a Woman went on a shooting rampage that ended in a massacre ! Cant find Any ?” (CHER TWEET)

Okay — this is important for all of my fans to read and share and tweet and talk about to as many people as possible.   Cher is an asshole !  She is a lonely and mentally sick person who has hacked up her face and her body.  She is stupid beyond all reason and if you need any proof that she is the biggest asshole in the USA, all you need to do is keep up with her Twitter account.  I promise, you will never read anything dumber or sillier or more sickening than the random shit that comes out of this uneducated, plastic surgery disaster, crash test dummy.

The first one I pasted above was part of her reaction to the sickening shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead at a school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Here are a few more of Cher’s sickening and unhelpful remarks.  Keep in mind that over 1.1 million mindless idiots follow what this insufferable mindless idiot has to say, so  you’d think she would choose her words carefully, right?  Wrong.

CHER IS A STUPID ASSHOLE — she is old and demented.  All you have to do is look at her frigging screwed up kids to see what a moron she must be — ugh — so anyway — read a few of Cher’s tweets and then cancel your twitter account becuase it’s the dumbest frigging thing ever invented.  No normal person should be on Twitter.  It makes you a “follower” of the highest order because you follow people ( celebrities mostly) who not only don’t give a shit what you say, they don’t even see it.  Every second you spend on Twitter, is a second of your life that was lost to some egomaniac singer or actor — GET THE HELL OFF OF TWITTER!  GET A LIFE!!!

@CHER — GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE ! BULLSHIT ! ” PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE” Ask your friends & family if i made a Cool bumper…


Then Cher calmed down a little but still continued to drop the F-bomb as a sign of her reverance and sorrow for the dead children — or maybe because even her dopey Twitter followers told her to shut up.  IDIOT!!!  GOD!!!  

NOTE: Our beef here at TheDamienZone.com is not with her opinions.  Our beef is with the tactless way she expressed them in the face of such horror.  Her opinions are usually unbearably stupid, but this time, it’s the choice of words — psychotic-city — but not unusual.  She’s an old lady — a washed up old hag who thinks that the F bombmakes her young and hip and relevant.

Listen up, Cher.  You are only famous with gay guys.  You’ve reached the stage where your truest fans are past middle-aged men who live with their elderly mothers. They post maudlin and sentimental posters of stupid shit on Facebook and like to shop at A.C. Moore and Michaels.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS??

Anyway, the other total asshole/idiot, Ellen Barkin — another plastic surgery uber-monster, has kept her mouth pretty shut lately, and I would bet dollars to donuts that the execs on the TV show where plays a cranky old hag — which is what she actually is — probably told her to cool it.  Her last Tweet was a few days ago when she said something about women’s rights and Sharia law — now she’s hiding in somebody’s attic — LOSER!!!!

So — people — please — CHER IS AN ASSHOLE!   If you are on Twitter and you follow her and you truly believe that she even knows you even exist, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you think anything she writes has any meaning  — you are just as stupid as she is.  If you think she wouldn’t step over you in the gutter to get a photo with Prince William and Kate Middleton — think again.  CHER IS A MONSTER!

God makes ’em and pairs ’em, and idiots who follow Cher or Ellen Barkin, or Rosie or any of those frigging numbskulls, should be barred from using the internet.  You’re wasting the electrons of people who think.


  1. I’ve never understood why the gay guys are so fascinated with her.

  2. Because the average gay is stupid, and being gay comes before anything.

  3. yesss!!!

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